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Favourite Quotes - The Butlerian Jihad

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message 1: by Jenn (new)

Jenn (leota) | 3 comments "I preserved plenty of my sperm before converting myself into a cymek."

This just cracks me up, the idea of Agamemnon furiously "preserving" his sperm before he gives up his human body. I mean, it makes sense that he'd want his DNA to live on since he's going to be around a long time without any way to physically reproduce. But I just picture him all serious and focused, and I love how the word "plenty" is thrown in there! Just in case there was any doubt about the massive amounts sperm he produced. ;)

I have a few more quotes that I highlighted but that's the only one I really have a comment on. Anyone else have any favourite quotes or passages?

message 2: by Jake (new)

Jake Harding | 14 comments Lol, that one was a good one. I'll have to keep my eyes open for quotes in this months book.

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