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Cry Devil by V.S. Ware V.S. Ware

Genre: Paranormal

Cry Devil

Book Description:

You are one half of a set of twins, identical from the crystal blue of your eyes right down to the deep black ink of the dream catcher tattoos at the nape of your necks. That is, until you move with your sister to the idyllic and lavish island of Vitoria. Your sister is swiftly swept up in the destructive behavior of a wild and charismatic tight-knit group of teens on the island- wading neck deep into the dark end of the popular pool. She changes over night, her blonde hair dyed lilac and lungs freshly filled with the sweet poison of cigarette smoke.

And before you know it, you’re swept up too.

There is a book without a name. And then there are drugs, alcohol, the night sky, and flames. A girl burns alive and a secret binds the six of you in silence. That’s only the beginning. There’s death, magic, intoxicating highs, terrifying lows, ravens that stalk, and boys that steal your heart for fun.

But before all of that, you wake from a coma induced by a life-shattering car accident that took your father’s life and almost took yours. You know when you wake that your life will never be the same, that the darkness of the coma will hardly compare to the darkness that now surrounds your broken family. But you’ll never guess just how dark it will get… or how deadly.

So before supper, say your Grace. It might be your last.

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sent in your requests Lori and Marquerite

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Lori (lori_hayes) | 146 comments Thanks Tana

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Received and thank you.

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Clare dooley (claredooley) | 26 comments Clare would love to read & review your book:) epub please to thanks best of luck

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sent in your request Clare

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