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Alec walked in with Billy.

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((I don't mind. I don't know what to do with her...))

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"Hello, um, I'm Alec Mayne." He said.

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Alec shrugged. "I have no idea."

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Alec laughed, embarrased, and took one into a dressing room.

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Alec cme out in

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Alec looked at the outfit. "Maybe not the trousers or shoes." He looked Billy up and down. "That's nice."

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Alec did too.

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Alec came out and smiled at him. "Nice!" He was wearing -

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Alec nodded and went to change too.

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Alec jumped and smiled. "Hey."

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Alec had his trousers on and his shirt in his hand. "Seems nice."

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((kk, bye!))

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Alec's cheeks pinkened and he finished getting dressed.

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Alec walked out, his cheeks still lightly pink. He smiled at Billy.

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"'Kay." Alec walked beside him with a smile.

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((No idea, lol :D))

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((sure :D))

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((kk, bye!))

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