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RolePlay - Will your name be called?

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Okay, so this is basically a regular roleplay, and here are my rules :)

1. You can be whatever you want, but on a few conditions:

-There must be at least one boy and one girl per district in order for the games to start
-If there are too many people applying for the same district, then I will pick the first 2 people from each gender who applied to stay and move the others to a random district with not enough people (If you want a better chance to be reaped, then you may want to be in a lesser favored district)
-You can be a stylist (max 4 per gender per district)or capitol citizen (game maker and a few sponsers), but let's work on filling up the district citizens first
-You must have my consent to be who you are
-Please include a personal bio on your character
-No invincible or all powerful characters please (no magic)

2. If you die you can be reborn into another character with my consent, but to participate in the games, you must wait till the next "year"

3. If you are not picked, you can be a stylist or stay who you are*

4. Please, please, please be nice and follow the rules :)

~~Remember, first come first serve!!!~~


-Tributes will be chosen by random
-We will start off on the 51st games
-The "year" will begin on the day before the reaping and end after the victory tour
-If you are approved your character's name will be listed under their respective district under Citizens of Panem
-*If you are not picked in the game you can make another character who can be a stylist (or several) and/or a sponsor from the capitol [but you are still more than welcome to continue with your original character]

Current Activity: Gathering citizens

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District 1:
-Lace Glen(f)

District 2:
-Terra Vita(f)
-Annabelle Grace(f)

District 3:
-Harmony (f)

District 4:
-Dinah (f)
-Jason (m)
-Grace (f)

District 5:
-Allegra (f)
- Raven(f)
-Granite (m)

District 6:
-Carla (f)
-Flav (m)

District 7:
-Azalea Wood(f)

District 8:
-Katie Oak(f)

District 9:

District 10:
-Clive (m)

District 11:
-Eva Neas(f)
-Ozwin (f)

District 12:


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***The Games***
We'll start off from the 51st games and go from there

51st Games:



52nd Games:



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Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ This is awesome okee :)

Tribute - District 2 or 4


Age 17

Terra Vita

Height: About 5'9"

Physique: Pretty lanky but strong and defined.

Appearance: Long brown hair and defined facial features. Bright green eyes. She is of mostly Latin and Caucasian descent, with a bit of Australian.

Personality: Very smart and calculates everything she does. Can easily manipulate people. She is a very selfish person except for the ones she truly loves. She will fly waaay under the radar until it becomes time to kill. She has no mercy when it comes to her opponents.

Favored weapons/strengths : Knives especially machete, bow & arrow, swords, and good at hand to hand combat. Is especially good at setting snares and lures. She is resourceful with good reactions, able to climb trees and is average speed sprinting-wise. She has pretty good flexibilty and a lot of upper-body strength. Her extensive pre-games training has developed her quick thinking, accuracy, and ability to think ahead.
She can seduce many of the weaker male competitors due to her beauty, and get them to do what she wants.

Strategy: Join forces with a few strong competitors who still fly under the radar, but does not get too close to them as their time will come. She will prefer it more when many other tributes are dead and she can plot the others' demise in solitude. She stays away from the bloodbath until it has died down and otherwise keeps near and using the resources in the arena to her advantage.

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I'll join!

Tribute --
District 1

Gender --
(varies depending on the weather)

Name --
Ninja Alias: Renkinjutsushi (錬金術師);
Gamer Alias: Epic Korean Demon Ninja (EKDN, pronounced "Eckdin");

Physical Description --
Race:::: Korean and French/German-descended
Height:::: 5'10"
Weight:::: 6 pounds
Appearance:::: Asian features (overall gorgeous and badass), short chestnut brown hair, tall despite eastern descent, dark brown eyes (almost black, like my soul)

Personality -- emotionless, cunning, cold, calculating, silent and deadly (creepy Asian style), completely antisocial, plotting everyone's demise (even if ally or not in games)

Abilities --
Weapons:::: Katana (samurai sword), Nunchaku (nunchuck), Kunai (short gouging knives), Shuriken (throwing stars), Kama (sickle), Fukiya (blowgun), Makibishi (iron spikes; similar to nunchuck), Happō (blinding powder)
Physical Abilities:::: Martial Arts, Superhuman Speed (invisible at full speed; can temporarily run on water), Night Vision, Acrobatics, Flexibility and Agility, Hiding and Sneaking unseen
Mental Abilities:::: Highly intelligent (Asian, duh), manipulative, 6th sense, limited bilocation (spiritual projection), limited Telepathy/Telekinesis, limited Precognition
Strategy:::: Remaining unseen; sneaking about or using trickery and silencing opponents in the night

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District 7:

Malia has blonde hair, is tall and slim and for this reason is often seen as a dumb blonde, but this is totally wrong. Malia is 16, very clever, and while she is good at shooting darts she is weak. She is good at climbing trees and keeping out of sight, and is relatively fast, but her lack of strength may be her downfall...

Tara district 4

name- Tarmia (14)
long strawberry blonde hair,(usually put up in a high braid) about 5'7, skinny. bright green eyes.

abilities- awesome at throwing knives. very fast and nimble,can do back flips and likes to climb at drawing, just sayin.she is quite strong for her size.

personality- shy, creative. persuasive and tricky.she is very clever.(the mind of foxface). will not trust ANYONE! (meaning, she will not make allies)

strategy- hiding during the day, attacking during the night. tries not to look like a large threat so her opponents will pass her by.

weaknesses- very bad knees, not very fast at running.lacks in flexibility. she is deathly afraid of bow and arrows!

Gabby I think this would be better in a roleplay group. No spam and inconsiderate trolls :)

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Name: Azalea Wood



Abilities and personality: Snares and traps are her abilities, and she is also quick and agile. Because of her experience in her district she can climb trees very well. She is bubbly with her friends and is very skeptical. She'll only trust those she knows. Her weakness is her size and her "trust skills"

Physical Description: Brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes. Small and petite. Height is 4'5 and weight is 82 pounds. She can lift a little more weight than the average female 13 year old because she helps bring wood from the forest to the town in her district.

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*kathaya* yay! roleplay! hmm...

Name: Lace Glen



Abilities/Weaknesses: knife-throwing and charm are her abilities, but her weakness is she can be easily lured through sweet-talk (like most teenaged girls XP)

Physical Appearance: Jet-black hair and a slim body. Peridot-green eyes

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Teirney, Kathaya, Tara, Iola, Gav, Pheobe, Neha, and Olivia are approved. Congrats and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Melanie wrote: "Teirney and Kathaya, a little bare, but okay! Tara is also approved. Congrats and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!"

How come I'm not approved?

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Iola ivy
age 16
district 2

fast runner but loud, horrible at hiding, but is good at climbing, (free runner)
is good at one on one, and favorite weapons are hidden blades and crossbow. has experience with a mace,sword and most other weapons as she is from district 2 (weapon district). is good at making anything her weapon.
can read people easily so can guess others strategies and future game plans. she can also take some time to think things through logically. manipulates the weak girl act to her advantage. hot headed with people and can easily snap at allies.

not skinny or slim just normal! long sandy hair and dark blue eyes, Irish

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Iola GAV * FALLENWORLD ♥ wrote: "Melanie wrote: "Teirney and Kathaya, a little bare, but okay! Tara is also approved. Congrats and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!"

How come I'm not approved?"

i think its because you have magic/special abilities

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Iola wrote: "GAV * FALLENWORLD ♥ wrote: "Melanie wrote: "Teirney and Kathaya, a little bare, but okay! Tara is also approved. Congrats and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!"

How come I'm not approved?"

i ..."

Oh Ok I just realized it said no magic.

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Olivia Name:Katie Oak
District: 8

She has freckles, long blond hair(usually in two pony-tails) and dark brown eyes. She's average height and weight, though slim.

She does not have any certain abilities (we'll find out during the 3 day training session if she gets reaped.

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Yay! I got my sister to join. Well, I kind of forced her... but she loves the movie :)

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Neha District 11(f)
Name- Eva Neas
Looks- 5'2'' height. Slim and weak looking. Shoulder length black curly hair pulled back in a ponytail, brown complexion, brown tired looking eyes.

Backstory- She has three elder brothers, the youngest one can't participate this year in Hunger Games as he's turned 19. Dad's dead 4 years ago. Mom can hardly work with her bad health. So we four work together, me being the fastest of them.
Abilities-strong arms( she is one of the fastest people in reaping crops), ability to recognise the poisonous and useful plants, knowledge of many types of medicinal herbs and shrubs, climbing tall trees, can keep an eye on lots of things without anyone's notice
Favorable weapon- Knives
Disabilities- not fast in running continuosly, if environment is bad she gets sick quite easily.

Gonna be fun ;)

Phoebe District 2
Age: 14
Name: Annabelle Grace
Looks: Skinny, brown eyes and long black hair.

Abilities: Has a good talent and one on one combat and some skill with a bow and arrow. Fast runner, can climb trees and can fright with swords.
Favorable weapon: Knives or swords
Disabilities: Can be easily manipulated.

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Tara yay! im approved!

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Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ 캐서린 wrote: "APPROVE ME ALREADY!!!"

You aren't approved because you have magic. No magic allowed.

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Autumn-Rain District: 4
Gender: Female
Name: Dinah ("DEE-nah") Magella Tumbolnos
Nickname: Dee
Appearance: 5'8" with olive skin and large hazel eyes, long burgundy hair, large feet, 130 lbs
Personality: not very trusting, quite sardonic, rather punny
Strengths: Camoflauge, soundproofing areas, climbing
Weaknesses: gets slightly dizzy at gore, aggresive

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Neha Thanx for approving :)!!

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C District: 6
Gender: Female
Name: Carla
Nickname: Kai
Age: 14 (I'm already allowed, right?)
Appearance: Black-brown hair and eyes, 5'5
Strengths: has a sharp eye, intelligent, logical thinker
Weakness: not a fast runner
Favorable weapon: knives


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Joe Reyes This sounds fun, but how would we role play? What time would we do this? Just a question but here's my character:
District: 4
Gender: Male
Name: Jason
Age: 14
Appearance: Dark brown hair, 5'4'', brown eyes, dark tan skin.
Strengths: Silent and can move unseen... some of the time ;), Fast, and knows how to hunt.
Weaknesses: Not that strong, not able to take a life easily (unless enraged), sometimes gets dizzy spells, and is not good alone.
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows or throwing knives

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Snowballina Name:Allegra
Nickname: Al
District: 5
Age: 16
Appearance: 5'5", green eyes, Elbow length dark brown hair freckles, light red highlights, hair is wavy tan skin
Personality: Outgoing, Sweet/good natured, sarcastic, intelligent and sometimes impulsive, willing
Strengths: hiding, running and hand to hand combat
Weakness: Sometimes impulsive, not very good at being independent, easily distracted
Favorable weapon: light weight knives
Least Favorable weapon: Ax (too bloody)
One of her fears: Death
Allies: If reaped hopes to form a reliable one.

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Luke D. distract 10
name Clive age 13
5'2 110 pounds
tan like mexican athletic
personailty shy but has a crazy to friends
backstory older sister died in the other hunger games never found love and really caring for there sick mother
sthrenghts kind tricky and sleath can out run mostof other tributes good at disguse and swim
weakness bad tree climber bad at talking lower body stength
favorite wepons sleath or knifes
fears older tributes spiders and changes

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Mockingjay name: ozwin (f)

district: district 11

age: 12

height: 5 foot

dark brown hair, lightly tanned,
older sister who it too old to take her place,
ace aim

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Name: Harmony Star Lawrence
Age: 17
Gender: Female
District: 3


Appearance: If you considered Harmony's personality to mirror her appearance, you'd be in for one of the biggest surprises of your life. Though she does look young, childlike and even innocent, you shouldn't let the physical features of young Harmony deceive you; nobody can even remember a time where Harmony was an innocent little angel.

Her long hair, which can only be made straight with her concerted effort, is red; Harmony has given up trying to convince anyone that it's brown, although it might look like that with different lighting and whatnot. Her eyes are honey brown, warm and welcoming as though they are saying what she is not - "Hello, come and say hello to me". Harmony stands at a phenomenal height for a seventeen-year-old girl; to be exact she is 1.72 meters, or 5'8'' as some may say. Her height has put on a little more weight but she is still only 118 lbs or 53 kg as she is skinny and doesn't eat much. Freckles as is stereotypical for redheads mask her ivory complexion.

Harmony's body language and facial expression tells a whole different story. She often wears an unfathomable expression, which does not show whether she is happy, sad, angry, puzzled or any other emotion which she might be feeling given the situation. She is often using her hands to show what she means.

Personality: Harmony is a very forthright girl who holds a lot of power over others her age in her district with her domineering nature. She is very ambitious and aims for the high mark of everything. Harmony has a knack for getting people to see different sides of her, and there's nobody who's aware of her true personality because she acts differently to all the people she meets. Oh, she's a crafty one, Harmony is. Complacent and self-satisfied, Harmony does not find it necessary to have friends or even someone to depend on. She is very domineering as she is used to being ignored and among many people who she was forced to like although she'd be better off without them.

Harmony is an individual, very independent, and would prefer it to stay that way as she doesn't trust anyone to depend on them. When she sets a goal she will stop at nothing to succeed, and her stubborn nature stops her from ever taking a break. If, perchance, she is told that her goal is impossible she is not swayed from her path until she is sure that there is no way to succeed, but most of the time she gets her way. Not just in her goal, but in everything; she gets her way when she wants for anything.

Harmony doesn't like to be interested in anyone else's ideas even if they interest her to no end, and often stays at the back with a bored expression. She isn't weak-willed or insecure at all, and actually is very arrogant and knows she can do anything. Hostile and unfriendly, Harmony is a very austere person who has everyone else not as good as Her Highness. Self-sufficient and close-minded, does not stand for change and does not like to try new things, ready to stay where she started and not change her mind. A leader in all ways, she is a ready-made serpent who lies in wait for her next victims and prefers to fight with her sharp sarcastic tongue rather than a weapon. But all this hostility is the way that Harmony mourns her father.

Self-sufficient and not at all approachable, she is someone who people respect rather than an easygoing possible friend. She is apprehensive. But inside she's a heroic girl who'll help anyone and has a big capacity for friends. She just has an outer cover of being arrogant and an inner cover of a very nice person with little self confidence.


History: Harmony is living proof that living in a richer district does not make your life a breeze. As a girl she always grew up staring wide-eyed at the creations her father would procure from 'the room behind the bookshelf'. Being, like her siblings, banned from her father's room, she would often stay outside the hidden door with a book in her hand, longing to enter. While she was always very intelligent at home (and both of her parents recognized that) at school she was persecuted by her teachers for her tendency to answer questions with no warning and other things to do with her wild intellectual potential.

One day, back when Harmony was only ten, her father called her to his office and let her in. The girl marveled at the room, which was a private laboratory, and was immensely surprised when her father told her she could enter whenever she wanted to. It was the best news Harmony had heard and she would explore the lab for hours on end. Her mother, however, disapproved, because what she knew and the girls didn't was that Mr. Lawrence was procuring inventions that could be used against the Capitol. Mrs. Lawrence didn't like the Capitol, but she did not want her husband to be executed by the Peacekeepers.

When Harmony was thirteen, Peacekeepers took her father. They didn't tell Harmony or either of her two sisters where he had gone. But Harmony was told by her mother that she wouldn't see her father again; because he was to be killed. Harmony found this barbaric and though her mother didn't encourage it, continued with he father's work.

Roland Lawrence, father
Lyssa Lawrence, mother
Rosie Lawrence, sister (age 13)
Isabella Lawrence, sister {age 9)


Weapon of Choice: Being an intelligent and scheming girl, Harmony's preferred weapon is a small knife or dagger for more intelligent fighters or at the very least a bow.
Token: Harmony's token (if she is reaped) is a small mechanic beetle that proves an interesting thing to look at, but Harmony is determined to rewire it to make a potential weapon.
Strengths: Intelligent fighter, always has a plan, sneaky and can do good camouflage, silent
Weaknesses: Hates the sight of blood, too arrogant and intelligent, doesn't easily adapt to a new weapon, hates making allies
Allies: If you want, you can ask, but she'll probably end up killing you later on anyways.



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Luke D. when will this start?

kirstin ✿ Name: Raven Foreman
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
District: 5
Personality: Raven is witty, strategic, fierce, and yet has a soft and sweet heart. Her trust needs to be earned, but once you do, she'll do anything in her power to protect those that matter to her. Although in the arena, she doesn't think that will apply very well.
Appearance: She is noticeable with her deep red hair, faint freckles on her face, and dark brown eyes. She has fair complexion and an average height for her age.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
District Token:A ring, given to her by her brother.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Skills: Agility. Stealth. She's been trained with sword-fighting and archery. And is pretty good with hand combat as well. Coming from District 5, she knows inventory. And has a handful of knowledge about creating electricity, provided that she has the equipment needed.
History: Her brother was reaped when she was 10. He died. It brought her hatred and anger towards the Capitol.

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Doing another character cause YOLO (jk) but we need more peeps and I hope it's alright.

Name: Granite Lukas

Gender: Male

Age: 14

District: 9

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 115lbs

Appearance: Granite has long brown hair and gold eyes. He has a young, sympathy-calling face despite his deep voice. He's may have distant Asian blood in him but for the most part he is of Caucasian descent.

Physique: Granite is what many people would call scrawny, although he is very flexible and light -- much like a gymnast.

Strengths/Weapons: As mentioned above, Granite is a lot like a gymnast. He can climb trees very fast as well as camouflage. He is also very silent and can move unseen. Granite can make very good use of rope as well as being very smart with supplies. Despite him being reluctant with weapons, he prefers a bow and arrow so as not to get too caught up in the hand to hand combat. He also is very handy with a whip and stunning opponents using different objects. Granite will mainly stick to the trees and attacking from above. Hopefully the arena provides a lot of those!

Personality: He is very feeble, and has low self confidence. People may feel pity for him and he knows it. Although he is small and perceived as weak, he is cunning to a point -- he can grow too close to someone and be unable to back-stab (maybe literally) As mentioned before he can go unseen, and that also applies socially (looked over a lot)

Allies: Would like to be allies with Azalea Wood if they both get reaped due to training observations.

Weaknesses: Lack of physical strength, inability to kill after growing close to someone, low self esteem.

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Luke D. Name flav markin
Distract 6 age 16
Blond hair with little tan and deep brown eyes
Physics won't kill younger really intelligent and good at making forts
Weapon knifes
Alliances with Clive and younger
Relatives 2 sisters and 1 brother
Weakness not that fast and cares what the careers think of him

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Luke D. I'm making a group and you can make more then one

message 36: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 11, 2013 11:32AM) (new)

All above new ppl are approved but I havent been on lately due to internet problems and you alll wont be seeing me for a while. The games will start when we have at least one male and female per district. You can make more than one character, but they will have to be approved seperatly. Let's lay off the females on district 4 for now. If you've already been approved for 4 then you can stay.

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Cidnee wrote: "Name: Sam
District: 10
Age: 16
Personality: Caring and helpful, but doesn't open up to many people, very quiet, prefers to be on her own, but puts deep trust in those who earn her trust.

Erm how could someone be reaped when they were 4 ???

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Luke D. Name Ryder
Distract 1
Age 17
Personality don't mess with him always talking
Appearance dark brown hair tarnish 6 1
Story has 4 brothers all older one was a Victor and one died
strengths really strong and can climb a tree
Weakness not to smart
Best weapons ax or spear

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Cidnee wrote: "GAV * FALLENWORLD ♥ wrote: "Cidnee wrote: "Name: Sam
District: 10
Age: 16
Personality: Caring and helpful, but doesn't open up to many people, very quiet, prefers to be on her own, but puts deep tr..."

Oh duh xD

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Can I make a gamemaker character?

message 41: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke D. Name Marco Marvelous
Personality colorful and loves being a sponsor
appearance brown hair with orange bangs 5 11
Story born and raised in the capitol

message 42: by Joe (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joe Reyes GAV * FALLENWORLD ♥ wrote: "Cidnee wrote: "Name: Sam
District: 10
Age: 16
Personality: Caring and helpful, but doesn't open up to many people, very quiet, prefers to be on her own, but puts deep trust in those who earn her tr..."

Um.. she means when her character was 4 years old... haha...

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Luke D. Name Jermiah Nofork
Distract 12
age 15
personailty loves to talk and likes ivy
apperance dark black hair 4"11
histry lives with her sister and dad
weakness afarid of plants because of mother death
best weapon mini ax

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Luke D. name Ivy Winters
Distract 12
Age 15
Personallity is always a charmer and puts on a mask to get people to like her by backstabbing her bestfriend
Apperance 5'7 long lushious beutiful blond hair and brown eyes
History lives with older sister thats it
Weakness bad with everything but knifes
Best wepon throwing knifes

message 45: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke D. name Suzy sharpshibs
distrect captiol
stylist for 12
personallity if things dont goes as she palns she goes bazark
Apperance 5'11 red hair that looks like down alfro
Histroy treated like royalty

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Ug! I totally forgot! You probably won't see me for a while, maaaybe until the school year ends (really busy cuz of school XP) in june.... Vivid Light, can you please take care of things here until I am able to myself? Thanks I you can :)

message 47: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke D. Who

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Me, duh. and I don't think I'll be able to, pretty busy as well :( sorry

message 49: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke D. Sorry

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So when is the reaping???

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