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Diana Pregnant?!

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MissIntegrity i dont know, i was just thinking about how wierd that is and about how shocked her parents will be

what does everyone else think?

Dorcas Cherogony What gets me is that Diana decides to follow Gaia and be her mom instead of hating what it really is, the gaiaphage. Just when I was starting to feel sorry for her and liking her a little. I think it's crazy that she doesn't want to at least try to kill it seeing that it's causing so much harm to the people in the FAYZ. I mean that's what Astrid did with Petey (who was far less evil) but killing Gaia would probably have a much better outcome. I can't wait for Light to come out so I can see what happens!

MissIntegrity I agree with you sage, and i just dont get why caine has to be such a conceited jerk either

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