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Will someone die?

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It is rumoured that Clare will kill one of the main characters... who do you think it will be? Do you believe the rumour?

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I vote Simon; he doesn't want to live forever!

Beladora No no-one should die.
They all deserve to live, esp. Sebastian aka Jonathan Morgenstern should die.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 18, 2013 08:25PM) (new)

List of characters who I would be pleased to see deceased:

- Sebastian ==> annoying psychopathic perv; lame villain overall (has gone downhill from previous books).

- Clary ==> typical YA Paranormal heroine

- Jace ==> typical YA Paranormal boyfriend who is supposed to inspire drooling and adoration, but instead pisses me off

message 5: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey I think JONATHAN should die he killed max for christ sake :(

Saru (Queen of Bookland) JONATHAN!!!!

But she'll probably kill Simon, Magnus, or Alec. I don't think it will be Jace, because that would be basically saying goodbye to half of the TMI fanbase, and would be a stupid decision. And it has to be a guy, because of the newest spoiler art posted!

Saru (Queen of Bookland) Oanya wrote: "yeah i heard that at least 4 main characters are going to die. All i'm saying is it had better not be *goes on to list every character in the mortal instruments except sebastian*"

4 MAIN CHARACTERS? Where'd you hear that?

Saru (Queen of Bookland) Oanya wrote: "i heard it from my friend who heard it from someone else. it may be unreliable so i hope it's not true. maybe it's not four main characters but someone like e.g. Maryse who isn't exactly a main cha..."

Oh okay, I was having a heart attack. But I heard it would be a primary character and Maryse is secondary.

message 9: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey WHAT!?!?! this is not fair :(

message 10: by Madeleine (last edited Aug 27, 2013 05:48PM) (new) - added it

Madeleine She did say that 4 main character die. I believe on twitter. I think it's gonna be Simon or Isabelle.

message 11: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey Magnus Bane or Alec?

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I say Magnus and Alec should be the ones to go. Better not be Clace, Sizzy or Juke. Does anyone feel like Luke might die? I do :(

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Zoey Yeah Luke might die, but also because Magnus left Alec to go some where else or something. It has been so long since I have read the books. :)

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