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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor This is a poetry book my friends and I published. A little about us:

Speak for Yourself is a poetry group based out of Utah Valley. SFYS was started in high school. Our goal is to not only keep poetry alive, but also move it forward; SFYS hosts poetry slams, open mic nights, and the occasional poetry reading; we create poetry videos, and give artists, poets, and musicians a chance to showcase their work in front of a respectful audience of 60+ people. We want to make sure that every closet poet has the chance for their voice to be heard. This is our first book. You can watch various videos from SFYS poetry nights and side projects at http://www.youtube.com/user/roahbiesi... You can also get the latest updates at our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sfyspoetry

For more information, or to contact, please send us an email at sfyspoetry@gmail.com

To preview and/or buy:


message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor My Own Shade of Normal -- Taylor Mefford


message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Untitled -- Taylor Mefford


message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor On the Wall -- Taylor Mefford


message 5: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 476 comments Taylor [formerly Timothy] wrote: "My Own Shade of Normal -- Taylor Mefford


I love this!!!! LOL!! I've watched the video four times..still watching it. lol

message 6: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 476 comments On a more serious note, I really enjoyed it. Everyone that knows me, know I hate poetry.(some of it anyway) If they don't they should. I literally fall asleep after reading the first few lines, but this is so much better. Having it read at loud like that was incredibly awesome.
And who knew you could be funny? lol there's so much truth in your poems that it makes it hard not to relate or get captivated by every line. Amazing!

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Joy, that has to be the greatest compliment I've received, even beating out the stuff my poetry role model (the guy who started all this) has said.

It's part of a whole genre of poetry called slam poetry. My stuff is actually rather mediocre in comparison to some amazing poets. If you want more of this sort of thing, I can direct you to my friends' poetry and some professional work, all of which is guaranteed to tear down your horizons and make you feel infinite.

message 8: by 110099 (new)

110099 I agree with Joy. I really liked it. I haven't seen slam poetry before so I dont have anything to compare yours to but it was pretty awesome.

I'd like to see more!

message 9: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Okay. :) I have literally dozens of poems I could share, but tonight I'll share two landmark poems in my life.

The first is Shake the Dust by Anis Mojgani. This man is God. I will post a video soon (from last night as well) where I talk about the poetry community as compared to religion -- in our religion, this man is Head God.

And now, Shake the Dust.


message 10: by Taylor (new)

Taylor The second poem is written my my ultimate role model in slam poetry. While Anis' poem helped me see that poetry can be enjoyable, Roah Biesinger helped me realize that I can do it too.

This poem is titled "The Whore on 39th." This is the only recording we have, and the only fine I've heard it performed was at this event.

NSFW for language and "disturb the peace" screaming.


message 11: by Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake*, Mediator of Voices (new)

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 1395 comments Mod
Am I terrible that I don't like slam poetry as much as the next gal? I know. I am. Everything I write is meant to be read, not heard. I blame my crappy voice.

This is where I'd say 'I still like yours, Timmy', which I do in general but I can't find my headphones so I haven't seen those yet.

message 12: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Slam poetry certainly isn't for everyone.

Actually…that's a bald-faced lie. There is a slam poem for someone out there. There are poems I love and poems I loathe. Why, there's a well-known guy who compiles professional poetry on a podcast, and while I like the poems he chooses, his own poetry sucks.

message 13: by 110099 (new)

110099 Tim when did you start performing?

I really liked Shake the dust and can see how both Roah and Anis inspired you

message 14: by Taylor (new)

Taylor I had my first gig in January 2012. I performed My Own Shade of Normal there, and I've been attending as many events in our area as I have time and poems for.

message 15: by 110099 (new)

110099 Cool. My own Shades of Normal is your best

message 16: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Thanks. :) I have better out there, I think. I'm performing something else from the book next month that is my favorite piece I've written. I'll post that, plus something that I'm editing right now…that'll probably be in late April.

message 17: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 476 comments Nagwa wrote: "Cool. My own Shades of Normal is your best"

I agree.

message 18: by Louise (new)

Louise | 28 comments Hmm, I have to say it was rather interesting to listen to your poetry. I agree with Joy and Nagwa, my own shade of normal is your best.

message 19: by Taylor (new)

Taylor I don't understand. Why do you all think that? I mean, I just didn't expect people to like that one so much.

message 20: by Louise (new)

Louise | 28 comments ...I'm probably not the best person to ask. I have a feeling my reason for liking 'my own shade of normal' is a bit different from the others.

message 21: by Taylor (new)

Taylor I still want to know why. :)

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