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message 1: by Darion (new)

Darion Lee i thought this book was very well thought out. it kept me guessing and i was rather satisfied with the ending. It is pretty twisted, yet in a good way and it kept me wanting to read more. which is what every book should do over all.

Karl Krekeler I have read a few Koontz books, and I can honestly say that I won't read any more. Life Expectance, however, is the only one that I absolutely loved and would read again. I love the mixture of humor and suspense. The feeling of inevitablity is a great way to pull you through. You want to see whether or not things will turn out the way they're expected to. Telling the ending at the beginning is great.

message 3: by Jack (last edited May 30, 2008 02:32PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jack I Did Not!

"Life" made me consider giving up Koontz after reading thirty-some DK novels. Has the guy has lost it, I wondered? But I've just bought "The Darkest Evening of the Year" and it's perched about halfway down my "to-read" stack, so I guess that means I have forgiven him. After all, every incredibly prolific author deserves some slack for a lemon here and there.

If you want more long-winded reasons, I did review "Life"

Tina Hayes Quirky humor and totally unexpected plot twists throughout, what's not to love? All the charaters were very well developed and unique, making this a new spin on the Killer Clown tale. The story keeps you guessing what's gonna happen, which is why I loved the way things ended in the last few chapters.

Nora aka Diva Life Expectancy is one of my favorites too. :)

Marina Fontaine I didn't hate it, and it was readable and entertaining, but it's way down on my Koontz book ranking list. It was pretty absurd, beginning to end. The premise of knowing the "special" days for your whole life is fascinating, but that's about it. And I ended up feeling bad for the villains more than anything, which is not like me at all.

cindrella Karl wrote: "I have read a few Koontz books, and I can honestly say that I won't read any more. Life Expectance, however, is the only one that I absolutely loved and would read again. I love the mixture of hu..."

I totally agree with you, I have read 2 Dean Koontz books those were quite good but too intense and dark. I literally had nightmares....but LIFE EXPECTANCY is quite different.its awesome

Andrew Duff I enjoyed this along with most of Koontz' recent offerings - Velocity and The Good Guy especially.

Of course they're farfetched, but isn't that part of the fun? By and large I'm a fan of Koontz' style (though he gets a bit flowery on occasion) and he's generally good at creating characters that draw you in.

A lot of people seem to hate The Darkest Evening of the Year. I didn't, but even as a fan I found an angel-inhabited golden retriever a bit of a reach.

Marina Fontaine Dogs and children as pathways to the divine is a fairly common theme in Koontz stories. Remember One Door Away from Heaven? It's just a little more explicit now. What the Night Knows also uses a dog.

message 10: by Jeff (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jeff O'Brien This was the first Koontz book I ever read and it made me realize I was seriously missing out all those years. I've now read almost his entire catalog. Life Expectancy gets a big 5 star rating.

message 11: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy I loved it for being so unpredictably cute!

Tabish Arif Liked everything about it except for the ending.

Melinda Brasher I love this book. I've only read one other Koontz book, which was a bit too violent, sexually explicit, and action-heavy for my tastes, but I LOVED Life Expectancy: great plot twists, great humor, great characters. Unique story. Very refreshing.

Pearl Gary This book was a great find for both my husband and I. We were both interested in the story plot right to the end. Very much recommend this one!

message 15: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel McWethy I loved the book! I have read it 3 times and every time it surprises me on how well it is written

Shauna Tobiasson I'm so shocked to see this review. I loved this book so much! Great characters and plot. To each their own I guess.

Shauna Tobiasson Me too!!! Loved loved loved!

Shauna Tobiasson You must! All of them are excellent. Tick Tock was a recent read for me and I really enjoyed it, even though I suspect many others did not.

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