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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor This is a poetry book my friends and I published. A little about us:

Speak for Yourself is a poetry group based out of Utah Valley. SFYS was started in high school. Our goal is to not only keep poetry alive, but also move it forward; SFYS hosts poetry slams, open mic nights, and the occasional poetry reading; we create poetry videos, and give artists, poets, and musicians a chance to showcase their work in front of a respectful audience of 60+ people. We want to make sure that every closet poet has the chance for their voice to be heard. This is our first book. You can watch various videos from SFYS poetry nights and side projects at You can also get the latest updates at our Facebook page:

For more information, or to contact, please send us an email at

To preview and/or buy:

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor It's really cool. I actually was just notified, however, that the dude who started all this might actually be ditching us. I think it's because this book is not selling as well as we'd hoped -- he priced it so he'd break even on costs, so right now, he's lost money.

Even if you're not interested in poetry, please spread the word to those who might enjoy it. We want to sell as many copies as possible!

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