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Laurie was slumped in his throne, rolling a gold coin through his fingers. Today was another one of those days where he had to choose a potential wife. It wasn't very often someone good enough come along, and when they did, they only stayed one night (;))
He heard the familiar fanfare and straightened himself, hastily hiding the coin. With a quick brush of his hair and straightening his crown, he was ready.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole was wandering around before being rushed by some knights to the castle. She decided to play defenseless, even if she had her dagger. She was being dragged/led to the castle. She saw many girls with long braided hair and their finest. Unfortunately, her finest and worst was what she was wearing. Nicole sighed and glared at the ground, this isn't what she thought it would be.

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Laurie waved off his crowd of servants after being told he looked amazing several times. He let out a low, deep sigh and waved his hand again.
"Bring them in."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole was rushed in by the crowd by the crowd at a slow rate. Her feet barely moved against the mob until finally she gave in and slowly walked in the castle. She stayed in the back hoping no one would notice her.

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Laurie gave a pleading look to Florence, his former nanny and the only parent figure left in his life. She replied with a stern look.
"OK, OK..."
He slowly rose from his throne and began to walk along the line of women. Most reacted with a bow, some with a wink which he naturally returned. He spotted someone towards the back, someone from Furith.
"Welcome to Exempio, traveler. It's not very often we get your kind here. I find most species prefer to stay in their own kingdoms."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole glanced upwards at the King. "I didn't like it there, so I left for here. Any problems with it?" She asked fiercely. Her hand went instinctively to her hip where she kept a dagger. "If there is, I have some problems with you..."

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Laurie tried to contain his smile before raising a hand as several guards began to draw their swords.
"It's not very often I am greeted with aggression in Exempio. But in answer to your question, no, I have no problem. Here in Exempio we welcome all species."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole saw his smile slightly falter and noticed guards take out their swords. "Good." She left her dagger by her hip and took a deep breath. "Let me start over then." She held out her hand. "My name is Nicole."

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Laurie raised his eyebrows but shook her hand, surprised by her confidence.
"Nice to meet you. Would you like to join me tonight for supper? I'd very much like to get to know you."
He nodded his head towards the other candidates, and almost immediately are all escorted out.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She grinned. "Sure, why not?" Nicole kept her gaze on him, though she noticed all the other woman leave. "Choosing a wife?" She asked still grinning. But let go of his hand.

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Laurie nodded, his eyes not leaving hers. Without speaking again, he went and sat back on his throne, still trying to suppress his smile.
"Be back here for seven," he caught Florence's stern gaze, before hastily adding "And look presentable."
He returned Florence's gaze as if to ask whether he had done as she had expected.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She watched him, every movement. Then looked down at her clothes. "Would it be possible if this is the most presentable I can get?" Without causing any trouble? She thought to herself. Nicole crossed her arms and felt low.

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Laurie opened his mouth to speak, but before he could Florence had already walked over to Nicole and put a shoulder round her arm, leading her to the stairs that lead to the upper floors.
"Don't you worry about that my dear. We have plenty of clothes to spare."
She glanced back over to Laurie with a questioning look before they left the room.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole's gazed changed to the servant. She walked by the servant and removed her arm from her shoulder. She could do things herself. "Thank you ma'am," she said politely. Nicole stopped a second and tossed her dagger down the stairs. Then stared at the servant. "Just in case..."

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Florence nodded through gritted teeth, though her smiling expression remained the same.
"You pick out something nice, dear." She turned to leave, but stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Without turning round, she spoke to one of the guards, though Nicole was intended to hear.
"Make sure she doesn't steal anything."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole walked up the stairs and looked back. "I'm not here to steal, I promise you that," she announced before going to the room filled with dresses.

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Laurie followed Nicole up the stairs, scowling at Florence when he passed her. He knew she was looking out for him, but it just seemed rude. Instead of taking a left, he took a right to his own private wardrobe where he selected his fine silk clothes of white and silver. His stylists spent longer than necessary on his hair before returning to the dining hall to wait for Nicole. The table was stretched out to its full length, something that was rarely done except for special occasions, though he had a feeling Florence ordered it to keep distance between the two.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole had on a black dress that was the most well, smallest. All the big, frilly dresses around made her feel nervous and out of place. As she was led to the dining hall she sat at the far end of the table, staring at Laurie. Waiting for her food as her stomach growled quietly.

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Laurie looked up with an amused smile on his face. She sure was a unique person.
"You chose the smallest dress? As well as being a traveler? You must be determined to annoy Florence."
He laughed even though she wouldn't understand. While Exempio was accepting of any species, Florence still only wanted the best for Laurie. And by best, she expected royal, lady-like and well-mannered people. Something that she believed certain Kingdoms, such as Furith, lacked.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She grinned. "I guess I'm not the most lady-like. But at least I know how to have fun." Nicole picked up a fork and twirled it in her fingers, her light green eyes sparkling.

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Laurie laughed and opened his mouth to speak. He was interrupted by various servants bringing in all three courses, something Laurie found strange.
"Oh. Well I guess we're eating all at once. Enjoy."
He silently began on his starter, imported from Vulcania. A bit hot, but worth it once it was swallowed. He found the various foods traded with other Kingdoms and advantage of being an open Kingdom.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She nodded smiling and grabbed a lot of meat from Vulcania, Terrica, and her home kingdom, Furith. She ate fast, being very hungry. "I haven't eaten like this, in forever," she said after swallowing.

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Laurie raised an eyebrow and smirked. He was amused by her openness. Most women would try to impress him, eating slowly and delicately. He was just grateful that Florence couldn't see this. She would surely have kicked Nicole out by now.
"Well I assure you, the novelty wears off after a while. The Kingdoms we don't communicate with, Librath and Infernus, are bound to have more...exotic foods...that we haven't tried yet."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"But I haven't eaten anything like this in a long time. And I would careless about the exotic foods." Nicole gulped down some water. "Is this weird for you?" She grinned more and rubbed her mouth.

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Laurie delicately wiped his mouth and drank to cool his throat. He never understood how Vulcanians coped with the heat.
"It is. But in a good way. You're...unique..."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"Unique? I'm guessing the most unique of all the girls." She put her elbows on the table. Then twirled her fork.

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Laurie scanned the table for something that he hadn't eaten a thousand times. In the end he settled for some kind of meat from Furith.
"Most girls, yes. Many would be intimidated in the presence of royalty. Though a lot more now I'm a king. As a prince people were a lot more..welcoming, for lack of a better word."
As a prince people approached him more often, treating him as a friend. That's where he got his original reputation from. Now people are more selective of their behaviour around him.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She laughed softly. "Intimidated? You are a person, not someone that can send you to your death..." Nicole rethought her words. "Nevermind."

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Laurie laughed and pushed away his half empty plate, which probably seemed wasteful to Nicole. He didn't mind though, she either liked him or she didn't. He wasn't expecting anything of her.
"Well I don't believe in that. No one in Exempio does. We're very much a diplomatic Kingdom."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"I know that, but it's not the same in Furith. It's very... different." She continued to eat. "You ever studied Furith culture?" Nicole stopped eating and pushed her plate away and frowned.

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Laurie nodded and swallowed his mouthful of the dessert, one of the few local dishes. The recipe was one of Florence's husbands before he retired as the chef.
"Of course. It's something we're taught about while growing up. Perhaps that's something only common in Exempio. But anyway, what about it?"
He was wondering what she was going to bring up. The weak-link thing that always seemed completely absurd to him?

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"They have a religion. Completely unreasonable. Well there is a thing called weak-links and it's like separating wheat from the chaff." She swallowed and looked down. "My parents were 'weak-links' and so was I later, but I escaped."

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Laurie almost choked on his food, though he managed to swallow. After insisting to his guards he was fine, he re-directed his attention to Nicole.
"That's awful. So you're travelling the other Kingdoms, or are you staying in Exempio?"

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole immediately looked up as he choked. "Are you okay?" She didn't want to continue and ignored his question.

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Laurie rolled his eyes and dismissed the question. If he wasn't fine the guards would have taken him away, though he didn't expect Nicole to know that.
"Of course, forget me. You never answered the question."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She stared at him, almost glaring. "Staying here, I can live here without being killed for no actual reason." Nicole clenched her jaw. "No more questions about me." A small smile formed on her face. "What about you?"

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Laurie tried to comfort her with a smile, though he knew it wouldn't work.
"We're welcome of anyone in Exempio. What's in the past is in the past. And me? There's not much to say. I'm the traditional party-prince forced into the throne. Not much to me at all."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"So you a traditional prince? But likes to have some fun." She grinned. "Maybe we could be friends."

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Laurie sighed as he scooped up the remains of his dessert on his spoon and swallowed it.
"I'm afraid I've changed since then. Apparently being a king means having responsibility."
He smiled over to her, hoping she wouldn't be put off. She was the first girl who wasn't trying to impress him. And he liked that. But not in the romantic way, not yet.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
Nicole rolled her eyes. "You didn't know that? You're running a kingdom on peace and freedom." She smiled. "You must have been really pampered."

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Laurie shrugged, trying to hide his smile. He would never admit it, but it was true. Even if he was pampered, he never really showed it.
"Only son, you know? In fact, only child as far as I know. Florence hinted there were sisters, but she never admitted anything."
He didn't know why his parents would keep any sisters a secret, neither why they wouldn't live with them. Maybe they were traitors, or travelers.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She nodded, getting some hair out of her eyes. "An only child,maybe. Your life is very messed up." Nicole chuckled and got up. "Why don't we have some fun?" She went to the throne room to get her dagger. She wanted to go off exploring.

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Laurie hastily followed her, tugging on his collar as he went past. They were only supposed to be having dinner. If Florence caught them... Or the guards saw her with a dagger...
"Erm...Nicole...There's not much to see. Unless you'd rather leave the castle? There's plenty more to see out there."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
She walked backwards. "Outside of course. It's boring in here and we should take some risks." She smirked and slowly went outside.

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Laurie let out a sigh of relief and followed her outside, glad that he could be somewhere where he was allowed to do what he liked. Well, anything out of Florence's control.
"Trust me, you don't know the meaning of boredom. I've lived here twenty six years."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"I don't. I make fun wherever I go," she said with a grin. Nicole got out of the castle. "I haven't told you what I am yet," she aloud.

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Laurie unbuttoned his collar and raised his eyebrow before leaning on a wall outside the castle. He never thought the species of a person mattered, but Nicole had piped his interest.
"What are you then? I'm guessing you're some sort of animal..."

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 589 comments Mod
"Part-ocelot." Her face slightly changed, her skin had the ocelot print on it. Her nose slightly flattened. Eyes hazel, with more greens. Whiskers poked through her cheeks as well as her teeth getting sharper. "I think Florence wouldn't accept this."

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