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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 87 comments Mod
Where the mermaids and mermen come to hang out.

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Niran " My heart is peirced by Cupid,
I disdain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me, But my jolly sailor bold", Syrena sang that song beautifully as she brushed her fingers through her long, red, shimmering hair. Her tail was in the water, flapping slightly and her upper body sitting on the rocks.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 87 comments Mod
Himeka was in the waaaaaaay back of the lagoon swimming under the surface with the colorful which she hangs out with when she visits the lagoon.

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Niran Syrena sang over and over, still brushing her hair. She dipped her hands into the water and then brushed through her hair again. Syrena had loved that song, her mother would sing it to her as a little mermaid.

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She saw a tail in the waters ahead of her and swam up to it. She emerged from the water in front of Syrena, "H-Hi" she greeted politely.

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Niran Syrena jumped slightly, causing her eyes to open in shock. Then she saw a girl and laughed softly," Sorry. You scared me". Then she smiled at the girl and said," Hi, Im Syrena".

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"Sorry.." she smiles, "Im Himeka. Nice to meet you"

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Niran "Cool name", Syrena grinned. Then she bowed her head slightly and said," Pleasure to meet you too".

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 87 comments Mod
She bows her head slightly too, "Don't you love this place?" she asks swimming around the rock.

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Niran Syrena watched her swim, she followed her with her eyes and then nodded with a smile," It's amazing. It's so soothing".

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She nods, "Yup" she swam around the rock once more before stopping in front of Syrena.

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Niran "Himeka, how old are you?", Syrena asked as she watched Himeka swim and then stop in front of her.

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"14" she replied, "Why?"

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Niran Syrena shrugged," Just asking". She smiled and said," You are much younger than me. I'm 19". She looked out to the waterfalls and the beauty of their surroundings.

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Her eyes widened, "Thats...." she tried to think of a word besides old, but unfortunately her vocabulary isnt that great, "old" she decided.

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Niran Syrena laughed at the girls sudden abruptness. She laughed even more and said," How sweet of you", then she stuck her tongue out to the girl.

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She blushes thinking Syrena said it sarcastically, "I-Im sorry. My vocabulary isnt that great.."

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Niran Syrena laughed and shook her head," It's okay, don't worry about it". She didnt mind people calling her old, but she believed she was just beginning her life.

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"OKay..." she mumbles sinking lower into the water.

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Niran Syrena watched as she sank into the water slightly, she giggled and then flicked some water at her playfully. She started to him and twiddle her hair around her finger.

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She laughs and handed her a seafoam blue comb, "Here. you can use this to comb through your hair if you want"

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Niran Syrena clapped her hands together and then slowly and softly took the seafoam blue comb from her. She smiled hugely and then said to her," Thank you! I adore it!".

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 87 comments Mod
She grins, "Your welcome"

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Niran Syrena smiled at her before looking at the comb, she ran it through her hair and then squealed in delight," Yay! I love it, I love it!".

((I might not be able to RP with you until Friday because of a school trip, so if I don't reply that's why :) ))

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((kk..Lucky, im stuck taking the State Exams till next week. And i still have the Science state exam in May. ugh))

She giggles, "So, whats your favorite color?"

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Niran (( oh good luck! I have science exams in June but English exams in May. How suckie for us ))

"Definitely blue. Or green. No! Turquoise!", Syrena exclaimed, moving her head and hands as she thought about it. Then she smiled at her and said," What's yours?".

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She nods at the comb, "Seafoam blue"

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Niran Syrena looked down at the comb and then smiled small,"It is a beautiful color". She nodded and looked back up at her.

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She grins, "It is..i also like Ice Blue"

message 30: by Niran (new)

Niran ((Sorry!))

Syrena smiled and then looked down at the comb again. Then she looked up at the girl again and asked," Do you ever wish you were something different? Something...not mermaid?". It was a weird question to ask, but it always made Syrena wonder.

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((no worries(: ))

She shakes her head, "Nope. I enjoy being a mermaid. Able to be on land and on water! And with a nice tail to swim around with" she smiles brightly, "Do you not?"

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Niran (( Again, im so sorry! You're probably tired of hearing that))

Syrena looked beside her at Himeka, she was very true.
" I do enjoy it, I love it. But sometimes I do wish I was just...ordinary. That there was no dark and light people, no threats. But that is impossible, of course". Syrena was a big believer of peace, but sometimes the world they lived in was not at all peaceful.

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((haha no worries. Now i'm the sorry one(: ))

"Yeah, I sometimes wish that too" she smiles, "But won't that be boring?" she prompted. "There won't be any action, no suspense, no near death experiences." She added.

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Niran Syrena leaned forward and let out a little laugh and then smile wickedly at Himeka," You know what, you are very right". She moved her tail in the water and then smiled down as the water glistened against the suns reflection.
"Many people wish to be something they are not, including us and many superior creatures", Syrena added as she moved her rail slowly in the water.

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"They should love who they are" she says smiling. She loved being a mermaid. To her, a mermaid is a much better species than all the other creatures out there.

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Niran Syrena smiled," Himeka, for a young mind like yours you have a very wide way of thinking". She laughed and flicked Himeka's shoulder lightly and playfully. She very much enjoyed being a mermaid, maybe sometimes lavished in the fact that this was what she was and who she was.

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She grinned, "Well..Thank you" she says giggling when Syrena pushed her playfully. She flicked her tail out and splash Syrena with a bit of cool water.

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Niran Syrena squealed slightly and shielded herself loosely, she looked at Himeka and let out a laugh. She scowled playfully and then kicked her tail so that water splattered on her too. Syrena laughed again and then raised an eyebrow confidently, as if daring Himeka to continue.

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She squeaked and backed away, trying to avoid the splashing water, failing. She smirks slightly and flicked water at her friend again before diving underwater.

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Niran Syrena laughed as she felt water splash onto her upper body, she tried to shield herself with her arm but it wasn't as effective as she thought. She watched as Himeka dived under the water," Sneaky move!", Syrena laughed," But also clever". She then slid down the cliff and went into the water too, her hair moving in all directions and her fin flapping.

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