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Inês (nesborges) | 74 comments yes ME TOOO When i read this book i was OMG why are you being so nice and all, and then i start to understand him better and feel pitty of him but now... ISABELLE GIVE ME YOUR WHIP SO THAT I CAN CUT HIM INTO PIECES MUahahahahahhahah


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Shani | 3 comments ok this was better than coFA but it was nowhere near as good as the first trilogy. and sebastian, ok he is very hot and sexy in some really messed up creepy way but at the same time, i wish he would die and that everyone could just live happily ever after, seriously. why cant he stay nice and be a good older brother to clary and a good half-bro/friend to jace and save all us fans having to sit through another MI?

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Megan Rodriguez I thought Lost Souls was great, It was defiantly better then Falling Angels. But One thing that annoyed me was that through FA Jace is possesed by Lilith and doesn't have control of himself in anyway ( Which I understand) But at the end of FA he is back to normal (Thank God) but then in LS he is bonded to Sebastian and once again not having control of himself...IDK but it kinda annoyed me. But I agree that Sebastian should just curl up and die and leave jace and clary alone!

Evelin | 8 comments Inês wrote: "yes ME TOOO When i read this book i was OMG why are you being so nice and all, and then i start to understand him better and feel pitty of him but now... ISABELLE GIVE ME YOUR WHIP SO THAT I CAN CU..."
i felt just the same. From suspesion,to hate him, to pity to REALLY HATE HIM.

Hannah (hannahsmanyhobbies) I just finished it and to sum up all my feelings ... i wanted to throw the book at the wall in anger of having to wait so long for the next one. Alec and Magnus made me cry. But i am on the side of pitying Sebastion, its not his fault he was brought up that way

SHINY | 18 comments I loved CoLS but I kinda got creeped out by Sebastian ( Jonathan Morgenstern) like it's gross how he was sexually harrassing Clary. The Malec break-up was also very sad because they are one of my favourite fictional couples in YA novels. But it really got me anticipating CoHF even more because I really want to know how it all goes down.

Maii (maiita) | 195 comments The book was really good. But while I was reading it I got the feeling that Clare is just trying to make new plots and storylines to keep the series going. And it feels that the war with Sebastian in going to be very similar to the one with Valentine

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Lo (darkalleycookies) | 47 comments I really liked it, though some Jace and Clary scenes were just unneeded. I did love the Alec and Magnus scenes, so the break-up tore me apart, liked the Jordan and Maia scenes, and even enjoyed Simon and Isabelle a bit. The plot is twisting pretty well.

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Karishma | 21 comments Is it just me or is the story getting kind of annoying now? Like I found myself rolling my eyes a lot, especially at the beginning, but I decided to get through it and I did like most of it. It's just the characters were seeming too 'perfect' but imperfect blegh. When Clary yelled for Sebastian after Jace was going to leave, I was like Aghhh! This Maureen thing is a b****, and Alec:'( I thought the Iz and Simon stuff was cute tho. All the sex and this stuff was kind of annoying after a while, but I have a question. So did Clary and Jace have sex or no?? Bc I thought they didn't and then..

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Maii (maiita) | 195 comments No i dont think they did

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Lo (darkalleycookies) | 47 comments Yeah I was confused on that too--I remember Clary saying No to Jace, yet Sebby kept saying stuff suggesting that they did.

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Karishma | 21 comments And I know the real Jace didn't want to, but then at the end they were being all confusing..

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Jojo | 29 comments I agree with anyone who says that after the first three books the conflict felt forced. COLS is my least favorite. The whole Clary/Jace relationship got on my nerves even more than usual. It can't work out with them ever, can it? I love the development of Simon/Isabelle relationship though. I used to think Sebastian was redeemable and liked something about his character(like I did with valentine) but not more.

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Karishma | 21 comments Is CoHF going to be the last book, or are there more to come n TMI series?

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Katherine CoHF is the last book, but she's going to write a new Shadowhunter series called The Dark Artifices that takes place in NY about 5 years later, with different main characters but the old characters will be around, in their early 20's. So we'll see what they're up to, who's still together, etc.
And no, Clary and Jace didn't have sex! They almost did a couple different times. Clary didn't confirm or deny it to Sebastian cause she didn't want to talk to him about it at all.

Katherine Regarding plot and conflict- personally for me, I've never really liked the plot in these books. I never thought Valentine was a good character because he was so unoriginal. And yes, it's all a little forced now. But I've come to love the characters so much, (even if they don't talk like real teenagers,) that it's more about just hanging out with them for 500 or so pages.

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Karishma | 21 comments Yeahh, same. I'll have to finish the series just bc I've grown attatched to the characters

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Maii (maiita) | 195 comments Now that I know about the new shadowhunter series it feels she really is forcing it.
What is there to tell after getting rid of two evil characters?

Katherine Well, like the Infernal Devices it's going to be different characters and a different plot.
The main characters are best friends, a boy and a girl, who are parabatai. They start to fall in love but it's forbidden because they're parabatai. The boy is a painter and the girl is supposedly the female Jace.
OH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it takes place in NY, it actually takes place in LA.

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Maii (maiita) | 195 comments How does she have time to write and plan all of these books!

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Maii (maiita) | 195 comments And the story does look interesting

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