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graham cracker The reason why Jax had decided to go to the Blue note was because of open mic night on a pure whim. It had been some time since he had actually written anything or performed in front of anyone and to be honest he missed it. After parking and getting of out the blue Mustang, he grabbed the guitar from the back seat he looked to see if Falon was getting out of the car he shrugged his shoulders and made his way inside.

He grabbed and open table, sipping on a Coors Light as he waited for Falon to come inside. After a comment about being bored, he told her to come to The Blue Note to hang out. Honestly, he wasn’t even sure if she had a clue that it was open mic night or that he had plans of singing.

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Falon followed him inside watching the guitar case curiously. She slides into one of the seats before turning from side to side slightly watching the crowds. Turning to Jax she cocks her head. "What are you going to sing?" She asks after a moment of watching him and then those around. Tracing the tattoo on her forearm absent-mindedly she settles her chin in her hand and gazes at him expectantly. Excitement washed her eyes as she relaxed into the noise and music of other people and their conversations.

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graham cracker Jax put his drink down and spun around in his chair to face Falon. "It's a surprise..I'm going up next, after this girl," he said and swung himself over looking at the stage and watching the girl. Jax rolled his eyes at the kid on stage, he was sure he had seen her around campus a few times, but he couldn’t place exactly where. As the girl finally finished whatever she was doing on stage, Jax extracted his Gibson J200 from his guitar case, put the strap around him and took the stage. The man had been playing guitar since he was about 13 and though it wasn’t the most lucrative venture, he had his family’s money to fall back on so he could do what he loved.

Clearing his throat, he strummed the strings in rhythmic pattern, singing the worlds to a Jon Waite song from the 80’s, missing you. It had been a while since he had written anything and the song he played was something he himself had always wished was his work.

…But it’s my heart that’s begging down this long distance line tonight.

And I ain’t missin’ you at all

Since you’ve been gone… Away

I ain’t missin’ you

No matter what I might say…

As he finished the song, he thanked the group of people there for open mic night before exiting the stage. After putting his guitar back in it’s case, he put left it backstage with one of the waitress and made his way to the bar. “Uh, Blue Moon, Bill,” he said to the bartender, taking a sip when he got the drink. After a moment, Jax looked to the girl on his left, he had caught the end of her set just as he had arrived, “You were pretty good,” he commented on her performance.

He walked back out and sat in the seet next to Falon. "So?" He asked her. Hoping she would give him some input on his performance.

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Falon watched him curiously, she smirked slightly at his mention of his surprise and nodded. She hums along softly to the song the girl before him was singing and when he went up set her drink aside knowing this was going to be good. She had heard him of course, she had heard him plenty but this was one of the few times that he went out in public. Anticipation buzzed in the air and she kept her gaze focused on him cocking her head to the side slightly.
When he started singing, Falons' eyes brighten slightly both from comfort and excitement. She had always known he was good. Always thought he could be big but he never saw that. Jax looked completely comfortable up on stage, right where he belonged. Falon found herself humming along softly, and as the song ended, a soft smile spread across her face. She waited till he was back and done talking to the other girl before turning to face him. Falon took a sip of her beer watching him for a moment before she grins. "That was amazing, your really good." She compliments, "Although I must say you need to work on your appearance. Besides doing stuff like this more often." She adds and pats him on the head like a little boy. "You have some talent. Put it to use."

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graham cracker Jax eyes widened at her words, something he really didn’t expect to hear from Falon. Giving him a complement that is. A few moments after he soaked her words in his thick skull, he then looked down at himself and pulled the collor of his shirt out. "What about my appearance?" He asked in a muffled tone. He picked up his Coors light and took another sip. His eyes were looking threw his tall glass and right at Falon. Making his eyes look all contorted. Jax ran his hand threw his hair and sighed. "I guess it can't be helped, to tell you the truth; I thought I was going to choke up there," he said with his elbow resting on the counter.

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Falon glared at him, "smooth move Jax." She spit out."I just meant that you still looked like a college student. You might have wanted to change into more comfortable clothes which would have helped with you being comfortable." She says slipping into a cool and removed attitude. Falon raises an eyebrow before shrugging. "That happens when you don't play in front of people." She says after a moment and stands up, "Let's go I need to do some stuff."

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graham cracker Jax stood up and and arched his stomach and put his hand on his back to stretch out. "Uhh.." He said as he was stretching. "Alright, I guess we can leave," he said and handed the bartender some money for the drinks they had.
"Come again Jax your awesome!" He shouted out. Jax put his hand up and then back down again. "Maybe," he told him before he glanced over at Falon. "What do you need to do,"

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Falons' shoulders tensed slightly, giving off the impression of hesitation. She averts her gaze and looks anywhere but at Jax. "I just have some...homework and stuff," she mumbles running her hand through her hair nervously, unconsciously for the habit had been one she picked up recently. Falon ducks her head an edge of guilt creeping up before she pushes it away. Peeking up at him she shrugs her shoulders, the gesture looking half-hearted. Needing something to do besides pull at her hair she takes her coat off the back of her chair before sliding her arms through it and zipping it up.

((Something should happen...just to stir it up a bit))

graham cracker Jax pulled his car keys out from the back of his pocket. He grabbed his jacket off of the back of his chair and slipped it around him, letting it hang loose. "Alright, let's go," he said to Falon; as he started walking over to the door.

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Falon followed him breathing a sigh of relief before looking back at the bar. She shakes her head slightly before turning and walking through the door. Falon then went to Jaxs' car waiting for him to unlock it and stuffed her other hand into her pockets feeling her phone. Abruptly her phone buzzes and she jumps before biting her lip. Calm down, she scolds to herself before turning to look at Jax. "So do you have anything major going on tomorrow?"

graham cracker Jax turned around and leaned up against the rim of his car. "Nahh, other then school no," He said and looked her in the eyes. "why do you ask?" He said.

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Falon nodded slightly before shrugging, "just making conversation." She states before getting into the car and looks out the window. Falon rests her chin in her hand before flicking her gaze over at Jax and then sighing slightly.

graham cracker Jax slammed his hands on the wheel. "Fuck!" He said to himself just remembering he has baseball practice. "Hold on," he said and back the car up fast and made a u turn onto the road and drove down it and headed back to the college.

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Falon yelped as she slammed into the side of the car, surprised, before glaring at him. "Thank you Jax!" She muttered after rubbing the side of her head. "God why does it even matter? It's probably already almost over anyways." She says before giving him one last glare and then rolling her eyes. "Will is probably going to be pissed, knowing him and his baseball fetish." She muses thinking of the last time she had met the infamous but recognizable-at least as her school-baseball player.

graham cracker ((Meet you there))

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Ayn (vegangamer) Harper practically skipped into the bar. She scanned her surroundings before going to get a drink. She ordered a beer and flashed her I.D as she chatted with the bartender. Once she had a cold one in her hand, she sat on a bar stool and checked out the surroundings.

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Espy grinned and winked at the guard. He let them in. She giggled. "Sweet!"

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"Let's have the bar!" She laughed at zoeys excitement.

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"Hm, I've never been here before,"

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She sat down and grinned. "So cool!

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"Mmm a shot of vodka... That's it,"

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Espy smiled

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She looked around. Not finding a guy that caught her eye

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((mind if i join in this?))

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((Don't mind at all:D))

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After Skyler made Terreence get some help, he decided to walk to the bar and look for a job there. He was tall and mascular so he could be hired for a bouncer.
He walked into the club, looking for a owner.

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Espy glanced over seeing a boy. She looked at him with her green eyes. She raised an eyebrow. She had her dark wavy red hair in a high pony tail. She smiled. "There is a cute one..." She nodded. Then looked away so she wasn't caught staring.

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Terrence walked up to the bar close to the red hair girl. He looked at the bartender as he asked for the manager.

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Esperanza glanced at him. She blushed and turned away on the stool. She looked up at him and smiled. She took her shot looking away. Tonight was supposed to be fun... She sighed.

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Terrence saw the girl right next to him, smiling at him. He looked at her as she took a shop from her drink.
"You know thats going to kill you right?"

Colton dressed in black dress shirt as he buttoned up while holding onto Dj hand while being the first in line. When the bouncer asked for ID of dj, he just handed him a $100 bill as they entered.

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"Yes... That's why I am only doing this once.... My friend wanted to come have fun.." She glanced around and sighed. She smiled slightly the frowned and leaned back against the bar.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) She was wearing a small straws red dress. "Colton" she smiled.

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"Yeah baby?" He asked as he smiled back at her.
"What is it?"

Terrenced looked at her and smiled. He seen plenty of these type of these girls back in brookyln.
"So do you go to stanford or are you just here to have fun?" He asked as he waited for the manager to come in.

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"I go to the college. Just got in today actually," she nodded. She glanced around. "What about you? You go to college... Or are you just here for... Hmm, let me guess not to have fun because you commented on me dying because of my drinking so... A job?" She asked

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) "How can you afford so much" she mumbled the baby bump was noticeable and people glanced her way , some saying congrats

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Terrence looked at her and smirked for a second.
"I go to Standford as well, but i just need extra cash and a good friend was able to insprie me enough to actually apply for the job." He said as he reminded himself of skyler for this.
Thanks skyler.
He taught as a bartender came to ask him for anything.
Terrence just asked for a cup of water.

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"I'll have a cup too!" She nodded to the bartender and said her thanks. She tilted her head at the boy, " so? What grade you in?" Esperanza asked.

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Rachel wrote: ""How can you afford so much" she mumbled the baby bump was noticeable and people glanced her way , some saying congrats"

Colton smiled and smiled at her and kissed her on the cheeks.
"My father is one of the head dealers of wall street as well as he owns 4 five star hotels across the country." He said as he hugged Dj closer.

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Lacey *happy girl* wrote: ""I'll have a cup too!" She nodded to the bartender and said her thanks. She tilted her head at the boy, " so? What grade you in?" Esperanza asked."

"I'm a Sophomore" He said as he took a sip from his water as he dropped his cup down again. The manager came right in front of the bar an interviewed him right there.

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Espy stared at the two as they talked. wow... I wouldn't be able to do that... I would be weird.. she thought to herself. She turned away.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) She sighed walking off to the bar, hand over her stomach. "Beer please" she wasn't going to be drinking for a while now so she might as well have one last beer

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After the interview was finally done, he looked at Espy as looked at her as she seemed a little tipsy.
"Do you need someone to walk you home or do you already have a cab waiting?" He asked as he was willing to take her home.

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Rachel wrote: "She sighed walking off to the bar, hand over her stomach. "Beer please" she wasn't going to be drinking for a while now so she might as well have one last beer"

Colton smiled at her and touched her red dress.
"Did you buy this at the store?" He asked as he bit his lips a little and flirted with her.

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Espy blinked. "I... Well, I don't know... I..." She fumbled with her purse. No... She forgot her phone! She groaned. "What's your name?" She asked.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) "Yup, you like?" She spun in a circle for him and blowing a kiss

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"My name is Terrence, Terrence Robinson." Terrence knew that she looked drunk enough that she couldn't remember his name tommorow morning.

Colton had a big smiled on his face as he she was teasing him hard. He grabbed her as he ordered himself a 2 shots of rum. Colton was kind of glad that they look a privtae car here. He couldn't be able to dirve all the way back home drunk. He heard one of the club music go on as he held onto dj and whispered in her ears.
"Dance with me."

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) She smiled nodding a little, "I'm a horrible dancer though" she laughed a little

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She sighed. "Okay.. I'm confused.. How can I be s-so drunk when I only had one drink... I didn't want to get drunk you know.. I just.. Needed.. Ah brain space. You're cute. Yup.." She giggled. She glanced around and sighed. She took out a piece of paper. "Here! You have a cell..." She laughed again.

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Terrence smiled back as she sounded a little funny as she gave a piece of paper.
"What is this?" He asked as he looked at it for a second.

Colton Grabbed her tighly into his arms and pulled her into the center of the dance floor and started to hold her from behind as they danced through the beats of the song.

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