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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria | 9 comments Hi!

My name is Maria, and I'm looking for some new books to review. I read a lot, and I finally started my book review blog few days ago.
I like to read mostly YA, NA, fiction, paranormal, romance.
I prefer print versions of books but of course I'll review e-books too :)
I review books here on Goodreads, my blog and any other site that author wants.
If you are interested e-mail me on

Thanks :)

message 2: by Krista (new)

Krista Madden | 9 comments I have a YA novella that you can review. Just let me know what your turnaround time is, and what you need. Also, if you review...I will post links to your blog on my Facebook/twitter/goodreads accounts to help get the word out. I love helping bloggers get more subscribers! :)

message 3: by Krista (new)

Krista Madden | 9 comments forgot to mention it is a paranormal romance. first of 2 parts.

message 4: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson | 14 comments Maria, I'll send you an ARC ebook for my newest. It won't be available until April 22nd, but I'd love to get some reviewers peeking at it sooner.

Dag: Dagney Morgan, a sarcastic Department of Agriculture employee with an affinity for paperwork, has a chance run-in with a farmer covered in toxic chemicals, and walks away with a genetically modified baby, along with the seeds of a military-industrial conspiracy. Dagney and her makeshift family scramble to stay ahead of artificial soldiers and megalomaniacal businessmen long enough to reap the truths behind an international web of corruption and intrigue. They also stop for pie, at one point.

message 5: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Graham (mrgraham) | 3 comments Hello, Maria! I've emailed you. :)

message 6: by Margarita (new)

Margarita Felices (felicm60) | 9 comments If you're interested in Paranormal Romance why not try... reviewers can get a free pdf sent straight to their PC.

For a different kind of Vampire story that is full of


download the first part of an exciting trilogy today and prepare yourself for

JOS2: The Call of the Righteous.

Come on over...

JOIN the JOS Facebook page.
Come on by and join the fangs... vV””Vv

Follow me on Twitter: @felicm60

WATCH the short promo that accompanies the novel.

message 7: by Jill (new)

Jill Sanders (jillmsanders) | 43 comments Hi Maria,

I've emailed you some info. If you are interested, please let me know and I can email you my book(s).


Maria wrote: "Hi!

My name is Maria, and I'm looking for some new books to review. I read a lot, and I finally started my book review blog few days ago.
I like to read mostly..."

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara Burr (sarafurlongburr) | 2 comments Hi, Maria!

I e-mailed you. I'd love for you to review Enigma Black, but if you're too swamped now, I completely understand!

message 9: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Floyd (lynnfloyd) | 12 comments Hi Maria!
My name is Lynn Floyd and I’m a new author who is fixing to re-release my Fantasy Romance What Lies Before Us. It is a beautiful story of adventure, magic and love.
After the loss of her older sister, Abbie’s parents are reluctant to let her go anywhere. But you can only keep adventures at bay for so long.
To seek their destiny, Abbie and Phyl and their guardian ghosts will embark on an incredible journey. Meeting mermaids, ogres, dragons… and at least one really cute guy.
The question is, will destiny hold what they think it will hold?
I have free unedited review copies available. Let me know if you are interested.
Thank you for your consideration.
Lynn Floyd

message 10: by Edward (new)

Edward Donnelly (emdonnelly7) | 6 comments Are you still doing reviews?


message 11: by Adam (new)

Adam Tritt (adam_tritt) | 2 comments My latest book needs reviews. All the profits go to charity so I'd very much like to see it going a bit better than it is, and reviews are essential.

It is available on Amazon in ebook right now, because that maximises the profits for the local charity. But soon it will be available elsewhere and in paper.

Songs from the Well A Memoir of Love and Grief by Adam Byrn Tritt



message 12: by Vardhan (new)

Vardhan Vardhan (rajpandey) | 4 comments Hi Maria, I have sent you a mail regarding my novel SplitHearts. If interested, kindly mail me your consent for reviewing the work.


message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Dykes Hi! I am looking for reviews for my series. Right now I three published and they are all fairly quick reads. Mature young adult/new adult.

Soulmates (Soulmates, #1) by Nicole Dykes

I can send one, two, or all three. I have PDF or can send to Kindle email.

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose helg (rosehelg) | 38 comments Please let me review this book.

message 15: by Ann (last edited Jun 01, 2015 03:36PM) (new)

Ann Werner (writingfool) | 40 comments Hi Maria,

If you're still reviewing, I'd love a review of my paranormal love story with a twist. I can send either a mobi (Kindle) file or an ePub (Nook and most other eReaders). I'd love reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and of course, here on Goodreads - and anywhere els you deem appropriate. And I will definitely post your review on my Facebook page, a promotional page on Facebook, my Twitter page and on my personal blog with the link to your page.

Cooper's Grove by Ann Werner Cooper's Grove

message 16: by Monet (new)

Monet (monetp) Here's a brief summary of "The Lincoln Spy."

Summary: The year is 2014 and a secret society of time travelers protect the Earth's timeline from rogue travelers who want to manipulate it. This may all seem like fiction to a normal person, but Amelia Raht has been destined for this life since she was born. Amelia is an independent, intelligent, headstrong traveler in training. Amelia and Otto Ray, both traveler teenagers, reluctantly team up on their first mission to change the fates of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Confronted with watches that can halt time and lightning that is used as a weapon, the two agents travel from Washington D.C. to Dallas, trying to catch time on their side.

The book is available on Goodreads:

Let me know if you'd like to review my book. Thanks!

message 17: by Monica (new)

Monica Handy (monicadhandy) | 1 comments Hello. I am new here, and so need a review of my book, "And... The Mirror Cracked". If you are still reviewing I am able to send an electronic cc copy of my title.

Thank you
M. Handy

message 18: by Madelon (new)

Madelon (madelonw) Hi Monica,

I am a little backed up with books to review right now, but I am a firm believer in reviews not necessarily all hitting the web at the same time. In other words, there is no such thing as a timely review. It just be the one-off that generates a sale. If you are good with this, I read on Kindle, so mobi is my format of choice.

My email is

I look forward to the opportunity to read and review your book

message 19: by Amber (new)

Amber Foxx (amberfoxx) | 9 comments Madelon wrote: "Hi Monica,

I am a little backed up with books to review right now, but I am a firm believer in reviews not necessarily all hitting the web at the same time. In other words, there is no such thing ..."

Madelon, I looked at your profile and some of your reviews, and I would be interested in offering you some books for review. You seem open to works that go off the beaten track. (I write mysteries without murders.) If you click on my profile you'll see that I have a series with quite a few reviews for the first book but not many for the later ones. If reviewing any of them appeals to you let me know by Goodreads message. Thanks. No hurry. No pressure.

message 20: by Madelon (new)

Madelon (madelonw) Hi Amber,

I would like to read and review your books. I understand that the first book, THE CALLING, has been reviewed more than the others. I really do like to start a series at the beginning. It gives me a feel for both the storyline and the way someone writes. You might call it a quirk, but I even like to read non-series books in the order in which they were published. I think this started with my reading Stephen King (although I did read 'SALEM'S LOT before I read CARRIE). I enjoy watching an author develop not only the story but the style and finesse that comes with publishing over a period of time.

If you would like send me the first two books, I will read and review them both. We can see where it goes from there.

You can email me at

All best,

message 21: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Nestvold (ruthnestvold) | 5 comments Hi Madelon,

I write science fiction and fantasy and would happy to send you some of my books to review, if you see anything that interests you.

You can email me at rmnestvold at yahoo dot com.


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