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message 1: by Kaida46 (deb) (last edited Mar 19, 2013 07:47AM) (new)

Kaida46 (deb) (kaida46) | 16 comments I would love to read some of these for our monthly selections, anytime.

Northanger Abbey "Horrid" Book List:

Northanger Abbey is a Gothic parody by Jane Austin, here is a list of real books, mentioned by the author, that are read by the characters in the novel.

-The Mysteries of Udolpho by Anne Radcliffe (1794)

-The Castle of Wolfenbach; or the Horrid Machinations of the Count Berniti by Eliza Parsons (1793)

-Clermont. A Tale. By Regina Maria Roche (1798)

-The Mysterious Warning, A German Tale by Eliza Parsons (1796)

-The Necromancer; or, The Tale of the Black Forest, Founded on Facts (1794)

-The Midnight Bell. A German Story, Founded on Incidents in Real Life (1798) by H D Symonds

-The Orphan of the Rhine, A Romance in Four Volumes by Eleanor Sleath (1798)

-The Horrid Mysteries, A Story From the German of The Marquis of Grasse (1796)

-The Italian by Anne Radcliffe (1797)

Most of these books have been out of print for 100 years, but Valancourt Books has an ongoing project to publish old Gothic Novels. They have published many of them already. Check Valencourt's web page or find them on Amazon.

Check out my Gothic Lit facebook page, thx.

message 2: by Denise (new)

Denise (dulcinea3) | 154 comments Thanks for the list, Deb! I thought that The Monk was also mentioned, but I may be mistaken. I've read that, and The Mysteries of Udolpho, but none of the others.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) | 69 comments I have northanger abbey. I've never read it. This makes it seem more interesting tho

message 4: by Louise (last edited Mar 19, 2013 04:35PM) (new)

Louise The Monk is definitely mentioned. Isabella's dreadful brother proclaims it as one of the only novels he has any time for. Not exactly a ringing endorsement! But still one I want to read.

Stephen Hegedus | 205 comments Mod
I read The Italian for class as well as Mysteries of Udolpho. If you want to read the latter, I would strongly encourage you to skip the first part. It's dreadful and nothing important happens. I made the mistake of starting from the beginning only to put it down and discover it gets a lot better later (by that point I was already drowning from all the school work so I never got a chance to back). As for The Italian, it was very good - I never finished because, once again, I was drowning in school work.

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Kaida46 (deb) (kaida46) | 16 comments Thanks for commenting, I'll add The Monk to the revised list.

Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) Hey there!

I just joined this group. Fairly new to Goodreads as well. I saw our name mentioned in this thread so I thought I'd let you know that we had a new website roll out this year which includes a page dedicated to the Minerva Press titles and a page dedicated to Jane Austen's 'Horrid Novels'.

We're very hard at work putting out a new edition of The Orphan of the Rhine which will be out later this year. The last novel in the series, Horrid Mysteries, will hopefully be out early next year.

Thank you so much for the mention!

Our Minerva Press titles

Our Horrid Novels page

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