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Leena (leena23) This is where Tom Hawkins lives with his wife Serena, their son Dean is a Teachers assistant at Terrance Hall. They're also one of the 'Founding Families'.


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Gemma walked out of the airport, her black and white plaid suitcase rolling behind her. She was following the Hawkins driver, or at least she was pretty sure that's what he man was. He was older, with hair that seemed to have just recently turned gray. She followed him to a town car and he took her suitcase, placing it into the back of the car as Gemma nervously slid into the backseat. She held herself rigid, this was more nerve wracking than anything in her life. She sat in the backseat and watched the town, her new home, fly by outside of the window. It was beautiful, but terrifying. These people were taking her in as their own child. They were her new family. And she had been telling herself that she had to be perfect. Thoughts of perfect brought her gaze down to the cute little skirt shed gotten for coming here, one of the girls back at the orphanage had given it to her as a going away gift. Gemma had a simple, but form hugging tank top on, and an easy fitting denim jacket. Shed out her unruly hair into a French twist, attempting to look perfect. She knew it wasn't working though.

Once the car reached the house, Gemma looked at it with a bit of awe. It was amazing, and she felt a bit excited for herself. But then her gut twisted. Of course shed met her new mother before, but shed never met the father, or her new big brother. She stepped cautiously out of the car and thanked the driver for taking her suitcase inside for her. She walked through the front door feeling like a bit of an outsider, she didnt really belong here. "Hello?" She called out, hoping someone was home.

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Leena (leena23) Tom Hawkins was in his office that overlooked the sea, he was talking to a client about investing money in a high end apartment building that had recently been built in Terrence Port. The discussion was going well, he made a appointment to meet the client later for lunch. Tom moved some things around on his desk and marked off a few notes he had made for himself. His wife continuously suggested he get a secretary or a personal assistant. He wanted nothing of the sort though, he had his own way of organization and he didn't need some young person coming and messing that all up. His phone went off, a reminder had been set apparently. He pulled his iPhone out of his pants pocket and glanced at the reminder. Gemma, airport, will be here today, was what it read. Tom smiled to himself, he had completely forgotten about the girl he and his wife had taken in. With Dean gone the house had become rather empty. Tom stood up and went to go make sure her room and everything was in order.

After he was sure that everything was perfect in his new daughters room he headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. That's when he heard a soft girlish voice calling out. "I'm in here," He called back, and started towards the front hall where he was sure he would find her.

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Gemma heard a voice answer her, a more mature male voice. She watched as a middle aged man came out of a hallway, and she smiled brightly at him. She approached him a bit as well, but then another conflict came into her mind. Should she hug him like she wanted to? Or shake his hand? "I'm Gemma" she said softly

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Leena (leena23) Tom grinned at the beautiful girl that would be his daughter, "I'm dad, daddy, papa, whatever makes you more comfortable." He reached forward and drew her into a comforting hug, then released her after a few moments. "So how was your flight? Do you have many bags? Was the driver good to you?" He shot off the series of questions with a bright smile. (I'll make him a character sheet in a sec)

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Gemma hugged him back and just grinned at him, no adult had showed this much interest with her since her parents. "The flight was good, long, but good. I've just got one suitcase" she motioned to the plaid case sitting by the front door "and yeah, he was really nice" she said

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Leena (leena23) "One?" he looked at her a bit dumbly, his eyes traveled to the one suit case sitting lonely by the front door. Wow... he was going to have to take her shopping, no question about that. "So I guess I'll show you your room then? I believe in creativity and individuality, so I left your room pretty blank. You and I can go to the store and pick out things to decorate it with and what not this weekend, and you can make it your own that way. We'll get you whatever else you need as well. If there's anything you need right this moment just let me know. Don't be shy." He flashed her another grin before leading her up the stairs.

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Gemma tugged her suitcase along after her as she followed him to the room "wow, that's really great, thank you. But I don't need anything really" she said. She's a Vermont girl, her family had always been more minimalist kind of people.

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Leena (leena23) Tom ruffled her red hair and opened the bedroom door for her, "Trust me we'll get you setup. If you don't want me to take you I can have your brother take you." He wasn't sure if she was comfortable with him, Dean was far closer to her age than he, so maybe she would be more comfortable having him take her out to get a few things.

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At the thought of her new brother, Gemma became kind of excited. "Oh that would be great! I mean, If he wants to. I don't want to be a bother" she said, looking up at him

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Leena (leena23) "Bother? You could never be a bother hon, yeah I'll give him a ring here soon and let him know that he has plans this Saturday with his little sister," Tom grinned down at her and then looked out the big window in her room, "By the way we have our own stretch of private beach. So anytime you want to go swimming, or jogging or something feel free. I was just about to make breakfast, would you like some?"

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Gemma walked over to the window and looked out side, her mouth actually gaping slightly. It was absolutely gorgeous, the view and the space and just everything. She couldn't believe how lucky shed been to be chosen by this family. She looked to her new father and nodded "perfect! I'll help" she said, ready to follow him down to the kitchen, wherever that was.

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Leena (leena23) Tom lead the way, down the stairs and to the right, it opened up to an expansive kitchen with an island in the middle. Tom went over to the fridge, then turned to look at her, "So what'll it be? Crepes? Omelettes? Pancakes? What do you like? I could make a fruit salad...." he looked in the fridge to see what their other options were.

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Gemma was surveying the house, looking at it with slightly wide eyes... "Uh, fruit salad sounds really good"

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Leena (leena23) Tom nodded and started pulling out an assortment of fruits, once the island was loaded he took out a chefs knife and started dicing up the fruits and putting them in a big salad bowl. "After breakfast I'll drive you up to the school and get you into your classes and everything."

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Gemma sat down on a barstool and watched Tom work, she nodded to him "okay, to be honest I'm nervous. I've always gone to one school, being the new kid...I just don't know what that's like"

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Leena (leena23) "It'll be okay, Dean works there so if you ever have a problem you can find him and tell him whats going on," Tom assured her with an encouraging grin. (too bad today he's skipping work to go out on his boat with a minor >_>) Tom finished the salad and got her a bowl, "Here you are." He handed her some of the fruit salad and got a bowl for himself before settling down beside her.

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(Hehe, bad dean >.<)

Gemma popped a piece of cantaloupe into her mouth and nodded to him "alrighty, sounds like a good setup" she smiled

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Leena (leena23) (Yeahhhh Elle is totally letting him take her underage girl out)

"So what do you want for dinner tonight? Or would you rather go out somewhere? Or do you think you'll want to go somewhere with other students?" He asked her as he ate.

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((Nora will try to stop Cleo...it will not work, just for the sake of epic RPing. ^^ Is Dean an RA, or a teacher?))

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((Or neither?))

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Leena (leena23) (Teachers assistant :P)

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Gemma shrugged "I'm not sure yet, is it alright if I tell you after school?" She asked him

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah, oh here," He pulled a box off the counter behind them. "I got this for you, I didn't know if you would need one or not," He handed her a brand new iPhone, with a case that had the Eiffel tower on the back.

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Gemma looked down at the phone in her hand and blinked a few times. She didnt have a phone like this, just a go phone she had for emergencies "wow, thank you. I think they disabled my old one when I was adopted by you guys"

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Leena (leena23) "Well I'm glad I picked that up then, I already preprogrammed mine, Deans, your moms, and a few schools numbers in there for you. So you can easily call me if you have problems at school or after school," He told her with a grin.

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Gemma nodded "I'll call you after school and give you an update" she said with a smile

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Leena (leena23) "Okay sounds good, you about done?" He asked her, she seemed a bit overwhelmed by everything. He didn't want to make her feel that way though, Tom wanted her to be comfortable.

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Gemma nodded, her bowl half empty, and stood up "mhm"

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Leena (leena23) Tom cleared the dishes, put away the leftover salad and went to grab the keys. "Alright we'll take the suv I guess, do you have your license yet by the way?" He asked her as he led her out to the six car garage that was detached from the house.

Escalade http://weheartit.com/entry/45399287/v...

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Gemma shook her head as she followed "nah, I turned sixteen just a while ago"

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Leena (leena23) "We'll get it for you then, then we can go car shopping. This is the car we'll be taking, Dean calls it the Black Mamba," Tom chuckled and unlocked the car and got in.

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Gemma giggled "thats such an average name, I would've expected it..." She teased

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah he's not very creative sometimes..." Tom said and started towards the school. "So what class do you want to be in most?" he asked her.

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"Art, drawing class would be really awesome. And hopefully a photography class? This school had things like that, right?" Gemma asked him

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Leena (leena23) "Oh yeah, they have a wide variety, you just tell the woman at the front desk your name, your new last name, and she'll put you wherever you want," Tom told her with a smile, he pulled into the schools parking lot.

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Gemma nodded "okay, sounds good."

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Leena (leena23) "Alright here you are, do you want me to come in or are you good?" Tom asked her as he turned in the seat to look at her.

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Gemma hopped out of the car "I think I'll be alright, thanks-" she started to say "sir" but he probably wouldn't like that "-da"

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Leena (leena23) "Okay, cya later, call me!" He called to her as she left the car, he gave her a one last wave and then headed back out.

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Gemma waved and then walked off into the office

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Gemma walked through the streets, looking for buildings that she remembered. She finally found the house and used a key to get in. She walked up to what was now her room and slipped into a pair of comfy denim shorts and a big tshirt of her fathers. She pulled her hair into a messy bun and walked out of the house onto the stretch of beach that was outside. The sun hit her hair, making it shine in and odd way as she sighed and sat down in the sand, her thoughts enveloping her.

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Gwyn unlocked the door to their family home and wandered into the expansive hallway, her flyaway blonde hair was pulled back in a loose braid and her make-up was relatively neutral. She'd been up on the cliffs today doing a tourism report for the local area, small stuff but it kept her face on the television. She chucked her bag on the couch as she passed and went into the kitchen to make a start on lunch, she'd missed her opportunity to eat earlier. "Anyone in?!" She called through the house as she grabbed some bread and sandwich fillings from the fridge.

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Gemma was pretty sure she could hear someone in the kitchen, but she wasn't thinking about it. She looked a bit like a child, filling her fist up with sand and raising her arm, letting the sand filter through her slim fingers. She dropped her hand and looked out across the water. All of this was going to take major getting used to, and she didnt know if she could manage or not.

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Leena (leena23) Tom Hawk walked into the house, he had finished up what he needed to at the office so he'd decided to go home and see if anyone was home. Everything else he needed to do he could do from his home office. He set his bag down by the door and thought he heard someone moving around in the kitchen. He went that way to see who it was, maybe Dean?

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