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Girl Characters
♀Demetria Elianna Aachens
♀Claudia Colette Delacroix
♀Kyler Destin Mark
♀Haley Elizabeth Barnes
♀Dallas An Costa
♀Claire Olympia Kostopoulos
♀Odette Marie Spencer
♀Ophelia Tanya Goethel
♀Afton Grace Crisper

Total Count- Nine

Boy Characters
Markus Xavier Thorne
♂Ryan Lee Mitchell
♂Kasper Salvatore Wild
♂Sebastian Alixandre Delacroix
♂Kyle Martins
♂Isaac Ethan Conners
♂Jamison Jacob Lawrence
♂Adam Nathanial Tyrant

Total Count- Eight

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layne Puntiipie can you change Demetria to Katherine

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layne Please? :3

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