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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie | 25 comments I absolutely adored this film. The acting was good, the storyline was fun and it flowed well. A great family Film.

message 2: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I wish I hadn't wimped out and I had seen it...I've heard from so many people how great the moview was...lots of fun.:)

message 3: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra It was fun, well done. Syrupy yes - had me rolling my eyes a few times, but that was the point :) It was a movie that invited you to join in at pointing fun at itself.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) I loved it. I thought the cast was brilliant and I loved the way Disney made fun of itself. I have a little crush on James Marsden now. "Nathaniel wants to die whenever I'm not near?"

It's a crime, though, to have Idina Menzel in a musical and NOT sing.

message 5: by Kai (new)

Kai (ky02121) | 51 comments One of my favorite films of last year, I saw it twice.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved it!!!!!!! I can't wait until it comes out on dvd. It was so cute!!

message 7: by Arctic (new)

Arctic this was cute and even clever at times. definitely a kid's movie though. the singing and animation were the best parts for me.

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel i absolutely ADORED this movie. i saw it twice in theatres and can't WAIT until it comes out on dvd. so so so so so so cute!

message 9: by Sara (new)

Sara Lou (SarahLou) I just got in from seeing this movie today. I LOVED it! Absoloutely adorable, so romantic, and funny and sweet and cute. Perfect for all ages, I think I've fell in love with it! On my list of movies to buy, I'm just sad I have to wait for months before its released in dvd format.

Disney at its finest and best.

message 10: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cindee) | 1 comments Loved it! Amy Adams owns that role of princess! She just nailed it! I'm a fan of hers. I first saw her in a movie called "Junebug". She's plays a young woman who is quite flightly and naive and pregnant with her first child. It's a somewhat slow movie, but I think it's worth checking out if you'd like to see more of Amy Adams' work. Actually, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in "Junebug".

message 11: by Bree (new)

Bree My only wish is that the dad had seen all the vermin cleaning his bathroom...i would have loved to see his expression for that. :P

message 12: by Prabha (new)

Prabha | 11 comments Enchanted beautifully balances clever quips with romantic syrupy sweet magic! I have always adored Little Mermaid, but Enchanted may well take its place on my shelf! The best part for me is the pop-up book ending! Wasn't that divine?

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Enchanted was a beautiful film. Loved the special effects. Loved the story especially the end. I do not want to spoil it for others who have not seen the film yet by revealing what happens in the end.

This was one of the rare times when we have access to films like Enchanted. Lucky us that the movie studio agreed to release an accessible copy to the theaters so those of us were able to enjoy the movie.

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna (olive415) I thought that James Marsden was hilarious too. I really liked the movie. My son, who's 4 1/2 loved it.

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Spoilerish...

My favorite James Marsden scene is when the chipmunk/squirrel guy is trying to tell him something with charades. His responses are hysterical.

message 16: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Ladd (ashleyladd) | 13 comments It was a cute movie but somewhat over the top. I could have done without all the bugs and rats spewing out of everywhere in one scene. I did like the fact that Disney was making fun of itself.

I'll probably get it when it comes out on DVD. I wouldn't mind watching this one again.

message 17: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 99 comments I took my daughter to see this a while back, it was cute but Amy Adams gave me a headache with her sickeningly sweet voice. I'm sure it will be purchased when it comes to dvd as my daughter is already asking when it's coming out, she also walked out of the theater asking if Giselle will be at Disney the next time we go. That in itself was adorable.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

It was so refreshing to see a G-rated movie that really was G-rated! It was a great (albeit, predictable) story with some very talented actors. I loved how Amy Adams and James Marsden even seemed to move like cartoon characters - Fabulous!

message 19: by Mimi (new)

Mimi | 9 comments I loved this movie. I can't wait to watch it with my daughter when she is old enough. I wish I would wake up in the morning and make myself a beautiful dress out of a rug or curtains

message 20: by Becky (new)

Becky | 51 comments This movie had me laughing out loud. I was told you had to own it because it makes you want to sing out lout, I think I was told right! I laughed so hard at the rodents cleaning, especially when the cockroaches came out to clean the Bath Tub

It was neat to see Idina (Elphaba from Wicked) do a great job with the Nancy character as well. All in all one of my new favorites!

message 21: by Asia (new)

Asia | 26 comments I loved the singing. This movie has parts related to Snow White with the kiss, Cinderella with the shoe, Sleeping Beuty with the dragon. I loved it.

message 22: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 loved this one.

message 23: by Mona (last edited Jul 21, 2008 07:17PM) (new)

Mona | 6 comments My whole family enjoyed this one. We like singing the songs too! :) I missed Idina Menzel (Nancy) singing too!!!

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