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Jeans and the Three Way Mirror

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Pauline Allan (paulineallan) | 547 comments Mod
So, let's just dump the cat right out of the big fat bag. I recently made myself do "the dreaded". The thing that "shall not be named." That's right my curvy sisters...I tried on jeans! Now, I thought I'd play it safe and take four pairs into the tiny cubicle the skinny sales lady called a dressing room. Two were *coughs into fist* my size. A fourteen. Yup, I always wear a fourteen. Well, of course it depends on the brand, but most brands lie. I am a size fourteen! Two pairs down. And I mean d.o.w.n. I couldn't even get the damn things to curve around my poochy belly. I toss the liars over the door and pick up one of the size sixteens resting on the wooden chair. Up and over the butt. This is good. Around the waist. We're getting hotter. Button clasped and zipper up! Yup...we have a winner! Size sixteen. I turned right, then left. Right again. No muffin tops. No loopy belly buldge. I looked two sizes smaller than I did in my honest size fourteens. I tugged the jeans off and folded them to neatly rest back on the chair. The other size sixteens went up without a hitch. Yup. They looked pretty damn good too. I stuffed my round waist into my tried and true, by this I mean perfectly stretched out and worn, size fourteens. I looked in the mirror. Muffin tops intact. Belly buldge activated. I sucked in and smiled then took my two new pair of jeans to the counter. "How did these work for you?" the young sales girl asked. I rummaged through my purse looking for my wallet. "They looked great," I told her. I was right. They did look pretty damn good. I just love being a size matter what the nasty little tag says. *wink. wink*

No matter which store I go into or which brand of jeans I purchase, I'm always a size fourteen. No matter which pair I grab off the rack I get to choose what size I want to be. Society does not dictate my number and if these curves look sexy in a size fifty-five so be it. I just love being a size fourteen. ;)

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Verdenius (angelacatlover) | 160 comments Good on you! LOL I tend to dress to please myself now. If I like a dress or top that has the lines going *gasp* sideways, I wear it! I love babydoll style dresses (you know, the ones where the elastic is just under the boobies and the rest hangs free - the material, I mean, not the boobies ).

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