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Jace before Clary
Shani Shani Mar 18, 2013 11:22PM
ok so i used to be completely head over heels in love with Jace. i know he is a fictional character but i think many here have crushes on fictional character. but not the point, he is bad-boy, sarcastic, sexy, beautiful, witty, funny just practically very dreamy. that is before he and clary realised they were meant to be and that they cannot live without the other and all that shiz. dont get me wrong, i loved them together.....before they got all ridiculously mushy-but-not-quite-there (i mean either f*** already or just dont do anything that is like metaphorical sex). after he and clary became official, he kind of degraded (in my mind) and now he is almost as irritating as clary. he has become such a drain (which is partially why i like Will (from TID) a hella lot more cos hes virtually the same character without being annoying) anyways, what im saying is that i liked jace more before he and clary became an item. does anybody else feel the same or are you all going to hate on me for this?

I think the only thing that has changed about him is that he cares for Clary now and doesn't beleive what Valentine told him. But I still love him <3

I also prefer Will over Jace. I always thought Will's character is stronger than Jace. I mean they both have their weaknesses but to me Jace is more vulnerable. I also like Will's attitude better. I also understand Will's reason for being that way better. Clary and Jace both seem like damsels in distress to me. They always need to save each other from many things. I read TID before I read TMI and I prefer Will and Tessa over Jace and Clary.

I always thought Jace was a jerk. Yeah witty, but a jerk. And I always will. BUT, with Will...
Now that's different. He's not over done, his character. I love how he doesnt sound jerkish, even though he's witty and all. <3

I also feel a little unatracted to Jace now, which is a first. I loved him before he and Clary got all I can't live with out you and all, I want a bit of the old Jace to shine through and come back, he was more fun and sexier.
But I love Will, I can see where Jace gets his sassiness from, plus Will is still himself when around Tessa and doesn't need to change his attitude, like Jace does to get the girl he loves, Clary should be happy with what she has, cos' I sure a hell will :)

I almost gave up on the TID series on the first book. Im glad I didnt! Will is awesome! Im not sure yet if i perfer him over Jace though.

I think it would be hard to accept love from someone after gorwing up with Valentine as a dad. Then find out who he really is. And what is this TID? I'm curious now.

I agree that Jace has changed but I think that a lot of that has to do with Kristen's point of view. He doesn't think he knows how to love Clary, he's worried he will hurt her, but he wants her love nonetheless. So, yes, Jace does get a little dull compared to Book 1 but he is facing his own inner turmoil now when before he felt alone and was careless.

As far as Will....LOVE HIM!

What's the book "TID"? I've got to meet this Will fellow...

Beladora You'll love Will Herondale.
I'd prefer Will over Jace in a heartbeat.
Mar 19, 2013 07:08PM · flag
Shani exactly what they said, will is just prefection and i wish he was real so that i could marry him but we cant all have what we want...unfortunately :/
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I've always wondered how much of how Jace was before was an act, or effort to protect himself for getting hurt. I've struggled with that concept too becuase I feel like he is struggling to not change because of love either. Its like that quote he says, "To Love is to destroy, and to be love is to be the one destroyed." I think after growing up with Valentine, that it would be rather difficult to accept love from people without questioning their motives all the time.

I'd give a long winded response. But I think a simple, I agree with you. Will suffice. :)

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