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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Here the Autobots can transform to their real forms and have a stretch or something. no humans that are not part of the secret can enter.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Steve watched out of the window when they arrived.

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Ally looked at their surroundings and stepped out.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) sorry dinner time. ill be back soon. tim can take over my characters. just follow the description of tourmaline on his form pleasr. brb bye.

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Kay Kay!

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) im here.

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Tourmaline slowly rose to his robot form. stretching himself out he realised that he was at freedom park so he ran away to play with the other autobots making a huge racket.

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Ally laid down in the grass and watched her Autobot run away.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Steve lay beside her and secretly watched her. he took his glasses off and lay them beside him.

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Ally looked at the sky.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) you wanna be friends? send me a friend request. im on phone and your profiles private so i cant send one.

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Ally starts looking at the clouds.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Steve stretched and decided that it was time to go.

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Ally saw him get up and stood up.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Steve put on his glasses. Tourmaline transformed as he ran back and opened a door. Steve slipped in.

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Ally sat in the back again.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Back to Allys front porch?

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Mason walked away

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