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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Hey there! c:

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Any ideas for plot?

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hey! so what kind of rp do you want to do?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments We posted at the same time x) I can do anything... thinking medieval fantasy?

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XD sure, I have never done one of those l

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments We can do something else if you don't want to :3

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no that's fine

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Okay! So, as for a more detailed plot... do you want to do romance? Adventure? etc..

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments How 'bout a Romeo / Juliet kind of thing?
Also do you prefer being the boy or girl?

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sounds good. can I be the girl?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Okay, I'll start making my character!

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me too

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sorry but I g2g I will be on soon though

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Alright, see you later :) Btw, should I post my intro first?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Name: Prince Excalibur Ferris
Nickname: Cal
Kingdom: Ferris Kingdom
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Scepter: (view spoiler)
Armor: (view spoiler)
Royal Outfit: (view spoiler)
Casual: (view spoiler)
Personality: Prince Excalibur is sweet and caring, often to his parent's dismay. He is friendly towards even peasants and slaves. He is gentle, but he isn't ready for marriage yet - he wants to find someone perfect.
Skills: Use a bow and arrows as his weapon, and plays the lyre as a hobby.


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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments I do not feel like finishing my bio. ;___; Wanna just start?

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yeah, just gimme a sec to make my character

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Alright ^_^ I'll probably update my bio throughout the RP.

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I hate to keep stalling the rp but do you think I should make a poor girl or a princess?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Naw, it's fine :) Either one is fine, poor girl might add more drama!

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ok I will make one!

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I just got a idea. what if the girl is a slave or something?

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Oh, yeah! And then she gets assigned to be my prince's slave, and he falls in love with her?
Good idea! c:

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Gotta go to bed, sorry! :( I'll be on tomorrow; if you want, you can start with your intro, otherwise I'll post mine tomorrow. Bye! :)

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ok :( bye

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| Back! I'll start with my intro next.

bic| I woke up to my father shaking me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, squinting against the morning light at my father.
"What's the urgency?" I inquired curiously. "The sun is barely up." I tried hard, but unsuccessfully, to keep the complaint out of my tone.
My father was unsympathetic. "You have work to do, Excalibur. Paperwork, spouse searching, and the parley tonight!"
The parley was tonight? I frowned. I thought it would be weeks before the upcoming conference. We were going to discuss a peace treaty with our enemy, the Mosaic kingdom. They'd been ambushing our towns and we were not going to stand for these felonies.
My father told me to meet him in his office when I was ready. When he exited my room, I walked over to my porch, breathing in the fresh air of a new morning and smiling. I drew the curtains and put on my day clothes, ready for another day of paperwork and filing unpaid taxes. I sighed. I shouldn't be complaining. My kingdom needs me.
I exited my room, heading for my office, when I almost ran into a girl holding a platter of food. I observed her, interested.
"Are you one of the servants?" I asked. She looked a bit too perfect to be a slave. She wasn't ragged and defeated like most of the slaves I'd seen.

((ooc| done. hope you're okay with my plot :) ))

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Faye looked at him with her brilliant green eyes, she quickly looked at her feet "yes, my name is Faye."

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments (((ooc| thanks!)))
She had mesmerizing eyes, green like a meadow. She raised her eyebrows at me, snapping me out of my brief trance.
"I'm Cal," I said. Inwardly, I kicked myself. She knows who you are, you're the freaking prince, I thought. "Or Prince Excalibur, if you prefer." I smiled.

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she nodded "do you need anything sir? " she asked

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments "Yes," I answered. "I had to rush to do some paperwork, and breakfast would be nice."

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Faye nodded and walked into the kitchen

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments I waited for Faye to bring me breakfast. I could picture Father scolding me about being late; I hoped she would hurry.

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Faye quickly made scrambled eggs bacon and fist, she put it on a tray and walked over to him

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments "Thank you," I said appreciatively. I nodded to her and took the tray from her hands, munching on the food while making my way to the office. When I opened the door, my father looked up at me sharply. "Where were you?" Without waiting for a response, he places a large stack of papers on my desk. My eyebrow twitches. "Get started and perhaps we'll finish by lunch." He turned back to his work. Sighing, I walked over to my desk and set down the tray of food. I picked up a pencil and drummed it against the table as I read the topmost paper. Requesting Employment at Castle. We've received many resumes from townspeople trying to strike a job at the castle, and I hated having to reject every one of them.
Looking at the file, I frowned. In the name slot, in scribbly handwriting, the name Faye is written. A picture of the girl is displayed underneath, and I knew she was the same girl as the slave I'd met this morning. But what I was confused about was why she was hired when none of us had approved or even seen her resume before.

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Faye walked back into the kitchen to clean up

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments Without a word to my father, I got up from my desk, downing my last egg, picked up my tray, and walked out of the office. I could practically feel his disappointment, but he didn't say anything. I made my way to the kitchen, where Faye was cleaning up. I placed my tray in the sink and asked, "Who hired you to work here?"

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she looked at him "your father." she replied, she walked over to the sink and washed the tray

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments I frowned. My father? That didn't make any sense. "Did he give you a reason?" I inquired. And I hesitated asking the next question; I knew it was sensitive to some servants. "And where are you from, anyway?"

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"no." she replied "and as where i came from.... that's a long story."

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ((sorry for my late replies; tablet doesn't load replies quickly!))

It would be strange for my father to not give a reason as to why he hired someone, let alone hiring a towns person. A girl, too! And why didn't he tell me? I was about to walk away to question him when Faye said, "It's a long story." Curious, I replied, "Go ahead. I have time," mustering the friendliest smile I could in the annoyed mood I was in.

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"I'm sorry sir but I don't have the time." she said "but when I find the time I will tell you."

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments My eye twitched. "Alright," I answered cheerfully. "I'll be leaving now. Send a letter my way if you don't want to talk directly to me." I thanked Faye for the food, and I walked out of the kitchen.
Damn slaves and their reluctance on giving up information.
I walked slowly back to the office, looking around the castle as I did so. Everything was normal; servants bustling about, advisors nodding to me, knights training dutifully. But it wasn't normal. Not even close.
I entered the office, opening my mouth to ask about Faye, but before I had the chance, my father said, "There's going to be a gala tonight. You're going. Princesses are coming to offer their hands in marriage, ad I want you to choose one." Before I could object, he added, "No objections. Finish your work; I'm going to supervise the battle training." He left the room.
I sighed. Princesses were snobby and rich, and quite frankly had unattractive personalities. Sure, they were pretty on the outside, but inside... Jesus. I wished that I could marry an intellectual woman with a love for music and an independent streak, but alas, all the royalties cared more about money than art. I sighed, getting back to my work and preparing for the inevitable.

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Faye continued to clean up in the kitchen

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| Hey, if you could, could you reply with less one-liners? Like, if you could try doing at least a paragraph, that would be helpful. THank you! :)
Also, I'm not quite sure where to go from here. Ideas?
I think Faye should go to the gala as well, and perhaps ask to dance with Prince Excalibur. What did you think for the personality of Faye, by the way? I'm a bit confused as to what her character is.

Sorry if I'm being to commanding or something.. I just want to know what character I'm working with and hopefully improve the plot! c:

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((that's fine, I didn't finish my post cuz it cut me off))

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safia ☼ (deadpegasus) | 680 comments ooc| Oh, okay. :) So what's your character's personality? c:
And any ideas on furthering the plot? I was thinking about Faye maybe asking Excalibur to dance at the gala or something along the lines like that. Dramatic. Or something. :)

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