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Was anyone else disappointed when they didn't get their letter?

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I was so sad :( but I'm sure the owl just got lost like yours. It was probably Errol

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Brilliant idea!

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Me too! I can just join in my second or third year or something... or sixth, you know whenever the owl gets here!

Alexandra Hale i m still waiting for mine and im twenty ;p

Cassidy yeah its actually pretty disappointing. hogwarts could technically exist, we are just random muggles. and its pretty sad to think that i am 15 so its too late for my letter ;)

Elliegrace *sigh* i still check the mail (and the chimmney and skies) everyday for my letter...i swear its ment to be!!!

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Alas, as an American, my letter arrived from NeckRed School of Godfearing and Alchemy instead.

I was hoping to transfer to Hogwartz, but apparently I must have an English home address first.

Emma I still check, but alas, the letter is a year late, but oh well...

Jeni I sent an official Hogwart's Acceptance Letter to my niece for her 11th birthday. She was soooooo jazzed and couldn't figure out how it could be addressed to her in "the bedroom on the left."

I think I had as much fun sending it as I would have receiving it.

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Eric Clark I loved my magical education at Hogwarts so much that I went back to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts in 2011 but was only on staff for one year. It seems as though the curse continues in that classroom even though Lord Voldemort has been vanquished. Young Lilly was a brilliant student even more so than even Hermione.

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Ann I'm 21 and till waiting for mine!

Addie Why won't Hogwarts accept me?!?! I get As and Bs never Cs or lower, I was a sports rep, an honor student and am a member of many extra curricular! Seriously people. Its almost 3 years since I was SUPPOSED to get my letter. I don't care if I'm 3 years older than the rest, just give me my letter!!!

Addie I did not think of that. Very smart if you. You were most likely accepted and your theory is right. Stupid owls!!!

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Ben Wade I made a letter for my daughter's birthday and sent it to her. Instructions are on wikihow

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Lol yeah i was very disappointed.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ lol d'accord

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Victoria Scofield Worst birthday ever! I cried like a baby. Mostly because I banged up my legs pretty bad, but the owl getting lost didn't help. Man, a letter would've totally made up for the injury.

Nicole I will stay upset for the rest of my life after my letter didnt come

message 19: by Holly (new)

Holly I got my letter back in 1976......however, the Harry Potter books hadn't been written back then, so I thought it was just a hoax.

Jackie I read the books after I turned 11....so I'm thinking that because I'm American and not British it'll be when I'm 16 because Americans have all those extremely high age restrictions compared to British.

Halle Leven Alexandra wrote: "i m still waiting for mine and im twenty ;p"
oh sweetie its never too late...im fifteen too. my letter is on its way your letter wont be late until youre 18 then id worry

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Still waiting ...

Scoobert137 It would be cool to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

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Anna Yes! Devastated! But I won't lose hope.

Christi I'm 16 and I'm still waiting. I know Hogwarts hasn't forgotten about me... they're just a bit late, that's all!

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angel I KNOW RIGHT I HOPED FOR MY LETTER WHEN I WAS 11 but I didn't get it so I was so sad that I wasn't a special wizard. Years later, and I'm still waiting for the owl to come :)

Hannah Dear I had myself convinced that I would get my letter soon even though I was around 12! I didn't start reading Harry Potter till around the time I turned 11.

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AgCl i think the owl/s who was supposed to send me mine met a tragic accident, its been years and im still here...or i dunno maybe someone's been intercepting the letters?....gasp*

Vanilla Me too. I'm STILL WAITING.

Hsudarsan20 I'm still waiting for mine....

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