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hey, it's layne. Start!

hey, it's layne. Jamie sat very properly on the back of his white stallion, looking very regal and proper. He almost reminisced the paintings and pictures from the olden days, almost such as those from the Victorian era. He smirked at her, 'We should hurry it up. Better yet, why don't we just skip finishing the trail ride and get something to eat?' He winked.

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Hales seemed to mirror Jamie's posture, only in a more feminine manner. Her easiness made Ashen walk without ease and he himself seemed to be curious about his surroundings; it wasn't often he was brought over to the trails so he took the opportunity to enjoy it. A small smile popped on Haley's lips when Jamie spoke, "We could go back to my place." She offered, thinking that she had some left overs, or she could cook something up, though she assumed he knew what she meant by it. "I think it'd be fun." She said, her smile broadening.

hey, it's layne. I'm getting around to replying....)))

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hey, it's layne. Jamie couldn't help but stare at her and smirk slightly at her next words, pulling Frodo to a complete halt. 'Sure, I'm sure it will be alot of fun for the both of us.' His lips twitched into a genuine smile/smirk as he eyes her smaller, petite yet curvaceous form with the slightest of winks. He was pretty excited now, but it wasn't a happy excited...

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((you're here! :D
layneeee pooooo<3))

Haley smiled broadly and nodding, stopping in her tracks as well. "I agree." She smiled, arching her eyebrow as his eyes wandered lower but shrugged it off as she turned Ash around and headed back to the stables.

((do you want me to just go and post at her house?))

hey, it's layne. Yah. And I hate to ask, but I'm really in the mood to RP, soo....would you mind bringing your bro in somewhere? :) )

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