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Can I be the girl again?

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sure! I'll make the guy

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Name: Raven Woods
Age: 19

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Name: lilian Avery
Age- 17
Other- she recently died her hair because she loves funky hair

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kewl! can you start please????

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Sure. Just remember...she gets raped on the street

Lily walked through the dark streets of the large city. She was leaving a party that her friend was having

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Raven wore a hood over his face as he walked down the street

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Lily was glad to be getting home

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Raven cut into a alley ahead of Lily, he leaned against the wall out of sight and waited for her to pass him

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She passed him as the warm eari night wrapped around hed

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he covered her mouth and pulled her into the alley

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She gasped, fear wrapping around her

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((do you think they should go into a abandoned building or something? it's just hard to do it in the open))

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(Well you gotta remember....its pitch black out and nearly midnight. Besides. hats how she gets found. Btw when you see it suitible could youplay a woman that finds her?)

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((ok :) ))

Raven pinned her against a wall and kept his mouth over her hand

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

((mouth not hand))

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

(( switch mouth and hand))

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She groaned in fright and licked his hand to get it off her mouth

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he just smiled, he grabbed a small dagger from his pocket and slowly started to cut he shirt

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She cried as he did this "please don't do this!!" She cried, her blue and green hair falling over her face

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"what would be the fun in that? " he asked and continued cutting up her shirt until it fell off in shreds

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She cried "please stop!"

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he grinned evilly at her and continued to cut up her clothing to small shreds

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She cried, watching the clothse drop

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within seconds all her clothing was on the ground, Raven smiled and stared at her body

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She looked at him as tears streeked down her face

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Raven looked at her face and smiled "you wont enjoy this. and it wont be over soon."

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She started crying harder

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"don't move." he whispered to her and pressed the dagger against her neck, then he used his other hand and moved it down her body

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She cried, taking deep shakey breaths

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he moved the dagger up to her chin and made her look at him

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She closed her eyes then muttered under her breath "I love you mom"

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he stared into her eyes and whispered in her ear "don't plan on seeing her anytime soon."

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She gritted her teeth then said "never put up a fight with a soccer play" she said then aimed a powerful kick, hitting him in the shin

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he cursed loudly "you shouldn't have done that." he said stabbing the dagger into her shoulder

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She screamed and started to run ut fell, ending up with a face full of gravel

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he ran up to her and pulled her up, he slammed her body against his and held her there

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She screamed in pain, her blue and green hair was all over. She reached up and dug her nails into his skin.
(Soon someone should walk by and help her)

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he winced and pressed his dagger against her back. a woman was walking down the street and saw them, she yelled at Raven once she saw what he was doing to her. Raven cursed and stabbed her multiple times before letting her go and running off into the darkness

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She groaned, hurting between her legs and feeling faint from loss of blood

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the woman ran over to her, she saw all the blood and gently pulled her up "come on now lets get you to the hospital. " she said leading her to her car

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She stumbled, feeling woozy from bloodloss

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she put her in the car and quickly drove to the hospital

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She passed out and woke some hours later with her mid torso all wrapped in soft, clean otton gauze

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the woman had left long after she dropped her off in the hospital. a doctor walked over to her "you're awake. good."

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"Ow...." she said as a sharp pain hit her gut

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"how are you feeling? " the doctor asked

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

"Like I got raped then stabbed about 6 times..."

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he walked over to her "so what happened? " he asked

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