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So my idea was something where a little girl thinks she's an orphan, but really she has a father somewhere, and she doesn't know it. She also doesn't know that her father is a nasty, evil demon from the beyond, but she finds everything out later on when she stumbles upon a haunted mansion that is inhabited by him as well as other demons and ghosts. So yeah...

Does that idea sound cool to you?

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Cool!!!O_O sounds like something me and my friend came up with a few years ago :3 it sounds amazing!!

Who would you like to be Father or daughter?

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Sweet! I'd like to play the father.

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^_^ Awesome then so how old shouldthe girl be? mid teen? or like 13 or 15 xD

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Maybe 13? Or she could be even younger, but that is really up to you. It's your choice. XD

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xDDD Okay then! wanna make your charrie first?

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Sure! Give me a few moments. :D

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Okay ^_^

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Name: The Undertaker.
Age: Looks 45 but is really thousands of years old.
Gender: Male.
Species: Demon.
Personality: The Undertaker is eerie, animalistic, uncivilized, dark, mysterious, quiet, and likes to keep to himself whenever he chooses. But he is very evil and vicious, and he is extremely bold and will walk right up to a person without fear. But if you get him to like you for any reason, he reveals another side that he tends to keep buried deep within himself. Once you succeed in getting into a close friendship with him, you will end up loving him to death. When the Undertaker reveals his other side, he becomes kind, gentle, loving, affectionate, always willing to comfort in troubled times, and fiercely protective. Once he cares for you, he will be loyal to the end and will guard you and protect you no matter what, even if he ends up dying in the process. Sometimes, the Undertaker is so protective that he can end up becoming a little too overprotective.
History: The Undertaker takes on the dark pleasure of going after people, haunting their houses and viciously attacking and torturing them, even going to the extreme of brutally killing people. All in all, the Undertaker is truly a creature to be seen in a horror movie, a monster that is truly your worst nightmare. But the Undertaker has a special secret. He has lost his daughter, and he does not know what has become of her. He secretly misses her greatly, but he keeps that hidden within his dark, evil personality.

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Name: Allium ((Last name not found))
Age: 15
Creature: Demon ((Doesnt know))
Personality: Allium is a quiet girl ever since she was put into foster care, never really making any friends. When someone makes Allium mad she can become a taker of hell, she doesnt know how but the person faces exterme pain. Though when you reach her soft side she be-friends you and turns to a loving bug. She takes you into loving hugs and smiles and looks up at you with happy eyes.
History: Allium usually spends time in the graveyard because she feels somewhat safe there for an unknown reason. Every since she was 3 she lost her dad and has always dreamed of finding him again. She keeps this covered up though with her shy quiet personality.
Other: Has a few tattoos and Piercings...has an old ripped up photo of her dad and her.

((Thought it would be more interesting if she was about 15 cause she would be more dramtic cause at that stage xDD))

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((That's true. It looks great! XD))

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((Thanks ^_^ wanna start or me?))

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((You can. :) ))

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Allium walked down the side walk her high tops hitting the ground softtly. Her blonde hair in a bun as she listened to music, "Ill bleed for you, forever i will lie awake..i will die for you!" She sang out loud her voice amazing. She looked up seeing a old house and seeing a adventure she grinned racing towards it. She never knew why she was so fast as she was but she never thought of it, She jumped over all the fallen trees and jumping through shrubs. She finally reached the house looking around "Cool" She said to herself before walking into it.

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Deep in the dark, misty, eerie mansion, the Undertaker prowled around, lurking in the shadows, his black boots hitting the floor with quiet but yet audible footsteps. He was heading towards the cemetery in his backyard. As he stepped out the back door, he started walking onto the dry, dead ground of the graveyard.

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Allium heard the faint footsteps and tilted her head. "What the hell?" She asked stepping carefully along the creaky floor boards. She soon reached the graveyard and saw someone, she frowned slightly Someone was here? She stepped onto the dry leaves and dead ground of the graveyard "Hey!" She said her curiosity getting the best of her.

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Then the Undertaker heard a girl's voice. He suddenly stopped walking and just stood right there where he was. Growling animalistically deep in his throat, his eyes flashed red for a brief second before resuming back to what they looked like before. His territory was being invaded. His head slowly turned around to see Allium right behind him. He growled again deep in his throat, more softly this time. He was dressed in his long coat and his black hat.

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"Woah..uh I'm sorry sir.." Allium looks up at the dude. There was something about him, she bit her lip softly. "I'm sorry if this is your place..." she murmured shyly a little dazed. "Oh..uh sorry again...you just look so.." she paused " like someone I use to know " she replied.

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The Undertaker looked down at her, giving her a chilling stare. "This is my place," he replied in a deep, gruff voice with a hint of an animalistic growl. But then he paused, staring at her slightly in confusion. But the confusion instantly vanished from his face, but it did not vanish from his mind. She looked familiar to him as well. "So do you..." he replied after a long pause.

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Allium sighed "Sorry.." she murmurs a bit sad cause she thought this could be her quiet place. She then looked at him when he said she looked familiar as well, " My name is Allium if that would help" She said moving her blonde hair out of her eyes. " Maybe you saw me at the graveyard..or the foster home..probably the graveyard looking for my dads grave..even though he probably isnt dead..just havent saw him since i was there" She said not noticing she was just talking freely.

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((You on rping buddy o.o ))

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The Undertaker narrowed his eyes thoughtfully at her, looking her up and down. "That does help," he murmured. "I once knew someone by the name of Allium. She was my daughter. I lost her when she was three, and I've searched for her since." Since Allium was talking freely to him, the Undertaker chose to talk freely as well and tell her this. Perhaps she knew about his long-lost daughter.

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Allium blinked for a moment before looking at him her bright blue eyes a bit wide. "I lost my father when i was three" she murmurs, No..Could it? No..this was just random things. He wasnt her father was he? She took just a small step towards him looking up at him curiously.

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The Undertaker cocked his head at her curiously, slightly frowning thoughtfully. "Must be a coincidence...." he murmured after a very long pause.

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Allium still looked at him biting her lower lip in thought. She then shaked her head to his words before digging into her back pocket. She pulled out an old photo that was in bad condition but good enough to see, she handed it to him. It was a male holding a little girl in his arms, It was this man and her, it had to be she took in a shaky breath as she waits for his next words.

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The Undertaker reached out and took the weathered photo from her, and he looked at it. Sure enough, he recognized himself in the picture. He actually had that same photo himself in the mansion, only it was in a better condition. Shock began to build up in the Undertaker, his eyes beginning to widen. "What?!" he said, his voice a shocked whisper. His gaze shifted back over to her, visibly shocked.

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Allium just shifted her gaze to the ground closing her eyes letting the tears fall. " The last time i saw my father is when i was three...i never knew my mother..only my dad..something happened and now all i remember is that i ended up at the orphanage" Allium whispers softly. Allium kept her head down "My name is Allium, and i have a photo of you and me together..one of me and my dad together...that is you.." She then took a breath before she opened her eyes looking up at him. "So that means you're my father" She finally says in a quiet voice her bottom lip was quivering lightly because she was scared that he would just blow her off and think it was nothing at all.

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The Undertaker just stared at her for a moment. Then his gaze shifted down to the ground, his hand subconsciously handing her back the photo. At first, he didn't know what to do or say. He was just so shocked and stunned. But after a little silence, some tears began to visibly fall from his face, and the Undertaker began to cry. As tears flowed down his cheeks, he looked back up at her, his bottom lip quivering ever so slightly as if he was about to break down and sob. "Allium?" he whimpered. "Is it really you, my child?"

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Allium took the picture and put it in her back pocket again. When she looked up to see him crying she felt her own tears fall more as she nods slightly. " D-Daddy?" She asked her voice shaky as she moves closer and hugs him her small frame trembling slightly. " I-Its me" She says whispering softly.

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The Undertaker felt more tears fall. He slowly put his arms around her and hugged her back. But it wasn't very long until the Undertaker tightened his hug, embracing her more closely. He began to cry more, finally breaking down into quiet sobs.

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Allium was already sobbing holding onto him her arms tightly around him. " Daddy...Y-You are really h-here" She whispers, she slowly pulls back just to look at him. Tears filled her eyes and stained her cheeks as she smiles softly as him "Twelve years..and finally we are together again" She says.

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The Undertaker looked down at her, actually smiling for the first time in years. He could not stop crying. He nodded slowly before he leaned down a little and kissed her forehead as a father would do it. "I will never allow you to be separated from me again," he almost whispered. "I missed you...so much." The Undertaker found that he had to cover his face with his hand for a moment as he began to sob again.

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Allium giggled softly " I missed you too. " She then takes his hands away from his face kissing his cheeks softly. " Dont cover your face please daddy..its okay to cry" she says hugging him once again sighing happily. "I g-get to leave my foster home now r-right? So i can be with you?" She didnt let him go as she spoke, she just couldnt she felt that if she left go he would disappear again.

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The Undertaker hugged her back tightly and securely. He chuckled softly, his laugh a sobbing sort of laugh. "Of course you can leave your foster home. I want you to leave. I want you back with me. I wouldn't stand it if you stayed there while I'm over here."

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Allium smiled brightly and hugged him at the same tightness "W-Wait..that means im a d-demon as well right?" She asked curiously. She never really knew if she was but she did guess about it some time ago. She slowly pulls back looking back up at him "Guess my curiousity paid off really well today" She giggled softly moving her blonde hair out of her eyes.

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The Undertaker nodded. "You are a demon, just like me." He smiled softly, reaching up and moving a few extra strands of hair lovingly from her face.

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Allium smiled " I knew it!" She giggled then nuzzled into his hand softly. "I missed you so so so much " she said again her voice was soft and full of daughterly love.

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"My precious daughter..." The Undertaker's voice was full of fatherly love as he caressed her cheek. "I love you so much."

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"I love you more " She teased then hugged him again. She was still short compared to his tall muscular size. She nuzzles into him closing her eyes.

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Chuckling softly, the Undertaker hugged her back, holding her closely, not wanting to let go for fear of losing her again. He kissed the top of her head as he hugged her.

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Allium hugged him then pulled back smiling happily. She then takes his hand taking him inside just as she hears the rain pouring down outside, she walked close by him though. "Whatever happened to mom daddy?" she asked quietly.

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The Undertaker followed her back inside and shut the door. But then his face fell, his eyes looking pained with heartache and sadness as his gaze shifted to the graveyard out the window. "Your mother's dead, Allium," he said softly, looking back at her, his face still full of heartache.

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Allium frowned softly then saw the look in his eyes. She quickly wrapped her arms around him holding him close "O-Oh...." She whispers softly. She nuzzled him then wanted to try something so poked a special spot on his tummy which she knew was his tickle spot even from all those years ago.

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The Undertaker hugged her back sadly, but then she poked that special spot. The Undertaker could not help laughing. "After all those years, you still remember always getting me with that."

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Allium giggled "Im surprised i do remeber" She teased and poked the spot again seeing his laughing. " Bet you dont remember mine" She smirks.

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The Undertaker smiled mischievously. "Maybe I don't...." His hands began to go towards the areas in her ribs where it really got her when he would tickle her. "And maybe I do." Then he started tickling her.

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Allium`s eyes widened slightly and as she was just about to say something she started laughing. Her eyes closed as she wiggled and giggled like crazy "D-D-Daddy!" She squeaked. She poked and tickled his ticklish spot again her blonde hair falling out of the bun and got in her face slightly with the laughing.

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The Undertaker laughed and laughed, but he found he had to stop tickling her because she was getting him back. He laughed hard as she tickled him. "Okay, okay, you win."

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Allium stopped then had to lean into him breathing hard giggling softly. It made her happy everytime he laughed now, she hid her face in his chest calming her breathing but still giggling.

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The Undertaker calmed down finally, slipping his arms around her into another fatherly hug. He smiled down at her, reaching up to stroke her hair that was now down and had fallen out of the bun.

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