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Initiate Age

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Lizzy Am I the only one who thinks aging the initiates a bit would have made for a better story? Think High School graduation age 17/18, instead of 16/17.

Tess I don't see how it would have made a difference......

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Yeah, I don't think it would change anything. And since it's in the future, "graduating age" isn't really a thing.

Carly I have a related question: Why did Tris and her brother choose their factions at the same time when she clearly states that he's a year older than she is? Did I miss something?

Mirkat Tris said that she and her brother were less than a year apart, so they were both 16. They could have been somewhere between 9 and 11 months apart.

Carly Thanks Mirkat! I probably glossed over it and read it as "a year apart."

01alyssaz the age is fine the way it is.

Inda I agree 18 probably would have made more sense, but I think the author wanted to appeal to younger and older audiences. I like the age because it shows the characters growth from kid to adult throughout the series.

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