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Patrick Brown Join us on Wednesday, April 10 at 2pm ET/11am PT for a live video chat with #1 New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn. We'll be discussing her Goodreads Choice Award-winning novel Gone Girl, one of the biggest bestsellers of the last decade. We'll also find out what fires that dark imagination of hers and how she crafts such memorable characters.

If you have a question for Gillian, feel free to ask it below.

SuZanne Will there be Book 2, because, I felt there was a lot of lose ends???

Rachel when can we expect her next novel?

Angela Keim I read that she's got a YA novel coming out. Could she give a general synopsis of the book?

Jaime Boler Did the magnificent response from readers blow you away? Did you have any inkling how huge Gone Girl would be?

Mark Matthews Your novel speaks on those unspoken games between partners in a relationship. Does this honesty ever lead to some interesting conversations with your own partner?

Mark Matthews I'm a big fan of your ending. What were some alternative plot lines that went through your head that were never explored?

Louella Dizon San Juan You had written on your website -- in the insightful post, "I

Louella Dizon San Juan Was Not a Nice Little Girl" -- that you were inspired by the Brothers Grimm as a child. What authors or writing currently inspire you now as an adult?

Soraya Scheibel You seem very happy in your life! Where the hell does this darkness come from? Wow! Loved it every much! And thank you!-

Sandi Q this book made me really think is that what you were hoping from readers

Kathi q I have read "Sharp Objects" and "Gone Gir" and enjoyed them. Will there be another sequel?

Martha Merrill What was your writing process? Did you story plan or just write as it came to you?

Chelsea Knox what was your inspiration for the book?

Cecilia Perez What is your experience/history with mental illness?

Mamakaze q How much of a plot outline do you have before setting to work on the actual writing?

Michele What kind of books do you like? Suspense? Classics? What type is a total bore to you?

Nancy I particularly admire Ms. Flynn's depiction of the country's economic collapse on individual lives; I read Gone Girl and Dark Places and both books described quite well how the recession(s) have created havoc with people's lives; does Ms. Flynn feel a compelling urgency to present this economic collapse; she is brilliant when she does so.

Chloe What is your process from getting your initial idea to completing the final draft? What do you find the most challenging?

Subhro Bhattacharya I really loved gone girl & Dark places..after that I became a die hard fan of yours ..In both novel there are Psycho female charactors (more precisely villain)...can we expect something different in your next novel?

Adele Swift Did Gillian always know how Girl Gone would end or did the ending evolve as she wrote the book? Could she not decide which character to punish?

message 22: by Leo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leo Is there any reason the novel was placed in so recent times, i.e. 2012?

David q I was dissapointed with the ending, having loved the rest of the book. The reason being that there was a theme throughout the book that Amy got away with her disappearance because of the year she spent planning the whole thing. But her unplanned murder of Desi made a mockery of that. What do you think?

ReadingMama The ending was NOT satisfying. The justice was NOT done. Why did you choose the ending the way it was??

Angel Kalathas Q Sometimes it's really difficult to convey an idea through paper exactly the way you conceived it. A story on paper and the way it is written are always inferior to the story the author has in mind at the first place. So my question is this: Is there anything in your novels that you wish it was written differently, even though you couldn't write it somehow else? If yes, how did that make you feel during the writing process and how did you overcome it?

Amrita An recent article in The Guardian, referred to 'Gone Girl' as "the thinking woman's 50 shades... " how do you react to such a statement?

message 27: by Erin (new)

Erin Please correct your grammar in the chat description. Your poor usage of basic American English sets a terrible example!

message 28: by sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

sara Gone Girl struck a significant chord with audiences. When I was trying to locate why that might be, I came back to thinking about the traditional role of the "femme fatale"--was that something you were consciously thinking about resurrecting in this novel? If so, I've been wondering why we need a dose of the femme fatale right now in popular culture?

Rachel Friedman Q I actually liked that the ending was not something that was "neat" or universally satisfying. What were some of the other endings that you were considering?

message 30: by sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

sara Q Gone Girl struck a significant chord with audiences. When I was trying to locate why that might be, I came back to thinking about the traditional role of the "femme fatale"--was that something you were consciously thinking about resurrecting in this novel? If so, I've been wondering why we need a dose of the femme fatale right now in popular culture?

Sheri I've been a fan since your EW days and I loved Gone Girl. I recommend it to anyone who will give me an opening. The only thing I have a problem with is:qWhy did Nick throw out the vomit instead if turning it in? At the point he seemed like he still wanted revenge on Amy so it seems out of character.

Kristy Q I chose Gone Girl for our book club to read this month. If you were attending our meeting what one aspect of the book would you like to hear discussed?

Loretta What town/city will this meeting Gillian Flynnn ???

Bridget Q Have you started work on your next novel? What/when can we expect it?

Kathleen Mcguire q How are you able to write about such evil characters? Hopefully , you are not drawing from experience!!!

Monica Q I have rarely read a book that so honestly captures the more difficult parts of marriage. Did your research for the book include conversations with marital counselors and/or other couples?

Suzanne Will Gone Girl be produced as a movie? Are there any actors/actresses that you have in mind to play Nick and Amy?

Ellen Knox ?Amy is such a great example of a personality disorder. I am a psychiatrist and wondered how you conceived of a character so realistic?

message 39: by Xavier (new)

Xavier F. Dark Places was just that. VERY DARK! Compared to your other books, this one bordered on Stephen King territory, AND could have been written by a male, had I not known who the author was. How did women respond to the violence against women in the book? It was more on league with Rose Madder and Misery, than typical Flynn fare.

Taylor hey what time does the chat end,cause i got school and i really have some questions!?

message 41: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy Q: Did you consider any alternate endings before settling on the one that was published? What happened to Nick's father?

Mary-ellen DeLeon Q: How long did the plot take you to plan and did you often write a few chapters and then go back and say oh, I need to add that to improve the flow of the plot?

message 43: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna Q The ending was unexpected. The entire book was amazing. Was it a hard book to write?

Elisabeth Q: How did you transition from writing for a magazine to writing a novel? How did your work at EW help (or hinder) the fiction writing process?

Elizabeth Stephenson Who/what was the inspiration for the character of Amy?

Patricia Baker Q..did your parents living in KCMO influence you to set part of the story in MO? have you ever visited one of the fishing cabins? I love stories about/set in Missouri...will there be more in this state?

Moniica DO you have an on going mystery-psychological thriller novel? When will it be released? i hope the stories will keep on coming!

Cathi I absolutely loved the book. Will there be a sequel to the book? I'd like to see how Amy, baby & family turn out...maybe she'll do some more crazy shit ;)

Amanda As you write, what kind of books do you read for pleasure or inspiration?

message 50: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy I also wonder if there will be a sequel because there are several questions left unanswered. My book club all thought, "What! That's the end of the story??" What happens next?

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