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message 1: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Attrib (lewisattrib) | 5 comments Hello, I’m Lewis and I’m a writer as we say in AA (that’s Authors Anonymous). I wrote my first comic novel Have It All a while ago and ever since have been struggling to get through a second book while still finding my way through the complicated world of indie publishing.

Well, it was easy enough getting that first book out there, but then other things started taking over my time (you know how it is!) and when I got round to checking progress not surprisingly I found the book had made nary a ripple on the wide waters of the Amazon ebook store.

So what to do? I signed a petition against Amazon not paying tax and to widen the book’s exposure loaded it up to Smashwords as well - the difference now being that as an experiment I’ve made the ebook download totally free on Smashwords - for a temporary period, we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping enough people will read it and like it to start some word of mouth and then get some wonderful reviews.

Does it work? I’ve heard of people downloading free ebooks by the hundred (they’re such a bargain) but then never getting round to reading them. Which reminds me I still have that documentary about James Joyce on the PVR from the year before last, whenever you try to watch that sort of thing isn’t there always a repeat of '2 and a Half Men' taking precedence!

Still, if you’d like to know more about my book I’ll just advise you it’s a clinically objective picture of modern Britain, or in other words abusive, farcical and in grotesque bad taste. You may need to ‘deactivate the adult filter’

PS no adult filter (or tax) on Amazon, and if you’d like to BUY it then try here
I’ll be eternally grateful, for a short while anyway.

message 2: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Attrib (lewisattrib) | 5 comments Well just checked Smashwords and up till now 70 folks have taken advantage of the free download. No feed back yet though, have to assume it's speechless admiration.

message 3: by Lewis (new)

Lewis Attrib (lewisattrib) | 5 comments After 112 downloads I closed the free offer and it's now back to full price, though not sure how long a price change takes to work through the aggregators. Was it worthwhile? Well sadly no feedback from readers at all. Feel like it's gone into Voice Crying in Wilderness mode.

message 4: by Lewis (last edited Apr 12, 2013 02:54PM) (new)

Lewis Attrib (lewisattrib) | 5 comments First feedback for "Have It All" - a very positive review from Paul C Scott. Thanks very much Paul. I appreciate it.

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