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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments The novel is not political, but how can one escape politics when the backdrop is Pakistan? I am posting an excerpt from the epilogue, which is a prayer that is constantly in my heart:
"There is no monument dedicated to those who perished at the hands of terrorism in Pakistan. I hope that one day my son can be proud of a Pakistan that is free of poverty, of hunger, and of the corrupt leadership that has contaminated this country. I pray that there will be no child who is misled and taught the table of hatred and misconstrued religious values, no child who is deprived of a childhood and thrown into the world of suicide bombing. I pray that our country will one day be free of the discrepancies between rich and poor and the divide between religious extremists and the overly modern. I pray for a day when, as Fatima Bhutto said, there will be enough refrigerators to house polio vaccines in a country that is a nuclear state. I pray that the literacy rate will not be amongst the lowest in a country estimated to be among the top five nations on the global intelligence scale. I hope that the leaders of the world will remember the reason that the United Nations was created and that wars both official and unofficial will become a thing of the past. I hope that my city will overcome this darkness and once again become the City of Lights. I hope that my country will one day live up to its name, Land of the Pure.

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Salma | 11 comments Thank you for introducing your novel. I will try my best to get hold of it (I'm currently living in Jakarta). The reviews are very credible at the moment. I am also writing my first book, based around a Pakistani father in the UK. I have heard that when you are writing you should be reading books of a similar genre. Currently I am reading Solitude of Illusions by Abid Khan and so far it's an amazing book. Can you suggest any other books on a similar theme?

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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Salma,
Thank you for comment. My book is available on kindle for $4.99, and in paperback on Amazon for $15.95. International customers can order through, because they offer free shipping anywhere in the world. Regardless, 20 percent of the royalty is going to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. It is also listed on the to be reviewed list on the making connections group in goodreads, which means the first 15 people who sign up to review will be sent a free PDF copy. (13 spots are left).
As far as what I like to read, it's literary fiction only, Pakistanii authors I'm familiar with and like are Nafisa Haji, Shaila Abdullah, Ayad Akhtar, Kamila Shamsie and Mohsin Hamid, though there are others. Personally I think it's better not to read books of a similar kind as your own while you are writing, otherwise your writing is at risk of being colored by other authors' styles. I know that Nafisa Haji agrees with my opinion, don't know what others feel. Ofcourse reading is necessary for a writer, just not while actively writing. I read plenty of books while editing etc, just not during the first draft.
Best of luck with your project. Best, short advice I can give you is don't give up, there is nothing sadder than a book that could have been.

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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Xubayr, currently not available in Pakistan, hopefully will be in some months. Right now the only ebook is kindle, because there is an exclusive contract for kdp select, which it is enrolled in for some time, but if you sign up as a reviewer, you will receive the PDF in your email.(Details in previous post, 12 spots left).
Also, first 2 chapters are posted on the goodreads author page.

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Salma | 11 comments Lara, I'm having difficulty finding the 'making connections' group. Could you provide a link?

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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Salma, if you go to my author profile page and scroll down you will find it under the discussions section, ARR 929.

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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments People here seem interested in reading The Lost Pearl, and I really do want the Pakistani readers to have access to it. Since its not available in Pakistan, I have decided to post it here (few chapters a week) so you all can read and discuss as you go along. Your opinion matters, so feel free to comment on what you like and don't like. I do have a few requests though:
1.Please do not share outside this group(few lines with reference are fine)
2. Criticism is ok, and is important for a writer's growth, but please don't be disrespectful
3. Once complete, kindly spend a few minutes to write a review on Goodreads (and other sites for those who have access, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble).
Its only 180 pages, so we can do this over a 2 week period. Stay tuned.

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Salma | 11 comments Sounds good.

Sohaib | 6884 comments Done reading the novel.... and its tearing my heart into shreds by giving it three stars but my heart is telling me it would be a disservice for you if I go easy..... I see sooooo much potential in your writing...

Acha my reason for giving u three stars.... hmm well firstly when you go into describing emotions, you go in too deep and sometimes I have felt that you forgot the storyline... secondly, both the start and the part before end had soo much detail that I started to loose hold over what you were telling... You should give details but it should be clear to the reader where the story is headed... Thirdly, because of the extremely detailed last part before end, the end itself seemed too hurried... For me the end needs to be detailed and all loose ends should be tied... the end is where the reader comes to ters that the story has ended and find a closure if possible.... fourthly, you should not express your political views or let readers feel that you are in a book that says its non political... because the second he feels it he will close his mind....

I hope I was helpful and am really really sorry if any of my word hurt you... but i thought it nothing but your right to be given a good feedback coz that is what I would want :-):-):-)...

Sohaib | 6884 comments And one thing I forgot... once you have established a fact, you dont need to repeat it... I felt it when the you repeated to what happened to Sana... You can always refer to it and let the reader think and get more involved.... the redundancy made me wanted to start skimming :-(:-(:-(

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Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Thank you sohaib for your rating and feedback. That's how we make things better.

Sohaib | 6884 comments I still am gonna write a review :-P:-P... wasnt free... jaisay he hota hai will write u one that will make tear up in joy ;-):-P:-D:-D:-)

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