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Your thoughts on Owen & Gin as a couple...
Jessi Overton Jessi Mar 19, 2013 11:08AM
How did everyone feel about Owen & Gin at the end of Widow's Web and where do you think the author is taking their relationship next?

I have already read Deadly Sting so I have an idea but I want to hear from you.

I quite liked how it worked out simply because it wasn't perfect. We have a lot of "perfect" relationships in the genre and I think there's a level of realness to having Owen mess up, having him hurt Gin and then seek redemption in her eyes - especially since Gin doesn't instantly accept it either. There's a powerful reality and meaning to a relationship that struggles, has bad moments and then repairs itself rather than the more classic love-at-first-sight-and-then-everything-is-perfect mold we see so often

Well for one I like it but then the usual thing doesn't bother me much as long as the story is interesting. I have to disagree with what others are saying that about the the fall in love and there are no problems.

It my short foray into urban fantasy it seems to go three ways:

1 - they meet fall madly in love but don't want to accept it yet stick to each other and beat all odds

2 - they misunderstand each other or jump to wrong conclusion and hurt each other but eventually circumstance force them to work together and then they see "the light" and fall madly in love

3 - they start off hating (or have a love/hate thing going on) each other but eventually see into the others past sad story and come to see how "worthy" the other person is and then fall in love.

I totally agree with you Fangs for the Fantasy. This feels much more real to me than the couples who never go through any bumps in the road. Anyone can stay together when things are going well but I firmly believe that it's the bad times that show what a couple is really made of.

I'll be honest and say I was semi intrigued by Owen when he first came on the scene. But I wasn't really rooting for them as a couple right off because I felt there was a ton of stuff we and even Gin didn't know about him. And even as things progressed a bit and we learned he had a similar past as Gin's I was still hesitant. Because sure we all knew Mab was a major power tripping, a-hole, etc. that no doubt murdered several families over the years like that. So it wasn't really something that made him stand out any more or better than anybody else in Ashland.

But when Widow's Web came along and we got to learn he not only had a crazy ex fiancee. But he was originally friends with one of the top underworld bosses too back in his heyday. It really made him interesting to me. Along with his fighting style mentioned in a previous book. Which really gave him some depth of character. And I also loved how the crazy ex, that he still sorta had a blind spot for, challenged Gin. Made her face some hard truths and that for a change she had to swallow/accept the fact that someone else had something major and important going on in their past, than just her having a history with Mab and the few hook ups she had with Donovan Caine.

Heck I even enjoyed the fact that Owen was for a time strong enough to put his foot down and tell Gen that he didn't like her strong arming her way into protecting him. Which she does time and again and in most cases works well for her. But Owen made her realize it worked to not only take out the bad guy but also that being like that can be harmful to a personal relationship too.

Gave them some time to be a part and think about things and who they were. And so when they came back together it wasn't super fast. But gradual and it was good for them and made them more of a couple. However I will say that I didn't like how Owen took ALL of the blame. Sure he may have said one thing to Gen and did another. And Salina did kiss him. BUT Gen also never even really considered any other options of helping Salina at all.

I mean even before she knew about Salina's ex husbands, what she did to Eva, just seeing her affect on Owen, she totally was out to take her out. So to go from that realization, to her being the one that was uber hurt and how Owen had to take all the blame for things was kind of disappointing to me. Like he was wrong for wanting to try and save someone he cared about. Not saying Salina wasn't off her rocker and dangerous. But I really felt it was super wrong of the author to heap a lot of the blame on his back. I mean he was only doing his version of what Gen would have done in regards to wanting to save someone he cared about. Albeit not opting to kill said person though.

So beyond all that, I think they are a decent enough couple. But I felt like if the author put in a bit more with them as characters and in their relationship. They could have been beyond stellar couple. And ironically enough I think that if they were to have a kid, it would have been Gwen from Estep's Mytho's series lol. She is such a combo of the two of them even though she never met them.

Veronica Hmm, Gwen as a Gin/Owen love child? Now there's a thought, lol. It's almost too bad that the author didn't take this route. :) ...more
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I read DS, too. I don't think she's going to pull a Donovan "can't stand your job" and Eva's in Gin's corner so if Owen's going to sulk she might actually move out :P and he'll come back begging.

Nope, he seems to have come to terms with #7 so first step was #8, giving him a good scare and second step I suppose would be bringing a new suitor for Gin in #9 to make him jealous.

Jessi Overton Ahhh but they had the jealously stage already. I think the last step for them is Owen accepting that he failed Gin. From reading DS it seemed that the ...more
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