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To read or not to read
Thoughtmix Thoughtmix Mar 19, 2013 03:10PM
I am a huge fan of the Bones tv series, and I was thinking of reading the books that the show is based on. Has anyone read any of the books by Kathy Reichs? How were they and are they as good as the show?

Wel, depends why you're a fan of the series... is it because of the forensics or is it because of the characters.
If the first, than go ahead and read the books I would think;
If the seccond however, I'm affraid you're gonna be a bit disapointed by the books because the characters or not at all the same.

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Pam Definetely not the same. I enjoy the literary Tempe more than the televised Tempe.
Apr 05, 2013 06:38AM

I loved the books. In the books she really gets into the explanations of forensic anthropology and even uses some of her own personal experiences. I also really enjoy the characters in the book.

They are both really good but are two separate animals completely. I happen to love both but think of them as two different series entirely.
Outside of her occupation, there are no similarities to the tv series. So if you are looking for an extension of the tv series you will be very disappointed.

I like the books but gave up on the TV series because that Temperance Brennan is too over the top in her lack of tact and social skills. No one that intelligent is that inept.

Kathy Reichs was a forensic anthropologist but hasn't practiced actively for 10 years or more.

Read it, of course...I am huge fan of Bones, but the books are also great..read it before TV show, and despite there are so many differencies between book and show, both are great...Bones are my favorite forensic TV show...

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Thoughtmix - I read the books first. Actually, I read Deja Dead shortly after it was originally published. I really like the series (I have all of them up to Spider Bones) I just haven't entered them on Good Reads yet.
Reichs book series is different, and IMO, better than the TV Show. Here, Temperence has two jobs - university professor in South Carolina, and forensic advisor to the Montreal police. The books alternate between those set in Quebec and those set in South Carolina and occasionally other places (Spider Bones for example takes place in Hawaii).
The Quebec books are the best, with a great set of quirky secondary characters who aren't in the TV series at all.
And yes, as others have pointed out - Reichs really knows her forensics. But then, she is or was a forensic anthropologist. The anthropology, forensics, and science are much more involved in Reichs books, especially the earlier ones.
I would recommend reading the books, but don't expect a Bones tie-in.


I rather like both the books and the tv show - but, there really is no way to compare them. They're completely different. The only real similarity is in the main character. In one version, she's a scientist working at the Smithsonian who writes books about a fictitious version of herself as an older forensic scientist - in the other, she's an older forensic scientist who just happens to have a television show use a fictitious version of her. Okay, I thought that was cute.

If you like forensic mysteries written by people who know their forensics - you can't go wrong with Reichs. But, if you are looking for a written version of the TV show - you're likely to be disappointed.

I like them much better than the show - that being said, the commonalities between the 2 are minute - in the books, she is a 40's, divorced mom who splits her time between North Carolina and Montreal

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