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Why didn't they just get her?(spoilers)

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Rainbow_princess_warrior District 13 wanted Katniss as an ally and wated her in their base.Couldn't they sneaked into district 12 and get her out?Those 2 fake peacekeepers were able to do it as they encountered Katniss in the woods.Why did they go through all the trouble and to get out of the arena when they could had gotten her out months earlier?

Also,why don't they abuse the sponser system?Katniss was mega-popular that she didn't have to participate in the bloodbath and possibly recieve a bow&arrow from a parachute on the first day.This could had happen in her first and second hunger-games.Finnick got a trident from the system and Katniss,who is more popular than him could had received a bow&arrow.

ALSO,why didn't Peeta learn how to swim before the games?Seeing as how the arena can be any terrain,he should had anticipated that the arena might require swimming.Did he not learn that the arena might be water from watching the victor's tapes?

Rebecca Those two girls weren't from district 13 though, so who knows if at the time people from 13 would have actually been able to sneak out. Timing is everything. Even if 13 could have snuck in and took Katniss when she was still in 12 what would have been the point? No one would have understood why Katniss just disappeared especially since people outside of those close to her did not know she was in danger. Even those close to her didn't really know the magnitude of trouble that she was in Snow's eyes. Plus she was only saved because of what she represented. She was the the mockingjay, the face of the rebellion. For this reason, just like Snow, Coin needed a show. There was unrest when Katniss and Peeta were thrown back in the games. Even the capitol people felt sorry for them. The quarter quell just added more fuel to the fire of the rebellion. It was necessary for Katniss' escape to be public not just something that happened in the dark of night when no one even knew she was on Snow's hit list. District 13 sat by quietly for what 75 years? If they are going to jump in and get involved obviously it has to be for a bigger reason than just giving Katniss a safe haven. The storm had to be just right.

And as for the sponsors, as far as I remember Finnick received his trident from the Cornucopia not a sponsor parachute. Even though Katniss was popular and probably could have been sent in a weapon if needed, it takes time for that to happen. Whose to say that she couldn't have been killed that very day before a weapon got sent her way. It makes sense that she would want to grab a weapon, especially since with the cornucopia being surrounded by water the odds were in her favor being that only a handful of people could actually swim.

Why didn't Peeta learn to swim? It's not like they had any clue that they were going to go back in the games. They played their games and they won, they were caught off guard. Once they found out they were going back they didn't have enough time to start preparing for every what if scenario.

Jayden Smtih first of all district thirteen could save more people if they broke into the arena like Betee, Finnik and Johanna. also the book is better if katniss kills people for half of the book. District 13 probably did not want take the risk of exposing themselves befor the quarter quell when it was obvious that katniss was going to get reeped.

District four is wealthier than district twelve. the capitol saw finnik as a super hot tribute so they wanted to keep him alive( like when you fight for your favourite guy on the bachlerette)makes for a better book if katniss pries the bow and arrows from glimmers decaying body.

where would peeta learn to swim, there was no pool in the training arena. the forest was closed of because the fence was electrified. katniss is not going to teach him how to swim in the bathtub. peeta could of thought of this but with now way to learn why would Collines bring up this delema. the only arena where swimming skills were needed were Annie's games and that's because the arena flooded.

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