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Victoria Holt Novels

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Kaida46 (deb) (kaida46) | 16 comments Victoria Holt was a pen name used by English author Eleanor Berford Hibbert. She wrote numerous works under several pen names, the following list is only of the books considered "Romantic Gothic". (She also wrote several Historical Novels under the pen name Jean Plaidy (not listed here), they have been hailed for their historical accuracy.)

Mistress of Mellyn (1960)
Kirkland Revels (1962)
Bride of Pendorric (1963)
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin (1965)
Menfreya in the Morning (1966)
The King of the Castle (1967)
The Queen's Confession: The Story of Marie-Antoinette (1968)
The Shivering Sands (1969)
The Secret Woman (1970)
Shadow of the Lynx (1971)
On the Night of the Seventh Moon (1972)
The Curse of the Kings (1973)
The House of a Thousand Lanterns (1974)
Lord of the Far Island (1975)
The Pride of the Peacock (1976)
Devil on Horseback (1977)
My Enemy, the Queen (1978)
Spring of the Tiger (1979)
Mask of the Enchantress (1980)
Judas Kiss (1981)
The Demon Lover (1982)
The Time of the Hunter's Moon (1983)
The Landower Legacy (1984)
The Road to Paradise Island (1985)
Secret for a Nightingale (1986)
Silk Vendetta (1987)
The India Fan (1988)
The Captive (1989)
Snare of Serpents (1990)
Daughter of Deceit (1991)
Seven for a Secret (1992)
The Black Opal (1993)

It will probably be nearly impossible to find these at your local bookseller, unless they carry used books. I find them all the time though at thrift shops and have been making a collection of them as I remember loving them in my younger days.

Check out my Gothic reads Facebook page, thx.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) | 69 comments Cool I just found quite a lot if them today at a used bookstore. Gonna go back and pick up some when I can take some to trade. Fun!

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