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If someone or something took someone or something close to you, what would you do?

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Davin Sukhu I would go after that someone or something and take back who or whatever they had taken from me.

Sam084 it really depends on the something that was taken from me.

Charlie any initial reaction would be panic. No matter how calm and cool you are in the exterior, loosing something or someone for that matter, creates a crippling sensation. We are a restless and emotionally attached beings.

Linh Le In the story, Kernells brother was taken away from him by a demon. He went after the demon because he loved his brother. If someone took away someone I loved, I would go after it. If I love it then I shouldn't just let it slip through my fingers without a fight. Kernel was told repeatedly that his brother was dead but he fought to the end and kept hope that his brother was not.

Adonis Dillahunty If i lost something or someone close to me, i would go after it and find it. Kernell's brother was taken away from a demon and he went to many other universes to find him until he did. I would also search everywhere if something was taken from me until I find it.

Tony Do I would obviously go after them to get what belonged to me. I think that that is what is great about humans. When we want something, it pushes us even harder to get what me what. And that way we push ourselves to get what we desire.

Sinai Bardales If someone was to take away a family member or one of my friends in front of me I would do what he did. I think that I would go through any obstacle put in front of me to get them back. In all I would do everything that he did! Even if my hopes were about to go away I would still fight until i got them back.

Afterlight Of course I would go rescue that someone! If that someone is really that important to me I would chase hell if I have to. I would fight everything that is in my way to rescue that someone. (But I'm not sure if I'm strong enough)LOL.

Jocelyn I would gather my things and become a living and breathing nightmare to whoever took what's mine!

I sound very violent but it is true! Lol!

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