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What was the strange food? (Major SPOILERS)

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Mike Dimitroff Since Jules Verne Durand is obviously from our world (La Terre) I was expecting to recognize the strange food Erasmas eats:

It was a cube of (I guessed) some curd-like, fermented substance, tangled up in wilted fronds, flecked with a few crunchy shards.

Alas, I am unable to. Am I not as familiar with French cuisine as I fancy myself, or was that meant to be some kind of synthetic food for all 4 races, unknown to primitive Laterrans like me?

Budd I assumed it was either cheese or Tofu. maybe a futurized version.

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Wm Pope I read it as a salad. Either Japanese style with seaweed, tofu and sesame seeds or French with Frisee, cheese, and croutons. Something salad-y in any case.

The book makes clear that the 4 races can not eat each others foods. Each is from dimensions progressively further down the Hylaean Theoric path, la Terre being closest to Arbre. This is a conceit of the author as there is nothing in multi-dimensional theory that guarantees that the core molecular structure be different, only that it can be different.

Steve Homer I took this to be a Caesar salad (cheese, lettuce & croutons).

Mark Finally, I found other people scratching their heads about this. IIRC it was fished out of a boiling pot. I just read it again. Yes, note the word "carapaces" on the previous page. Originally, I thought that it might be jambalaya (quasi-French) and the Arbrans just didn't know that you peel the crayfish (amenable to fresh water aquaculture, good scavenger, source of vitamin B12). But the cube definitely sounds like tofu. I think that Jules and his assistant brought the only things that gave sustenance and made a crustacean stew.

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