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Justice Denied: The Unsolved Murder of Peggy Reber
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Peggy Reber Unsolved Murder in Lebanon Pennsylvania

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Melissa Kirst (melissakirst) | 3 comments Mod
This book is a must read for all Lebanon City, Lebanon County Pennsylvania residents.

Melissa Kirst (melissakirst) | 3 comments Mod
Review commentary by Preston.

Author Michelle Gooden has written an excellent monograph of a previously unsolved horrific murder of A 14 years old child in a County in Pennsylvania. This book is best described as spellbinding and is a thorough dismanteling of a corrupt county legal system, all the way from the police to the judicial. In the process of researching this dastardly crime, the author uncovered layers upon layers of county corruption which unfortunately is often the norm in many counties, especially in countuies like the "old coal counties" of Pennsylvania where the "company store" owned so many souls. This is a tough book to put down once someone starts reading it and it is journey which takes one into the deepest recesses of this case.

The only thing I would change about this excellent book is the title. I would call it the "SOLVED Murder of Peggy Reber", since author Gooden has actually laid the case out extremely well. It is now up to a Grand Jury to indict. But wait, that can't happen because the judiciary and prosecutors have shown the appearance of corruption and bias. But why? In order to keep this crime and the system behind it covered up forever. Why? Because several of the powerful players are still living and the same system persists, and full exposure of this system with a good solution and conviction would cause it to crash and numerous folks to suffer severe sanctions. Several more comments are in order about the author's groundbreaking and superb investigation. First, she faced serious danger in researching and investigating this case and then did much better investigative work than all the police detectives involved, who were sidetracked and limited. Her courage and success which overcame these threats and caused therm to fail were then fully met with attempts to smear and discredit her, but these also have failed miserably. Yes Michelle Gooden did what the police would not do, she investigated the crime and uncovered enough for any HONEST or unmanipulated grand jury to act. Honest or unmanipulated is the key here, as the grand jury that was called because of her work was neither and was just part of a continuing coverup, quite easily manipulated and sidetracked. The lack of support Gooden received from the judiciary and police as well as their attempts to discredit her as a part of the coverup is disgusting and itself should raise eyebrows.

The truth is now published and available for anyone that wants to know what really happened to fourteen year old Peggy Reber. The word is out and numerous folks in the town where this horrid crime occurred know what reallly happened, but even then, nothing can be done because of the deep seated corruption still in place in the powerful circles that run the county. Michelle Gooden is a true Hero and her work will persist and over time. It will produce fruits of public awareness and help to erode the corruption behind this sordid crime in this county and other counties like it (and there are unfortunately many). It will help expose the other numerous related crimes, as well as the actions by accessories after the fact in a coverup which goes on even today forty four years later. Hat's off to the author Michelle Gooden, a true American Hero.

message 3: by Phil (new)

Phil Williams | 2 comments Hey Melissa, I live in Lebanon. I've never heard of this murder or the subsequent corruption . I will have to check it out. Thanks for posting this.

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (morapello) Hi Melissa! I'm Melissa! I just moved to Lebanon and I'm definitely going to pick up this book. Added to my TBR!

message 5: by Phil (new)

Phil Williams | 2 comments Melissa wrote: "Hi Melissa! I'm Melissa! I just moved to Lebanon and I'm definitely going to pick up this book. Added to my TBR!"

Welcome to Lebanon, Melissa!

message 6: by Linda (new)

Linda Alonzo (booksrmyescape) | 1 comments I live in Lebanon, have heard about this case, and am skeptical about the outcome of this matter.

message 7: by Dave (new) - added it

Dave Dissinger | 1 comments I was 12 and lived several blocks from the site when this happened. I can still remember reading the newspaper and not believing what I read. Whenever I drove past the intersection of 7th and Maple I thought of it. This crime has been on and off my mind ever since.

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