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here it is :)

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Did you have any ideas?

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:p uhm...okay here we go:

1. Supernatural (like warewolves, wizards, and vampires etc.) We can have it like for example, one warewolf is exiled form his/her pack, and when exiled, eventually he/she meets another 'lone wolf' and then you gat some action/adventure/ anything else.

2. Real (so uhm....humans)We can have like a highschool thing. it could branch out in many ways

I have no idea. Im just throwing out idea's.

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Oh ok, haha, do you mind if we do a real one?

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i have absolutly no problem with it! i was kinda hoping you would pick tht one.

quick question though? can i be the girl, cuz i suck at playing a dude

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Yeah sure it's fine, I was pretty bad at being the guy too, but the more you practise the better you get at it ^^

I got a few ideas:

•Rich girl, poor boy, or the other way round
•Bad boy, good girl
•Step brother and step sister
•Cheating boyfriend/girlfriend

And more, if there is something you want to do specifically just tell me ^^

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I like the first two.
maybe we can have a rich boy who is also a bad boy, and a poor girl who is also a good girl.

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Sure sure, do you have a specific plot you want to go by? Like how they meet and stuff.

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how about they are partnered up for a project? they can try to get out of it, but the teacher tells them they have to do it together.

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Yeah sure, do you want to make the characters?

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alrighty. here is mine:

Name: Ally Jacobs
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Her hair is closer to black than brown, and is also naturally curly. she is 5'6 in height which is very short for anyone in the Jacobs family.

* A slightly deeper shade of grey

Ally lives in the poor sector of where ever country/city she lives in. Her dad died in a car accedent when she was little, this she lives with only her mum. Her mother is a waitress, and brealy makes enough money to pay the rent and feed the two of then, so Ally started a job at age 13 to help support them.

She is very dedicated to her studies, and will let nothing get in her way of a proper education.

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oh and im going to have to go bye. i'll be on tomorrow.

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Ok, bye ^^

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im back!

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are you there?

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hey sorry, I had an exam this week, and I'm in class now, I'll post my character when I get back home ^^

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im headed to school in about an hour.

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Name: Nathaniel 'Nate' Henley
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Nate is a popular guy, he acts like one too; he's a jerk, arrogant and can be selfish, though when people start to get to know him, which isn't very often, he shows his true colours. He can be sweet, kind, loveable if he wants to, but he can be mean and disturbing if he wants to.
((Just keep scrolling down))
Background: Nate grew up with his single father and step-mother (his real mother died a few years after he was born) in California. He was still popular in school while growing up, gaining him a lot of friends and a lot of girlfriends. He only has one best friend that he could trust fully.

Hey, so so so sorry for the long wait.

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It's fine. I've been pretty busy myself. Would you like to start?

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