Madame Bovary Madame Bovary question

Symbolism of the book
Thoughtmix Thoughtmix Mar 18, 2013 05:13PM
What did you think of this book? What did you think Madame Bovary represented? Is she supposed to represent the selfishness and vanity in humanity as a whole?

Madame Bovary was based on real events that took the Flaubert heard of. He took the story and brought it into a world where a woman was not her own. Madame Bovary represents a woman without an education and who lives in a society that she cannot fulfill her dreams. She lives in her books of romance and thinks that is the life she should have. Emma is a victim of her own romantic notions. She is selfish as well as every one else in the book. They are all thoughtless and selfish. There is not a single redeeming person in the book.

Maybe not selfishness and vanity in humanity, she supposed to represent a form of vacuity, she represents the whole mediocrity, so does her husband Charles, but in a different way. I think the Bovary is an exacerbate will, until death.

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