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Dylan Dylan Mar 18, 2013 08:19AM
Public speaking fear. Any body else out there hate public speaking?

It's one of the most common phobias in the world.

My friend does. Almost every time she has to do public speaking she over thinks and panics and just stops like a rabbit in headlights and can't go on. You are by no means alone. Like Jessica said, it's very common.

I get kind of nervous presenting in classrooms and stuff but I get really quiet and mumble when ordering or asking things in like shop or restaurants I don't know why I just do and I've been trying not to anymore hopefully ill get over it.

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Shayla Nuttall I know right! I am exactly like you. I seem to have trouble with communicating with adults I do/don't know! ...more
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That is TOTALLY me!! I will NEVER be President...I would faint if I had to give as many speeches as he does!

I am completely terrified of it. My voice starts to sound as if I am crying and I panic and have on several occasions simply just abandoned the room. Strangely, I am abundantly confident in almost every other are of my life. I am curious why and where this fear stems.

what's that got to do with Flowers for Algernon?


I find the best way is to concentrate mainly on one person in the audience and direct my speech to them.

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