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message 1: by Dallis (new)

Dallis | 2 comments I'm a twenty year old from California, and I'm probably the least qualified person to be on this site. Being a user here kind of implies I have any sort of good taste at all, or that I have any sort of opinion worth recording anywhere.

I read fiction almost exclusively, and most of *that* is science fiction. I prefer stories with life-threatening events. Whether it's some post-apocalypse or something affecting only one person doesn't really matter.

I'd call myself a writer, but that would be an insult to those that do. Instead, I suppose you can say that I press buttons for extended periods of time. I'm developing a video game with a small group of others in my free time, but I work in construction. It's a crappy, repetitive job but it gives me a lot of free time to think about stories, so I guess it's a decent trade-off.

I've also been studying Japanese for about a year and a half so far. The books I study from call themselves 'intermediate', but I think that's just a word that's printed in them to make me feel better about my progress. It's funny, me bothering to learn a second language at all. I barely communicate with anyone in my first. It's one of the reasons I work in the construction field. I have severe social anxiety, you see, and construction, or at least my job, allows me to not need to speak to anyone for hours at a time, usually my entire shift. Talking to people or being around them puts me on edge. This means learning a second language is silly. When you're practicing with that language you're bound to fail at some point and look at least a little like a fool, which is why it's absurd that someone with multiple social anxiety disorders would bother with it at all.

Still, I do it. I've gotten this far. It would be pointless to stop know, knowing half a language. It's a strange kind of perseverance.

Studying Japanese also comes with the obvious hobbies: I watch anime, study the culture, play dirty filthy h-games, the lot of it. I don't read comics though. Those are for nerds.

Oh, I also tend to ramble. If you hadn't noticed. Also, don't worry, my posts aren't always this strange or self-indulgent. I just get carried away sometimes. Maybe it's because I always feel the need to exceed the character limit.

Maybe next time.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (icecheeseplease) Welcome, you sound like a wonderful person! I think that learning a second language is amazing, no matter what other disadvantages you may think yourself to have. I know it sounds horrible but making mistakes and looking like a butt in front of strangers is unfortunately normal, maybe making a small mistake in front of someone ("it's there not their," but in Japanese) will help you to ease into social situations.

And I LOVE comic books, and will happily don the title of 'nerd' for them :)!

message 3: by Megan, Mod (new)

Megan (maptree) | 198 comments Mod
Hi Ethan! Construction is a VERY noble profession - without a building to work or live in we would all be in trouble! And as far as rambling goes...I might have you beat - just wait. LOL!

I love Japanese literature - and would love to learn the language - I know my numbers to ten but that is about all - kudos to you for learning.

My disease gives me social anxiety as well which is why this group is great - I relate much better to people online or on the telephone. I think a lot of creative people are like that. I haven't read much science fiction so I am a novice at it...maybe Dune will give me a taste!

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex (alexgmcm) | 41 comments Would you mind elaborating on the video game you are developing? What is it? And what tools/languages are you using?

Also if you like sci-fi I can strongly recommend Isaac Asimov. William Gibson is good too, and if you've already read Neuromancer then I recommend reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson as it is an amusing homage and an excellent book in its own right.

I feel old at 22 now :P And you are damn lucky to live in CA, whenever I turn my mac on it tells me the weather in Cupertino, I swear it never rains....

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