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What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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M. Newman | 5185 comments Mod
As a reader, what author/books constitute your guilty pleasure?

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M. Newman | 5185 comments Mod
For me it would be Stephen King. At first glance one might think that he is a writer of lowbrow, popular trash but once one reads his work King proves to be an excellent writer with a fertile imagination who knows how to spin a suspenseful story. His characters are interesting and believable and the terror in his tales can be unrelenting. The fact that he is so prolific just adds to the pleasure.

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V. Pain (Vpain) | 27 comments I actually agree here, I have read DesperationDesperation / The Regulators: Box Set twice. The first time I had to put it down, when I finally finished it, I guarded it with my life. Within one year, I was reading it again.
Also I like Allison Hobbs namely Stealing Candy

or Zane Skyscraper

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