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Catching Fire

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Leah Latimer Respond to the following question(s) OR respond to the thoughts and ideas of another discussion board participant. Don't be afraid to challenge another's ideas RESPECTFULLY or to add a new perspective to a discussion.

Chapter 1
Katniss hates the Hunger Games and the image obsessed Capitol throughout the series. How does that make the Victory Tour so difficult for her? Consider how she is being used as a game piece. What is the message the tour sends to the citizens of the districts?

Chloe I feel that the Victory Tour is difficult because as she says its like they can never live their lives and forget about the games because they come back and make them journey to all the districts and see the families who lost children while they got to live and even see the faces of people whose children she might have killed personally.
And even the one part where she wasn't a piece being played by the capitol and she says something touching and real about Rue it only gets her in further trouble and it ends up in an innocent old man being killed.

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