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graham cracker Jackson got adopted into a very wealthy family. This is his parents house..Well also his house.

The Outside

♛█ Fount Of The House
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♛█ Back Of The House
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♛█ Garden
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Downstairs !

♛█ Entrance Hallway
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♛█ Living Room
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♛█ Kitchen
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♛█ Dining Room
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♛█ Bathroom (Main)
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Second Floor !

♛█ Main Room ( First thing seen when going upstairs )
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♛█ Parents Room
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♛█ Guest Room
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♛█ Jackson's Room
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Jax walked into the cavernous house, looking around as he wondered if anyone besides the house keeper was actually home. Typically his foster dad was on some business trip or in the office working on some type of important project. Tossing his leather jacket on the table in the foyer instead of hanging it in the coat closet like he was supposed to, he turned left and walked into the living room. “Dad?” he called out, being silent after the words left his mouth, praying there would be no answer. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 he counted before smiling to himself due to the lack of response.

Jax walked to the main stair case and ran up it, only touching every other step as he went. Once in his room, he picked up the Gibson J-200 from his bed and placed it on the stand where it belonged before walking back to the bed. Lifting the mattress, he pulled out a pair of keys and tucked them into his pocket. He had been waiting for a chance to do this ever since he had copied the keys from his father’s key chain. It was a matter of minutes before he was back down the stairs and pulling on his jacket once more.

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Texting Jax she pulls up to his house and after parking the car, hops out. She runs a hand through her thick brown hair before shutting the door and heading up the stairs leading to his front door. Falon knocks on the door before checking the handle and finding it open, let's herself in. "Jax?" She calls her accent easily heard, before walking into the living room looking for some sign of life. Falon walks back into the kitchen and grins slightly. She slides into one of the bar stools thinking about the first time she had been here before spinning around slowly not really thinking about anything. She had heard him so now she just decided to wait.

graham cracker A small sweet voice caught his ear, “Jax?” it asked in a thick, but understandable accent. Jax stopped in his tracks, putting the most innocent smile he could manage on his face before turning around. Jax took his hand of the zipper of his jacket and walked into the kitchen seeing Falon. "Hey, I didn't know you were coming," he said and sat on one of the stools next to her.
He patted his back pocket to check and see if the Keyes didn't managed to slip out. He was good; they were still there.

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Falon stopped spinning before looking over at him. She brightens slightly before giving him a wave in greeting. She nods, "I texted...two minutes ago." She says with a look down at her phone as if in confirmation before giving him a lopsided smile. "I wanted food so I came here. I believe the cafeteria food is deadly, thus, leaving me with either your place or the vending machines." She says as way of explaining her sudden appearance.

graham cracker Jax laughed a little a her comment about her being hungry and her having to come to his house for food, “I guess I’m supposed to take that as a compliment,” he joked with a smile. Walking over to the couch he sat back down, leaning back as he draped his arms over the back of the couch. “Yea,” go ahead and take some food,” he said like she was his sister or something. “Things have been the same…you know me,” he shrugged. Taking in her appearance, he shot her a confuse look. “Is it cold in here or something?” He asked sarcastically. “Take off your coat…stay a while,” he offered. “I mean hell, Falon, its not like we’re strangers”

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Falon laughs softly before hopping off the stool like a little kid and opening the fridge, pulls out some stuff to make a sandwich. She sets it all on the counter before shutting the fridge and then shrugging, "same old same old." She murmurs and ducks her head slightly a blush forming on her cheeks at his comment. "No it's not cold in here and yea I know but I've only been here for a few minutes. Give me some time," she shoots back in a good natured manner while walking over to him. She slips off her coat and then throws it on top of his head before walking back over into the kitchen.

graham cracker Jax allowed her jacket to remain over his head for a good 20 seconds before he pulled it off. "Do I look like a coat rack to you," He teased, with a small smirk across his lips. "What are you makin', " he asked her as he arched his head up trying to see what she was putting on her sandwich. He shook his head and stood up with her coat in his hand and walked over to the coat rack and and hung it up. He did the same with his jacket. A few moments later he walked back over to the couch and sat back down. Picking up his guitar and strummed a simple toon.

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Falon shrugged at his comment, "you know you love holding my jackets." She replies while adding some lettuce and tomatoes to the sandwich. After adding a little bit of mayo, she walks over to the sink and washes it off before ignoring his question about the sandwich. Once she added the ham she stuck it on a paper plate that was sitting on a stack on the counter and walked over plopping herself down next to him. Falon takes a bite watching him play before wrinkling her nose making her face scrunch up. "Did you not have any classes this morning?" She asks her face thoughtful.

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graham cracker Jax quickly muted the guitar strings as his tactic was pointed out, sending her a small smile. “Theres that big lawyer brain, hard at work,” he replied back, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Jax left the guitar in his lap but didn’t play any more. "No, I didn't have any classes this morning. I have to leave at 12:30 because I have a class at one," He said and leaned back on the couch and looked at her ham sandwich and picked it up and took a small bite and set it back down on her plate. "That is was you get for having food next to me," He said with his mouth full. Jax didn't feel embarrassed around Falon. They have been friends for as long as he could remember. Therefore is was fairly easy for him to act himself around her. "what about you? Any classes,"

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Falon rolled her eyes, "you know I'm not majoring in law. I prefer not to be stuck in this hell hole for god knows how many more years." She says pulling her knees to her chest and balancing the plate on her knees. She watches him stop playing before frowning. "Lucky, I had to sit through a stupid 2 hour lecture on 'How Literature Changed through Time.' Plus I didn't eat anything this morning, hence, my being here now." She says watching him warily as he took her sandwich. Falon takes it back before pouting slightly and then takes another bite. "Yeah yeah," she says sarcastically after swallowing. "We should do something tonight, when do you get off?"

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graham cracker Jax pulled out the Keys that were in his pocket; he the handed them to Falon. "It's the keys to my dads boat, I copied them. We can go out to the lake or something and go for a boat ride later tonight," he told her as he put his feet up on the coffee table. Right as the maid walked in he Immediately pulled his feet off the table and took his keys back from Falon and shoved them in his pocket.

"Mr. Jackson, I didn't know you were here," she said in a small voice. The woman before him had been around since before his foster mom passed away and stood at only 4’9, a hight that seemed even smaller due to her age. “Don’t get in no trouble Mr. Jackson,” she warned, “I don’t want to have to be explaining to Mr. Weber why I let you do something stupid.” Jax nodded, actually feeling a pang of guilt for his plan to steal his father’s boat to go drink and party with some friends. He knew that more than the role of housekeeper was put on his shoulders, the woman was also unofficially charged with keeping him out of trouble or destroying anything of his fathers.

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Falon took them looking down as they glinted slightly from the track lights on the ceiling. She began to say something, while not knowing what sh was going to say exactly before whipping her head around to find Mr. Webers' maid come in through the door. She blinks in surprise, not having seen nor heard from her for a while. Falon quickly grabs the plate holding the half eaten sandwich as it titers closely to falling off her knees. She grabs it and leaning forwards sets it on the table where Jaxs' feet had suddenly vacated.

Watching the maid scold Jax she smiles slightly to herself before checking her phone. Slipping it into her jeans pocket she then turns her attention back to where the small woman was continuing to scold him. Falon bites her lip to try and stop a laugh but ends up snickering anyways before snapping her mouth shut. It wasn't necessarily that the woman was scary but she remembered herself getting scolded by her own maid and brought back the small pranks she had put her through.

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graham cracker Jax turned his head and looked at Falon as he was being lectured by the maid. He noticed that she held back a laugh and he grinned.
Mrs. Alice, the maid, rolled up the news paper that was in her hand and whacked him on the head; with the rolled up news paper.
"Did you listen to anything I said Jackson?" She said
Jax rubbed the top of his head and stood up.
"Yes, I did I'm going to get into any trouble. You don't need to baby me anymore I'm twenty one years old," He told.
Mrs. Alice placed her hand on her hip and huffed. "Alright then, Ill take your word for it." She said and walked out of the room and up the stairs to clean out the bedrooms.

Jax looked down at Falon and grinned. " I see you get amused easily," he said with his eyebrow slightly raised. "Well, I need to go to class. I get out around six-thirty. Meet me in the parking lot," he told her as he walked over to the coat rack and tossed his leather jacket over his shoulders and put his arms threw the armhole. He ran his hands threw his matted up hair and looked at Falon. "Do you have any classes right now?"

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Falon looked over at Mrs. Alice before smirking at her ability to make a perfectly grown man become whittled down to nothing but a child who needed a serious talking to. Once she had finished, Falon burst out laughing at the insanity that was this situation before nodding in agreement. "I do become easily amused however you should know that considering I am me." She says before turning as he walked to the coat rack. Watching him she shrugs once before going quiet thinking. "I think I get out at six seeing as I had a class this morning and I don't have to work tonight I believe I can do that." She says standing up before grabbing her own coat. "What class do I have right now?" She questions aloud before remembering. A frown flits across her face mixed with distaste before sticking her own coat on.

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