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Five extra stories added to the Fantasy bundle!

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message 1: by tivasyk (new)

tivasyk | 16 comments On March 18th StoryBundle has announced more bonuses included with the current Fantasy bundle:

= Bodies of Evidence - A short fantasy/comedy story by Jefferson Smith
= The Mike Murphy Files - A set of five comedic urban fantasy stories by Christopher Bunn
= The Key - A short story by Blair MacGregor
= Jade - A novella set in the same world as The Book of Deacon Trilogy and expands on the world
= A sneak preview chapter from the sequel to The Duchess of the Shallows, by Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto

Still 2 days to go, so treat yourself to the Fantasy bundle; or just downloan the new additions if you have already bought the Fantasy bundle.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jbaby) StoryBundle was already cool, but these extra bonuses just made them better.

message 3: by tivasyk (new)

tivasyk | 16 comments Jessica wrote: "StoryBundle was already cool, but these extra bonuses just made them better."
i don't know, i usually skip short stories and dive right into the largest volume i have at hand =) but it's cool to have bonuses added to the bundle like that.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jbaby) I'm not a fan of short stories either but many people do. I only downloaded Jade. The reason why I think they just got cooler is because people like added value. I, personally, would've preferred actual books.

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