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message 1: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Here we go (:

I like to do realistic romances. What about you?

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Same! (: Soo anything specific?

message 3: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Yay(: well my favorites are:

Bad boy x Good girl (or vice versa)
Popular Boy x Nerdy girl (vice versa)
Teen Pregnancy
Celebrity x Non Celebrity
Best Friend Romance
Younger guy x older girl
Forbidden (such as boss/employee or doctor/patient)

I'll pretty much do anything, but I don't like incest, slave/master, or teacher/student

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments I would rather do either teen pregnancy or celebrity & non-celebrity.

Would you want to be the girl or guy?

message 5: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan I'm good with either one of those (:

I'll be the guy if you prefer to be the girl

message 6: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments I really don't care.... teen pregnancy then?

I usually get stuck rping the guy. So if you want to do it that would be fine. Unless you prefer girl. I guess I'm okay with either.

message 7: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Lets do it (: I was thinking that maybe it happened sccidently at like a party or something.

I'll be the guy(:

message 8: by [Coco] (last edited Mar 19, 2013 07:26PM) (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Haha okay thanks. High school kids?

*Bangs head on table*

I can be so stupid sometimes. If they're teens they're obviously in high school. *Sigh*

I'll make her in a minute.

message 9: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan No problem (: and yep!

I Gtg. But I should be on tommorow (: Byee.

message 10: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Alright

I shall create soon.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Name: Hadley Darryls

Nickname: Lee (Only her best friend named Kenzie calls her this)

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs
(view spoiler)

Personality: Hadley looks like she is one of those typical shy girls, but talk to her for five minutes and she'll prove you wrong. She is always energetic and loves to party and drink above all else. Hadley has always been talkative, never afraid to speak her mind and express her feelings.

History: The man whom Hadley considers her father is not actually her biological father. Her mother, Monica, got pregnant with Hadley when she was 23 and still in college. Monica's boyfriend at the time broke up with her, leaving her alone to take care of Hadley. When Monica was 24 she met Gabriel and sparks instantly flew. They started out with going on a few dates and things went on from there. They exchanged vows when Monica was 26 and Gabriel was 31 and have been happily married for 13 years now.

Hadley, unlike many people her age, loves her life. She loves her supportive parents and kind teachers. So why does she drink, then? Hadley only drinks because she likes the feeling of being out of control. Despite her love for life, she feels as if her parents are too controlling. And her alcohol consumption is one thing they can't control. Another thing is her habit of sleeping around. She does it, not only because it feels good, but because it's something she can do freely. She rarely sleeps with the same person twice.

Father: Gabriel Darryls (44)
Mother: Monica Darryls (39)

Other: ---

message 12: by Julia Horan (last edited Mar 20, 2013 07:06PM) (new)

Julia Horan Full Name: Harry Tommo
Nickname: Haz, Hazza, but usually just goes by Harry
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: On first glance Harry seems like an annoying jerk that just likes to mess around with his friends. While this is true, if Harry is given a chance, he's actually a pretty sweet and funny guy. Not a lot of people see that side of him, rather, they see his rude and arrogant side. With this attitude, he often gets in trouble with more than a few of his teachers on a daily basis. He does like to be the center of attention quite a bit, so he does things he shouldn't do. Including getting a tattoo without his mother's consent when they first moved here. ( Although Harry does love his mother, he doesn't like how she took him out of Ireland and this is his way of rebelling. Not even he thought it would get to the point of him drinking and sleeping around, but he hasn't yet tried to change. Despite the fact Harry has been with many girls, he hasn't had a girlfriend in a while. When he does have a girlfriend, he can be quite protective, not controlling, just protective. Furthermore, Harry has the opporotunity to be smart, but he would rather be out playing hockey, football, rugby, or partying with his friends than be studying.
Height: 6'2
History: Harry was born in Ireland. He lived there until he was 15. His parents then got divorced. Harry and his mum, all moved to the States. Since, both his mum and dad have remarried.
Biological Mum: Anne Simpson
Step Dad: James Simpson
Step Brother: Bradley Simpson (14)
Biological Dad: Greg Tommo
Step Mum: Rosie Tommo
Dog: Jesse
Other: has an Irish accent (;
Also plays varsity hockey for the high school team, but is in danger of being kicked off because of his grades.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments He's adorable (:

message 14: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Thanks (: I really like your girl

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Thank you(:

How much do you usually post? A few sentences?

message 16: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan No problem (:

I try to make my posts as long as possible. My shortest are usually about 3-4 sentences long. What about you?

message 17: by [Coco] (last edited Mar 20, 2013 07:11PM) (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Well... I used to do two lines. Then I started rping with someone who did twenty on average. So I can do anything from two to twenty. But I hate really short posts now, so I usually just match whatever someone posts.

Would you like to start? They could be just arriving/already at the party.

message 18: by Julia Horan (last edited Mar 20, 2013 07:26PM) (new)

Julia Horan Yup. I usually try to match the others as well. Ill try to make my posts long.

And yep, ill start(:

Harry pulled up to house which was hosting the party in his car. He had just gotten this nice car a few months ago for his 16th party. At first, his mum had been quite anxious about giving her son a car, but she eventually gave in to his non stop pleading. In the passenger seat, was his "date" Karli. She couldn't be considered his girlfriend, so she was mire of a friend with benefits. Of course, Harry didn't actually plan to spend the whole Night with Karli. They would do what they would normally do, which was split up once they got bored with eachother. Harry managed to find a parking spot on the road and stepped out. He had worn a navy t shirt, with the red Polo band on the left side, a pair of shorts, and navy Supras. "Ready babe?" Karli asked. Her voice was quite scratchy from all the smoking she had been doing recently. "Yep," Harry nodded. Let's get this over with he thought as Karli took his hand and they walked into the mansion. Harry eventually found his main friends in the mass of people. Harry, Karli, and a much of other random girls and guys soon entertained themselves with a grind train.

message 19: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Hullo..?

message 20: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Hadley parked her car on the street a few houses away from the party. She wasn't about to let her new car get scratched up by drunk idiots. She looked at Kenzie, her best friend, and gave her a small smile before stepping out of the car. She slammed the door shut and walked inside the house, Kenzie a few steps behind her. When they got inside Kenzie wandered off to the kitchen to find her boyfriend leaving Hadley alone in the living room. Hadley found a cup on the coffee table filled with an unknown liquid and took a cautious sip. She relaxed as she realized that it was only some strong type of alcohol. It wasn't the best, but at least it was something. She needed to get her mind off of the stress at school and being here was the perfect way to do it. Hadley took a seat on the couch next to an already drunk member of the football team whose name coincidentally rhymed with hers (Bradley) and soon found herself talking to him about the last party they went to together. They, of course, used to date until Bradley became fed up with her constant negativity. But Hadley never thought of herself as negative. Only brutally honest. Hadley sighed, putting her legs up on the couch. She took a quick look around the room, watching the long line of people grinding.

((Sorryyy.... I started typing a few hours ago and got distracted. I'm always on mobile so it takes me longer to respond.))

message 21: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan ((It's fine. I'm on my phone as well^^))

Harry soon pulled himself away from the line of grinding people. With all the people in the house, it was starting to get a little steamy. Harry pushed his way through the already drunken crowd and grabbed himself a beer. He quickly chugged the beer, even with all the noise, he could hear a belligerently drunk Karli calling for him. Rolling his eyes, he finished the last drops of that bottle and quickly started on another one. He felt a strong urge to get absolutely wasted tonight. He also wouldn't mind getting laid. By the second bottle, the alcohol was starting to do its job and it was kicking in. Harrys thoughts soon became fuzzy and he struggled to finish his thoughts. He attempted to walk, but he mostly stumbled, out of the kitchen, where he was greeted by a wasted Karli who had been distracted by another guy, and they were now in an all out make out session. Harry pinched her bum playfully as he walked by, and was no looking for someone new to get with.

message 22: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Hadley's mind was starting to get hazy and she couldn't exactly think straight anymore. What kind of alcohol was in the cup? Whatever it was, it was extremely strong. Bradley, who was even more drunk than Hadley at this point, reached his hand out towards her as if he wanted to stroke her face. Hadley was still sober enough to slap his hand away and stand up, disgusted. She shouldn't be talking to him anyways. He wasn't nearly good enough for her. Anyways, wasn't he already dating one of those bitchy cheerleaders? Hadley wandered down the stairway into an empty room that appeared to be a study. She sat down at the huge desk, her head spinning. Every single time she got drunk she vowed never to drink again but at the next party she would always grab another bottle. Ugh. Now Kenzie would have to drive her home again. Hadley pulled her knees to her chest and rested her chin on top of them. Normally she would love any party, but tonight seemed boring and dull.

message 23: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan Harry had met a few other girls as he tried to make his way back to his friends. But at soon as things started to get slightly more heated and intresting, the girl would usually get pulled away by her boyfriend it some other guy who apparently had his eyed on her. Harry was a bit too far gone to care at that point. Again, he tried to make it to his friends. His movements were clumsy and his mind was fuzzy. Nothing and nobody looked familiar. He kept walking straight, but this led him away from the large crowd. His plan to find a girl was put on hold as his head started to pound uncomfortably from the alcohol. In a desperate attempt to make it stop he opened the door and walked into a random room, thankful it wasn't occupied by a couple taking it off and getting it on. He needed to get away from the blaring music for just a few moments. But after surveying the room, he realized he wasn't alone. There was a girl already in the room. For lack of anything better to say, he said, "Hey," he slurred the word a bit.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Hadley jumped when the door opened and turned around to face the newcomer. She sank back onto the chair when she realized that it was only a boy. Okay, well maybe not only a boy. This boy was the definition of hot. Everything from his face to his clothing style proved this. He appeared to be around her age, maybe a few months older. And he looked and sounded drunk as hell. But Hadley didn't mind this as she was halfway to being wasted herself. "Hey." Two drunk people alone in a room probably wasn't the best idea but what could Hadley do about it? She wasn't about to leave this guy all alone. Hadley, with some effort, stood up from the seat. "Looking for trouble?" She smiled flirtingly, pushing a strand of her golden hair behind her ear. She took a step towards the boy and reached around him to turn on the lamp by the desk. The sky outside was darkening, causing the room to dull. She didn't want to be having a creepy conversation in the dark with a guy she just met. That would be weird, even for her.

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Julia Horan Harry looked the girl who was also in the room up and down. Even in his drunk state, he could tell she was quite pretty. After checking her out one more time, he decided she was more than pretty. She was hot. Harry always had a thing for blondes. Harry smirked when she stood up. By the effort it took, he could tell she was intoxicated as well, not as much as him, but she had alcohol in her system. "Always," He said, the smirk still on his face. He watched as she reached around him. He was happy for the extra light. The light illuminated her face and in the light his observations from before were confirmed; she was hot. "What's your name?" He asked, his voice seductive, as he gently brushed her fingers against her arm. He had seen her around school before, and they had a few classes together, but he had never learned her name.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Hadley stood in front of him with her arms crossed as he checked her out. He wasn't even trying to hide his prodding eyes. Not that she minded.... She liked the attention. Hadley loved it when everyone was focused on her and only her. "My name is Hadley." She didn't bother asking him what his was. He would probably just tell her anyways. "Unfortunately for you, I'm not really looking for trouble tonight." She didn't move as he touched her despite the fact that his nearness was somewhat unnerving. Hadley's mind wouldn't stop telling her to go back to the room of crowded people. To get away from this boy. But he was far too hot to walk away from. So she stood there staring at him until her legs got tired and she had to sit down again. Damn alcohol, Hadley thought to herself, crossing her tan legs.

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Julia Horan Harry smirk grew when he didn't slapped for so blatantly checking her out. But hey, he was a drunk teenage boy, he just couldn't help himself. "Nice to meet you, Hadley. I'm Harry," her mumered, stepping slightly closer to the attractive girl in front of him. "Aw why not?" he asked, his lower lip jutting out as he pouted slightly. He watched as she started to sit down. He licked the corners of his lips, a habit of his. "We could have a lot of fun if you want," he offered, his voice still seductive. Once again, he approached her, not in an intimidating way or anything like that. He had no interest in hurting her, he had other things on his mind. "Do you want me to get you another drink?" he slurred. If he could just get her slightly more intoxicated, he would be able to get what he wanted.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Harry was a nice name. It seemed to suit him perfectly. Sexy face, sexy name.... Hadley shook those thoughts away and focused her attention back on him."What is your definition of fun? Sex?" There was no point in even asking. Why else would he remain alone in this room with her? To just talk? She scoffed. It wasn't as if Hadley minded, though. Didn't all boys want sex? And she has had her fair share of hookups so she couldn't really judge. She wasn't as innocent as she appeared to be. No matter how much she denied her corruption. "I can decide to sleep with someone without excess alcohol in my system, but thanks for asking." She looked up into his dazzling eyes and grinned. "But I never said I wouldn't...." She trailed off, tugging at his shirt playfully. She was making this far too easy for him.

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Julia Horan "Of course. What else is as fun as sex?" Harry asked, a lazy half smirk on his face. He was almost a little surprised by her question. It was a party, he was drunk, and the two of them were alone in a room. It seemed like the perfect occasion to have a "fun" night. Of course, maybe she was just innocent. She had never really given Harry any other impression until tonight. "Anytime," he said, when she denied his offer for a drink but thanked him anyway. Harry grinned when he felt her tugging the the bottom of his shirt. "Just tell me if you want to stop," he said, as his lips slowly inched towards hers.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments "Not much is," Hadley admitted with a small smile. So the undoubtedly hottest guy at this party wanted to have sex with her? That was totally fine with her. There was no way in hell that she would refuse. Even if he has most likely been with dozens of other girls. She wasn't looking for another serious relationship. Not since Bradley broke up with her. "I doubt you would stop even if I asked you to. You're already way too into it." She stopped talking and closed the distance between their lips by sitting up and kneeling on the chair. Hadley didn't feel like getting off the comfortable seat until she absolutely had to. It was hard, however, to reach up and kiss him. He was so damn tall. She snaked her hands up his shirt, resting them on his muscular chest.

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Julia Horan "Exactly," Harry slurred. It seemed like she was going to agree to have sex with him. The thought made him slightly more aroused, his blue eyes darkened slightly with lust. "That is very true," Harry said, before he could say anting else, her lips were pressed to his and her hands were up his shirt. The feeling of her lips against his was absolute bliss. His tongue slowly skid across her lower lip, practically begging for entrance. He slowly started to play with the bottom of her shirt, ready to assist her in taking it off whenever she was ready. His fingers brushed gently across her smooth skin.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments Hadley knew that this probably wouldn't be happening if they, namely he, were not drunk. But it was, so she had to make the best of it. And it wasn't as if Hadley had to force herself to enjoy what they were doing. She genuinely wanted to do it. She stood up after finding that sitting in a chair wasn't getting her anywhere. Hadley opened her mouth a bit further for him, letting her tongue play with his. God, he was an amazing kisser. He wasn't sloppy like most of the guys that Hadley kissed. Hadley had to resist a shudder at the thought. She broke their kiss for a few seconds as she pulled her shirt over her head but her mouth quickly found its way back to his.

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Julia Horan Harry smirked against her lips when she stood up. And in that moment he knew she would give him what he wanted. He couldn't help but let out a low moan when he felt her tongue playing with his. He slowly pushed his tongue further into her mouth. He was quite impressed with her kissing ability, isually most girls when they were half drunk hadn't a clue what they were doing. But a good kisser what quite the turn on for Harry. He watched as her lips parted from his, and like her, he took the opportunity to take his shirt off and toss it to the side. He couldn't help but grin as he looked at her without a top on. He mentally praised himself for finding such a hot girl to spend tonight with. His lips gladly reconnected with hers.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments ((Do you usually skip or message?))

Hadley took the opportunity to look around the room as they kissed. Where the hell were they supposed to have sex? The hardwood floor? That was such a great idea. Not. But that's what happens when you're alone in a study with a hot boy. Her eyes found their way back to his. Harry was looking at her chest, of course. The room was still pretty dark but Hadley somehow managed to guide her fingers down his chest and to the buttons on his pants.

((Sorry it's short! I gtg for a bit.))

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Julia Horan ((Its up to you. I'll do either))

He followed her gaze around the room. He had never done it on the floor before, but something told him Hadley wouldn't appreciate laying on the floor. There was always the desk. "Do you want to try the desk or find another room?" he mumbled against her lips. He was personally kinky enough to try the desk, but he wasn't going to force her to do anything. He didn't want to push his luck with her. His hands found their way to the back of her bra, he fingered the bra clasp, just about ready to take it off. He was just waiting for her answer as to whether or not she wanted to stay in this room or find another one.

((Its fine ^^))

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments ((Tough decision.... We could try messaging but stop if it doesn't work out? I dunno because I haven't roleplayed in messages.... But whatever we end up doing, we should do it soon. Don't want to corrupt any children reading these posts lol(: ))

At least he was gentleman enough to not make her lay on the floor. Because if he did, she would probably refuse. "It seems a bit too late to find another room, don't you think? I think the desk will do." Hadley took a quick glance at the desk. It was covered in a neat arrangement of papers, pens, and other essential office supplies. She pulled away long enough to sweep the items off the desk with a smooth swipe of her hand. They clattered to the floor by her feet and she smiled, looking back to Harry. "Shall we continue?" She grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the desk.

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Julia Horan ((Lol true. Messaging sounds good. I've done it before and it worked out just fine))

Harry nodded in agreement when she decided to just use the desk. It would save them time and make things easier. "Sounds good," he agreed. Harry also looked at the desk. It was quite neat, everything seemed to have a place. It was obvious the various stacks of papers and files belonged to an adult. Perhaps the parents of whoever threw this party. Harry smirked as she simply brushed all the items off the desk. Sucks to be whoever has to clean that up. "We shall," Harry grinned as she pulled him to the desk. He reconnected his lips with hers, putting force behind the blissful contact.

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[Coco] (mattyhealy) | 113 comments ((I will do so right now.))

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