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Fact or Fiction? > Jesus was unable to read or write.

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Ed Wagemann (edwagemann) | 992 comments Fact or Fiction?

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Literary Very interesting topic! The debate will go on but I think that he could read and write. His ideas and philosophies seem much more progressive for both his time and situation and that describes to me a higher learning of some kind. He also was in Egypt as a child and I think he would most likely have been educated there. Of course in history generally the wealthy were educated and not the poor so would a humble carpenter have been able to obtain this? Hmmm then perhaps he was not a humble carpenter as has been portrayed. I've heard of a theory that he travelled to India. Possibly and learned some teaching there. There is a span of years in his life there is no explanation in the bible of where he was. So for example take Ghandi who in later years dressed like a peasant and lived like one and yet had been a lawyer in South Africa and was educated in England so to me I think it could be possible.

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