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last stand of the dead men

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Niámh what do you all think is going happen in the 8th book.

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Niámh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! The cover

Abigail is it just me or does the tittle sound like the last book. (but it cant be there is going to be 9 books that much i know)

as for what might happen i think that val will have to fight her reflection.


everybody finds out who val and skulduggery really are (there true names)

and of course a huge giant fight between good and evil. but its impossible to say who will win because Derek landy is full of twists

Dear i just want to read it so bad

Apollo The book is great and sad at the same time. I loved it can't wait for Book 9

Sarah I loved it sooooooo much and yes Valduggery is my OTP (One true pair) I love them so much but i also like the idea of Dexter and Valkyrie

AgCl seems like they will, but i really think its weird,...i mean would you marry your uncle's friend? who is also, i dunno, even older than your great grandparents?...oh well i suppose its a different thing with sorcerers.

Lve2read uhhh, i'm so sad!!!! last stand of dead me is a great book, but lot's of people die......*spoiler alert*

******* from the dead men team die.. i was utterly heartbroken, and went crazy about who killed them!!! why!! derek why!!

Valencia Cain *SPOILER*
This book has got to be the only book that actually made me want to slam it hard into the wall, kidnap Derek and tie him down, then force him to rewrite the entire book head to toe AGAIN.
I can’t believe some of the things in the book actually happened, I knew the very important and loved characters would die (totally not going to say names) at some point in the series. But HELLO?!?
To almost come to the very end and kill one of the major characters that have been around from the very beginning broke my heart, I actually felt horrible pangs in my chest, and I cried. It wasn’t even remotely funny that Derek did that, but what can we say? He’s a genius and we can’t tell him he can’t.

Nevertheless apart from all the good characters dying, there is portrayal, and liars, and hate and selfishness that take you on a long journey in the book. My personal response would be that many hints and clues from the other books are made crystal clear in this book, events of the past sum up here and shoot back negative or positive energy. It’s like a detective trying to figure something out, looking into all the detail, and then in the end they realise that the evidence was before them all along.

This book makes you realise you’ve been blind all along, Stephanie, who is she? Valkyrie, who is she? Why is she who she is? These are all answered; the point of the reflection, the changing and use of the thing is just shocking. I was amazed by how the reflection came forward in this book, and how Valkyrie fell back off her own feet. I was expecting Skulduggery to be doing something more than walking and talking like a robot after Darquesse made her entrance, but he didn’t.
I guess everything happens in time. Surely Skulduggery won’t let anything happen to Valkyrie, in the first book I remember he said something about his previous partner dying screaming his name.
It would kill me to read in the last book that Valkyrie died screaming his name, cursing him.

Though I enjoyed some parts of it, I didn’t find it as witty as the others. It was more of a serious book, more grasping at the details this time, and you just have to take it in. Fletcher was funny, though he was slightly dry on his jokes and stuff at some points.

Overall, the book is a masterpiece just like the others, but what Derek has done to his characters is although he WANTS TO PICK A FIGHT WITH HIS FANS!

message 10: by AgCl (new) - rated it 3 stars

AgCl i'm most excited about the final dedication XD

message 11: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Long My ten year old is totally hooked on this series and will be coming to the end of book eight very soon. He would rather read SP than play on his Xbox and for me that is great. However I'm now looking for something else which will keep him as hooked so he doesn't get bored before book nine comes out. Any suggestions of something in the same genre that people here think he might like (he's done the Harry Potter series)?

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Viv wrote: "Valencia wrote: "*SPOILER*
This book has got to be the only book that actually made me want to slam it hard into the wall, kidnap Derek and tie him down, then force him to rewrite the entire book head to toe AGAIN......"

AGREED! - I mean it was a GOOD book - but - More valkrye - More I say more! And Skulduggery felt under used too. I liked the plot twist with the sorcerors though.

Stephen - As too books for your ten year old might I suggest:-
The screaming staircase by Jonathan stroud
The amazing maurice and his educated rodents by Terry Pratchett
The Spooks Apprentice series
The Percy jackson series
and ... may be - not sure if too old, its action, funny, wise ass remarks but clean, -
the Iron Druid series by Hearne.

message 13: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Long Thanks Viv and Grimnir.

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Jasmine J anyone finished reading it yet???

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Jasmine J 'until the end'- just had to say that ;):)

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