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message 1: by Adelina (new)

Adelina | 37 comments Proabably not one I will read again. But it was alright. I loved the little bits of wisdom left throughout. My favorite part though was how quickly Adam and Hugh were able to resolve their differnces once they knew what their problem was!

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan | 86 comments The beginning was a bit tough for me too, just getting used to the author's style. But a little way in and I really started enjoying it. I loved the optimism of the story. Most of the characters were genuinely good people with a few unfortunate faults (Roger's gambling problem, Hugh's jealousy, etc).

message 3: by Adelina (new)

Adelina | 37 comments I agree the beginning was tough!

message 4: by Desiree', Teacher n Training (new)

Desiree' (sequoia01) | 303 comments Mod
Adam of the Road is written by Elizabeth Gray Vining and is the Newbery Medal, 1943.

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