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Morgan walked into the mall with Shasta and looked around for a tattoo and piercing place

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Leena (leena23) "Those rules suck," Sasha commented.

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"Yeah they do. We just won't get caught hun, no worries" Morgan said

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Leena (leena23) Sasha pointed to a tattoo place, "Sounds good."

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Morgan walked to the place with her and strolled up to the front to the tattoo book "I bet we could get lily to break curfew as a first step" she said

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Leena (leena23) "You think so? How are we gonna get her to do that?" She asked and then explained to a girl that she wanted her tongue pierced.

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"Take her out, make her loose track of time" she said, looking through the tat designs

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Leena (leena23) "Alright. Maybe we could take her to the bar and then to the cafe," Sasha looked up as the girl motioned her to the back. "I'll be back."

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"Want me to come?" Morgan asked "I'll hold your haaaaannndddd" she teased

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Leena (leena23) "If you want," Sasha said with a grin.

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Morgan followed Sasha to the back, she loved to watch stuff like this.

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Leena (leena23) Sasha settled into the chair and pokes her tongue out as the tattooed girl instructed, then watched as he marked her tongue with a pen.

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Morgan stood next to the chair and watched "so approximately how much does this hurt?" She asked jokingly, trying to scare Sasha

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Leena (leena23) Sasha shrugged and then had no time to react as the girl stuck the needle through and slipped in the metal barbell.

( not too much)

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Morgan cheered "woo! We did it! Yeah!"

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Leena (leena23) Sasha pulled her tongue back in and put the gauze on it te girl have her for the bleeding.

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"So awesome sash! Where do you think is should get the tat?"

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Leena (leena23) "Your hip," Sasha replied after the bleeding stopped, she exchanged places with Morgan.

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Morgan nodded and pointed to the tat she wanted and sat down.

(I'm getting a pic >.>)

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Leena (leena23) (Okies ^_^)

Sasha watched entranced. She moved her new piercing around in her mouth trying out the feel of it.

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(Weheartit is down D:)

Morgan watched, smiling, as the tattoo artist worked

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Leena (leena23) (:o nooo)

Sasha winced some for her friend, it looked painful. "Need to hold my hand!?"

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(Ill just describe what I was looking for >.>)

Morgan winced a bit and pouted, noddig "hold my hand sashy."

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Leena (leena23) Sasha grabbed hold of Morgan's hand, she rubbed her thumb over the top of Morgan's hand. "It'll be over before you know it."

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When the artist finished, Morgan had a very detailed, but black ink tattoo of a rose on her hip. The flower came just above her panties, and then the stem went down her leg a bit, thorns included. Morgan looked at it and nodded "perfect!"

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Leena (leena23) "Sexy," Sasha teased, it looked really good. She knew it would excellent when Morgan put a bikini on.

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Morgan listened to the artist as she told her how to care for it, which basically was dont get it lasered off. She paid for the tattoo "I'm so excited to show Rain!" She chirped

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Leena (leena23) "Here keep the change," Sasha handed the girl a 100 dollar bill and then followed Morgan out. "I bet," Sasha replied to Morgan wiggling her eyebrows.

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Morgan bit her lip slightly "I think he likes me" she declared. "And Dan likes you"!

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Leena (leena23) "I know he likes you, and I don't know if Dan does... So many girls are all over him," Sasha said with a long sigh.

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"Do what I did to rain. I betcha it'll work" she said, walking to a hot topic

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Leena (leena23) "What do ya mean?" Sasha asked, she picked up a black short skirt immediately as they walked in.

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"I mean, MAKE the girls back off. Maybe not as direct as my way but I'm sure we can figure something out" Morgan said, grabbing a low cut gray shirt and a tight batman tee

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah I'm sure I can figure it out," Sasha said with a grin. She grabbed some new black eyeliner, and then went and looked through some ripped jeans.

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"I'll help however needed, I'm pretty sure you can get his guy. He likes YOUUUU" Morgan grinned and picked up some tees that she would most likely make her own by destroying them

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Leena (leena23) Sasha grabbed a bright red pair of ripped jeans and then sorted through some tops. "I hope so," Sasha said. "Hey I wonder what their up to tonight? The bar maybe?" Sasha grabbed a few tight shirts and then grabbed some leather bracelets.

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Morgan shrugged "I'd check there first. I want to be with them when there's not fifty million kids around though." She said kids as if she wasn't one. And really, she wasn't. She's had to grow up way too quickly. "Hey wanna get nails done after this?"

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah why not? Ill get mine only painted, I can't do fake nails..." Sasha went and put her things on the counter.

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"Really? I always get fake, I love em" Morgan grinned and waited in line after Sasha

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Monika sighed. She missed her best friends so she decided to text them. She texted Sasha, knowing that Morgan would most likely be with her.

"Hey you guys, how are you?" She sent with a smile on her face.

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Leena (leena23) we're at the mall about to get our nails done! Get up here! Sasha texted back with a grin, then grabbed her bags.

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Morgan looked over her shoulder "eep! Tell her Morgan says 'hellos there gorgeous'" she said, paying for her things

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Leena (leena23) "Hah I will," Sasha texted Monika exactly that. "I hope she meets us."

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"She will! She loves us doll" Morgan grinned and walked towards the nail place.

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Leena (leena23) Sasha followed along and ignored the stares they were both getting.

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Morgan loved the attention, she winked at some older guys and just lapped it all up. "So what do you think the RA's will plan for a party thing?"

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"I'll be there in 10," Monika smiled, she closed her phone and started walking toward the mall.

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Leena (leena23) Sasha grinned, "she's on her way! Oh I dunno. Hopefully something fun."

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"Yay! I hope they do something very unlike last years. Remember last years RA's? They had us go mini golfing?"

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